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I am my own mind, i don't like people dictating what i can and can not do, nor do i care on what your opinion is of me. If you simply do not like anything i write on my profile feel free to leave.

I love to game. I love my xbox and pc games very much. I play The sims 3 on a near daily bases. I use to play WoW (World of warcraft) but recently i have gone off it. I do play some other random games that i find in my rather large selection of games. When it comes to my Xbox selection, it is rather mixed. I love playing Mw3, i'm not a great fps player but i don't care weather i get killed 30 times to maybe only 10 kills. It's the fun of playing i enjoy. I do like to play other games such as: Gears of war, Saint's row, Mass effect and even the fable series. But recently with the obsession of minecraft, my xbox has become a glorified freeview box.

I use to love drawing, it's something i haven't done in an incredible amount of time. I only got into it when i was a child because of my uncle. I use to sit and watch him draw for hours, hoping i could be as good as he was one day. But with his passing on, the interest has become nothing but a myth. Maybe one day i will pick it up again. But until then i will stick to looking back over the drawings i once did.
I also love to write, weather it's writing stories or just blogging away. Just being able to write excatly how i feel is such a relief. I don't have a social life so when i have thing's on my mind i have no one to tell them to. Yes i have my husband but it's not the same as to having a best friend. So my writing is my friend i guess. Half the time i never save what i write, it's just nice to get it of my chest. Also reading is a passion as well, i will read just about anything with a good plot.
I also have what you call obsessive-compulsive disorder , i'm not as bad as some people are. I like things in perfect place, not a inch out of place etc. I wash my hands more times in a day then most do in a month. I go through 1 bottle of hand sanitiser a day. I tidy up when i'm angry or have thing's on my mind, and i take pleasure in doing so. Everything has to be in a certain order, by size, colour, shape and so forth. I will know if you move anything in my cupboards even if its moving them out of line. So if you can put up with my craziness then feel free to msg me any time. I'm always open to making new friends

For the final bit, i am rather friendly. I enjoy talking to new people and making friends. I may seem rather odd at first but i have very little trust in new people. I don't have a social life so any friends i make on here i try to keep


drawing, writing, reading playing games and spending time with my family.

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