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    posted a message on --! Who has the most MC name changes?
    Quote from Torchinq»

    Nope, I have 31 ;)

    Cool, but that was posted almost a year ago. They're now on their 35th name.
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    posted a message on Best full starting inventory

    For utility's sale, and using shulker boxes:

    • Fully-enchanted, diamond armour (in armour slots)
    • 9 stacks of diamond blocks
    • 45 stacks of gold blocks
    • 54 stacks of emerald blocks
    • 81 stacks of iron blocks
    • 54 stacks of coal blocks
    • 27 stacks of redstone blocks
    • 54 stacks of Notch apples
    • 27 stacks of each type of wooden log (for a total of 162 stacks)
    • 54 stacks of smooth stone
    • 18 stacks of cobblestone
    • 6 stacks of end stone
    • 27 stacks of glass blocks
    • 54 stacks of brick blocks
    • 9 stacks of slime blocks
    • 1 stack each of:
      • diamond ore
      • emerald ore
      • gold ore
      • redstone ore
      • lapis ore
      • coal ore
      • iron ore
      • quartz ore

    • 54 stacks of terracotta
    • 3 stacks of each dye (for a total of 48 stacks)
    • 18 stacks of bone blocks
    • 9 stacks of glowstone
    • 9 stacks of sea lanterns
    • 2 stacks of each type of sapling (for a total of 12)
    • 6 stacks of bedrock
    • 3 stacks of dragon eggs
    • 1 stack each of:
      • zombie spawners
      • skeleton spawners
      • creeper spawners
      • spider spawners
      • blaze spawners
      • wither skeleton spawners
      • mooshroom spawners
      • enderman spawners
      • pig spawners
      • shulker spawners
      • chicken spawners

    • 27 stacks of blaze rods
    • 1 stack of my own player heads
    • 1 stack each of:
      • zombie heads
      • skeleton skulls
      • creeper heads
      • dragon heads

    • 3 stacks of wither skeleton heads
    • 3 stacks of beacons
    • 3 stacks of end portals frame blocks
    • 2 stacks of end portal blocks
    • 1 stack of unused cartographer maps
    • 1 stack of totems of undying
    • 3 sets of elytra
    • 27 stacks of elytra-grade fireworks
    • 1 stack of nether stars
    • 9 stacks of andesite
    • 9 stacks of granite
    • 9 stacks of diorite
    • 9 stacks of barrier blocks
    • 3 stacks of end gateway blocks
    • 9 stacks of bookshelves
    • 1 stack of each piece of diamond armour and tool (unobtainable in legitimate survival) (for a total of 9 stacks)
    • 18 stacks of mycelium
    • 9 stacks of podzol
    • 1 stack of each type of bark block (unobtainable in legitimate survival) (for a total of 6 stacks)
    • 1 debug stick

    In reality, however, I'd start with nothing. If that's not the spirit of survival, then what is?

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    posted a message on What's your opinion about Minecraft's myths?

    Yeah, none of them are based in reality.

    If you want my opinion on them, then I might as well speak up, since this thread is probably going to be removed anyway. I've always thought the story of Herobrine was kind of spooky, or at least the way it used to be portrayed when it first surfaced. These days, you see too much of him, and it's pretty much lost its edge. It was the way he 'appeared' in players' peripheral vision, and never straight on, that made it creepy - the sense that you're being watched, even in singleplayer, without it blatantly staring you in the face - subtlety.

    I don't know very much about the others you mention.

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    posted a message on Any good parkour servers?

    I'd reccommend Jumpcraft and zero.minr.

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    posted a message on how can i make my map famous ?

    Right, well. As with anything, there are a few things to consider if you want your product to be famous.

    - quality

    - gimmicks

    - availability

    Looking at the screenshots on your linked page, the map looks alright. That said, a lot of maps these days go above and beyond with regard to quality so there's plenty of room for improvement. Make sure your map is easy to follow, runs smoothly, is free of glitches and isn't too difficult or too easy. Gimmicks are also very important since many successful maps have some sort of unique feature that's never been seen before.

    As for availability, you want your map to be seen by lots of players. If some popular Youtubers played it then you'd have that pretty much covered but keep in mind that the top YouTubers are only looking for the best maps to play. I'd reccommend submitting your map to if you haven't already - most decent maps on there get upwards of a thousand downloads if you've got an enticing name and roster of screenshots. I think there's also a subreddit for Minecraft maps, but I'm not sure what it's called.

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    posted a message on GUI Recipe Book....

    Why do you dislike it? It's just an icon if you don't use it.

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    posted a message on Eleytra useless with bad rendering

    The same thing happened to me the first time I tried to fly my elytra in the End - and I know why.

    I built a little tower, jumped off and used a firework to boost myself far up into the sky. The problem with that was the fact that the sky in the End stays fixed in your viewpoint, so it doesn't move when you change direction and you can't tell which way you're facing. That, coupled with my short render distance preventing me from seeing the islands (since they were so far below me), meant that I had no co-ordination whatsoever. Before long, I must have started to over-adjust by flying at too steep an angle, and I eventually stalled and plummeted into the void. Even when I opened the F3 menu, I was already falling to quickly to save myself.

    Long story short, flying in the End isn't as easy as it sounds, especially if your render distance is too low. Maybe you experienced something like that?

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    posted a message on HELP! TEXTURE PACK MAKERS!

    Try the resource pack subforum.

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    posted a message on Minecon Earth Cape question

    There's no cape for Minecon this year and you shouldn't reply with any of your information. This email is almost certainly a scam.

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    posted a message on Possibilties

    You could count the blocks/placeable items on debug mode - it contains every block and every block state IIRC. You can access it by holding shift and cycling through the world type button when creating a new world.

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    posted a message on New water physics announced at Minecon Earth

    It fixes one of the most irritating design features in the game, allowing us to build better underwater and with water (and lava I'm guessing) in general. The drawback of breaking some contraptions is a heavy price to pay but it's worth it in my mind. Besides, building contraptions is all about ingenuity and evolving design, so I'm sure people will come up with some way around any issue. There's even been talk of Mojang adding-in a new, valve-like block that'd serve as a replacement for old signs, trapdoors, etc. .

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    posted a message on Why Does MY Minecraft Look Horrendous?

    It looks fine to me. Some players on YouTube might be using shaders or a fancy resource pack, but that's about it. A lot of players (myself included) aren't able to play with the settings you've got in your picture.

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    posted a message on Looking for semi-vanilla server with open world PvP. Help!

    Check out the server subforum.

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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!

    31 501

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    posted a message on Minecraft let’s plays you recommend for me?

    If you're interested in building, then I'd definitely recommend Hermitcraft. There are 5 seasons so far, each one covered by at least 10 players mostly specialising in building.

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