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Hi Minecrafters! I'm just some 14 year old who loves computers and technology. I enjoy gaming, coding and scripting, creating custom skins (not just for my player, for mobs as well) creating custom texture packs, creating maps of all kinds (Adventure, Creative, Survival, Hardcore), and everything to do with technology. I have also hard and soft modded various devices. I have also learned JavaScript, and am currently planing some mods for Minecraft PC and PE editions, and I am also progressively learning C++. I am part of the computer extension group at school and plan to get into graphic design, coding for the internet, programing or something along those lines when I finish school. I am starting a YouTube channel called Pixello's Tech & Gaming, in which I hope will be successful. My voice hasn't broken yet :( maybe in a couple of months, at least I hope, because I hate sounding like an 8 year old on my mic :P If you would like to do any team builds on MCPE or MCPC, just message me on any of my contact methods. I also plan on purchasing MCPS3 in the future if you would like to play on PlayStation Network. The devices I currently have are: PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, iPad mini 1st generation, iPad air, Microsoft surface (first model) Alienware X51 Desktop Gaming PC (yeah yeah Alienware sucks whatever), Compaq Presario CQ75 and a GameBoy Color. My desktop setup: 2 monitors 16" and 32",
Razor Kracon Gaming Headset, Logitech Z130 speakers, Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard, Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse and Logitech G440s Gaming Mouse pad. (I like Logitech just a bit) And my console gaming headset is the Turtle Beach XP500. My favorite video game company is Rockstar Games, especially for there Grand Theft Auto series, in which I have every game in the series, with the exception of GTA Advance. Well, if you managed to read all of this, you are EPICLY EPIC, bye for now Minecrafters, and happy gaming!
Interests Gaming, coding, scripting, modding, and everything tech!

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