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    I've just found out the solution on my own! :D I just had to take out the battery and place it back in
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    Now, my whole computer is messed up and it's "Tabbing" everything i touch which is interactable!
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    This has no effected anything "text-based" on my computer or internet
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    This has no effected anything "text-based" on my computer or internet
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    It's not the client's fault, you maybe could have forgotten the password. Click "Forgot Password" and check your E-Mail and recover your password or use your Minecraft IGN
    It's not the client's fault, you maybe could have forgotten the password. Click "Forgot Password" and check your E-Mail and recover your password or use your Minecraft IGN
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    So basically, when i open my minecraft chat, it keeps backspacing over and over again. I can record it if needed.

    NOTE: This wasn't happening originally


    Lenovo Intel i5 core with AMD Radeon & Intel graphics
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    Hey there,

    Are you a server owner or part of a server staff team & you wish to make your very own website? Look no further!
    I am willing to take the time out of my days to make YOU! Your very own website for your server! I will make using the Free Plan for making the websites but if you would like to use an advanced plan you will need to contact me VIA PM or Skype to talk about it further. I am a bit experienced in creating Enjin websites!

    About Me

    My name is Pixel & i'm a Minecrafter. I started to develop Minecraft server not long time ago and i love it! I'm trying to get enough money to donate to a few servers & to show my Enjin creations. If you would like to know anymore information(Excluding Personal Information Ex: Age, Name, State Etc.) just reply to this thread & i'll get back to you as soon as i can!

    Starting Off

    I'm going to start off with giving away Enjin Websites for now but after a while of experience in Enjin Website making i will start to sell! Make sure to request a website now!

    Website Request


    Website Banner(Attached, Imgur, Gyazo ETC. I recommend Gyazo):

    Server IP(Optional):

    What Is The Website Needed For?:

    Additional Modules(Optional):

    Additional Information(Optional):

    Website Display Style:

    Plan Needed(Free, Advance, Ultimate):

    Contact Information(Recommended Skype)(PM If Needed To):

    Suggestions & Feedback To My Work(Optional):

    Favicon Image(Ultimate Plan Only):

    Contact Information:

    Skype: pixelspeed13

    Steam(Inactive): pixelspeed13

    Previous Work(Still Adding)


    That is it for the Thread! Hopefully i gave you a chance to make your own website for your Minecraft Community! If you have any feedback or suggestion please reply to me & i'll do the best i can to improve! Don't expect "over the top" work from me since i'm a beginner at Enjin site creating but i want to start with people's opinions & want to help people

    Thanks for reading this thread & have a wonderful day!

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    posted a message on -=> Aztec Prison | HUGE PRISON SERVER! | FIND INFO, UPDATES, AND APPLY FOR STAFF! | <=-

    how is he immature when he kicked you out of the team because you accepted an applicant with no reason?

    Also he never said it was hard running the server. He said that he didn't have the money to

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    posted a message on -=> Aztec Prison | HUGE PRISON SERVER! | FIND INFO, UPDATES, AND APPLY FOR STAFF! | <=-
    Thank you for accepting me! I guarantee you amazing work from me!
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    posted a message on -=> Aztec Prison | HUGE PRISON SERVER! | FIND INFO, UPDATES, AND APPLY FOR STAFF! | <=-

    PixelSpeed13's Moderator Application

    Username: PixelSpeed13[/b]

    Age (10 Above): 11 1/2[/b]

    Skype: [b]pixelspeed13[/b]
    Why Would you like to be staff in our Prison?: This server shows potential to me which can help me grow. I can also help this server grow along side me. I can guarantee a very safe & very secure environment for your server. Aztec is a very potential server and i want it to reach it's full potential. Having on the team will give you a much higher chance of reaching it and i guarantee you that![/b]

    What are your positive actions?: I am a very kind-hearted, loyal & honest member of the Minecraft community. I am very trustworthy & i treat all players equally.[/b]

    What is so Unique about you?: Many people are not as unique as me. And i say that because i am very modest & confident. Confidence is a key part in being a staff member in a community. Confidence shows you are brave and you will get it done. Modesty is not a "key" part of being a staff member but i think it seperates me from the other staff members from my uniqueness and i'm not saying that i'm better. I'm saying i'm more unique[/b]

    Some Situations:[/b]

    What if a staff (Higher rank than you) Is Abusing?: I will immediately gather evidence of the abusive staff member and will send a report to a higher staff member(or Owner) of the abusive staff member with evidence & a full detailed report.[/b]

    Woah! We have been Griefed! No Staff is online What will you do?: I take the matter in my own hands and take action. I will rollback the area(If we have the plugin) and i will permanently ban the griefer(s).[/b]

    Someone has glitch-abused! What will you do?: I will warn them of the consequences & if they continue to glitch-abuse i will temporarily ban them for a week or above[/b]

    Thanks for reading my application & have a great day!




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    posted a message on Introducing Ravalis - a Medieval Fantasy RPG with diverse Races, Jobs & Quests. Recruiting Builders, Writers & Artists!
    Thanks for accepting me into the quest storyline development team :D

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    posted a message on Introducing Ravalis - a Medieval Fantasy RPG with diverse Races, Jobs & Quests. Recruiting Builders, Writers & Artists!
    PixelSpeed13's Lore Writer Application

    Name: Darren(Prefered to be called Pixel)

    Age: 11(12 As of August)

    Past Work: I have written a small amount of stories(Lore) in the past but i would like to continue with my creative writing since it is a very ecstatic experience writing. If you would like to see my previous works i'll msg you on skype with it since it's quite big. I also have been a lore writer on another server but it was sadly closed and recently i was considered to be a lore writer but there were timezone issues so i chose not to be part of the server even if accepted.

    Skype: pixelspeed13

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    PixelSpeed13's Application

    Name: Darren(Prefered to be called Pixel)

    Minecraft Name: PixelSpeed13

    Skype: (Can be private if you dont want to say publicly) pixelspeed13

    How creative are you? (0/10): 8

    Have you ever written a lore?: Yes, but it was a very long time ago. I would like to get back into creative writing. I have a few previous works but i don't consider them to meet "High" expectations but i'm a very creative thinker

    Do you understand what task you will be doing and how long the lore may be?: Yes, i have a lot of spare time and i can use it in order to make lore.

    How many hours can you commit to lore-writing per week?: 6+ Hours per week.

    Why did you choose our project?: This project is a very potential server which would enhance my creativeness, english, grammar ETC. Writing for this server gives me and the server more potential in each hour i spend so if i am accepted(Which i'm not positive in) i will grow not only myself but the server along with me.

    Examples of YOUR writing?: I have a few writings from the past but i am currently working on a story(Which i will show):

    (Above Ground):

    Chapter 1 - The first day
    I always wondered what was above our village.Nobody has ever travelled up above but the ones who did never
    came back to tell a tale.My father always warned me to never go above ground but i would not listen because i
    always wanted to be an adventurer who would travel above the village of Crysalia.When i was seven i joined a school
    in Crysalia called Levitas.There we learned different subjects like Magic,History Of Crysalia and WitchCraft.When i was
    Seventeen we had to pick a specific subject to learn it to the most and make it our jobs.There was an extra subject which was
    the most dangerous,Aerial Arts.Aerial Arts teaches you about the above and teaches us how to survive and prepare.There
    was a Prophecy saying "One day the ground will meet the above and the above will meet the ground but one man will save
    us from our darkest hour".I never believed in Prophecies and so did most of the people in Crysalia.As adventurous as i was
    i chose Aerial Arts.Aerial Arts has become an actual subject because the teachers of Aerial Arts train the students for what
    might come and Levitas always wanted their students to follow their dreams.The First day i was extremely nervous because
    all my friends from my previous years never picked Aerial Arts because they were scared.Most of them picked Magic and
    Witchcraft.The first day we learnt about what is above and why it is so dangerous.Our teacher said "You won't believe me
    but why The Above is so dangerous because of......monsters" We all started to chuckle and laugh saying "Monsters?I think
    he's going insane.In anger the teacher smashed his desk saying "Oh they aren't?" He pulled out a projector saying "This is
    the evidence" The video started to play and we saw a crew exploring the above i never thought i would say this but the above looked
    beautiful.I always thought since it was so dangerous it will be filthy and disgusting but it was the complete opposite.While the crew was
    travelling they stumbled about a cave and decided to go in.Once they did there were three directions so they decided to split up.Suddenly
    a scream was heard and the crew rushed back to the beginning of the cave.Once they were there they saw one of they're members...dead
    on the floor.In fear they ran out the cave and then we heared a growl and a black tail hit the camera and then the screen went black.Suddenly so many students were scared asking the same exact question
    "What happened to them?!" The Teacher replied "We do not know.We found this video recorder on the ground some where near the village.Till
    this day we haven't seen the crew back to Crysalia but we know that something wrong has happened and think they are dead" Everybody froze
    in fear wondering of all the bad things that may have happened to them.The Teacher said "Those monsters we were talking about earlier we like to call
    them Atrodes".

    Chapter 2: Aerial Defences
    The second day we learnt how to defend against "Atrodes" in the air.The lesson was called Aerial Defenses and was very hard.Once we go into the above we will have
    to use a type of machine which makes us fly.We call them "Aerial Gear" and it runs on magical essence which is found it the heart of Crysalia.It is so powerful a living being wouldn't be able to hold it.It
    must be contained in a magical container which the elder mages of Crysalia invented 300 years ago.The Aerial Gear is one of the most important weapons in Crysalia against the "Atrodes" and our enemies.
    It has been said 5,000 years ago a man with dark powers conquered Crysalia but the 5 Elder Mages,Vlok,Loki & Drafia took back Crysalia and made it a village.The next day we were on one of Crysalia's Airships.
    It was amazingly big!The teacher said "This is an Airship.This will be what you use to fly to the above,fly around the land of Lamia,infiltrate enemy villages or defend Crysalia.The airships has over 10 weapons on
    it and 15 blasters and is made with infused Titanium made by the most powerful mages in Crysalia

    (The Sacred Fire) This is one of my OLDEST stories:

    As the hero ventures down the forest he comes across a man who
    was lying on the ground unconscious.The hero asks him

    Me:What happened to you sir?What is your name?

    The man:My name is Vladimir and my son Dimitri the guardian of
    the sacred fire has been captured.

    Me:The sacred fire?

    Vladimir:The sacred fire is the most valuable substance in
    Garthia, an ancient kingdom built in the times of the sacred
    phoenix, the holder of the sacred fire and has chosen my son to
    be the guardian of the sacred fire which holds the city of
    Garthia together without which the city would fall and get
    buried under the sands.

    Me:Wow! But who captured your son?!

    Vladimir:I don't know yet, but i will soon.Will you help me find
    my son?


    Vladimir:Thank you hero.

    Me:No problem but do you know what else the sacred fire is used

    Vladimir:It could be for money but its most likely to remain
    untouched as it is worth a lot of gold and cannot be held by
    the bare hand.

    Me:Thats it!The person who stole the sacred fire and captured
    your son could not be a normal being.

    Vladimir:But why attack my son?

    Me:I dont know yet but we'll figure it out.

    Vladimir:First! we have to see if the sacred fire still burns in
    the heart of Garthia.

    Me:Good idea.
    Me:Finally we've reached the city.It's amazing!

    Vladimir:Yes it's one of the most ancient kingdoms in all of the
    land.It was created by the sacred fire which was made by the
    sacred phoenix which still roams the skies.Whenever somethings
    wrong the phoenix will appear.

    Me:Well why not now? The guardian of the Sacred fire has been

    Vladimir:I do not know why but he will arrive sometime soon.

    Me:So the fire is in the center of the kingdom?

    Vladimir:Yes,it is sealed within a magical orb as i said no
    mortal can touch it.
    Me:Oh no!the sacred fire is gone.

    Vladimir:How is this possible?Wait look! Footprints!

    Me:It's leading to the forest.Let's check it out!

    Me:Tell me more about your son Vladimir,

    Vladimir:My son is a young shaman which lives at the top of
    the Shaman's tower near Garthia.He is still learning from
    Azzad the elder Shaman and the best shaman in all of this

    Me:Where does Azzad live?

    Vladimir:It has been said that he lives on the mountains of
    Galiath a chain of mountains which was made by his own hands
    from the magic he holds.

    Me:Wow!Wait you here that.

    Vladimir:I hear whispers get down.

    Me:*Whispering*What are they saying?

    Vladimir:*Whispering*I don't know.

    Unknown person#1:I have it master and the man.

    Unknown person#2:Good.Now we have to travel to the forges of
    Galiath.*Walks away*

    Me:The forges of Galiath?

    Vladimir:It is the place where the sacred fire was crafted by
    the phoenix in the hot and burning lava.The forges are
    unknown and are impossible to find i've heard people have
    tried for 10 years and still couldn't find it.

    Me:But how do they know where it is?

    Vladimir:There is one way of finding the forges.It is to get the
    map of Galiath which only Azzad knows where it is.

    Me:Then let's find him!
    Me:There it is the mountains of Galiath!

    Vladimir:Look!At the top of the mountains!

    Me:Azzad's tower!

    Vladimir:We will have to travel up there.


    Vladimir:The protectors of the tower.

    Me:How do we defeat them?

    Vladimir:With weapons of course!

    Me:Well that's easy.
    Me:Well i thought that was going to be tough.

    Vladimir:Strange the protectors are much more stronger than

    Me:True but im not complaining.

    Vladimir:Me either now lets knock or rush in?

    Me:Rush in!

    Vladimir:where is Azzad?

    Me:I don't know.Look a note!

    Note:Please help me some rogues have captured me and are
    planning to.......

    Me:Planning to what!

    Vladimir:NO!Wait at the back.

    Note:Travel to the cave at the bottom of the mountain and
    everything will be solved.

    Me:Oh yeah i saw a cave at the bottom of the mountain i
    wondered where it lead but now we're going to find out!
    Me:That took longer than i expected.

    Vladimir:Don't worry about that now let's just enter the cave.


    Vladimir:There's somebody there!

    Unknown person:There you are!

    Me and Vladimir:Azzad?!

    Azzad:Yes!You've found me.

    Me:How are you here!You were captured!

    Azzad:Yes,but i escaped from the rogues.

    Me:Do you know who they were?

    Azzad:No,but i heard a familiar voice in a bag.

    Vladimir:My son!


    Me:We have to find these rogues and put a stop to their plan!

    Azzad:They're planning to destroy the sacred pheonix and the
    kingdom of Garthia.


    Azzad:I am not sure yet but they might want the phoenix

    Me:Pheonix feathers?

    Azzad:The pheonix feathers can heal and immortalize a normal
    being and will make them superhumans which is indestructible.

    Vladimir:Of course!

    Me:But why Dimitri!

    Azzad:Not sure yet but we'll find out.

    Me:Alright,do you have the map of Galiath?

    Azzad:No,The rogues took everything they could find including
    my spell book to cast spells but i know the spells without my
    spell book but i got a little amnesia while defending my self
    but i know a few spells only.

    Me:Great that will do.

    Vladimir:Do you have a spell which can track people?

    Azzad:In fact i do.

    Me:Then why aren't you using it.

    Azzad:Well,let's use it now.
    Me:We've finally made it to the forges of Galiath!

    Azzad:My spell is leading us to the end of the cave.

    Vladimir:Look on the ground!A stone brick path.

    Me:Should we follow it?



    Vladimir:My son!

    Azzad:My Spell book!

    Me:Is that Dimitri?

    Vladimir:Yes,it is!

    Azzad:Now to only release him.

    Me:Wait,i see people.

    Unknown person#1:I'm sure i heard voices from here master.

    Unknown person#2:It's just your imagination!Now bring me the

    Unknownperson#1:Yes,master.*Bringngs a pair of gloves*

    Unknown person#2:Now realease the Shaman!

    Dimitri:Let me go now!

    Unknown person#1:Here he is master.

    Unknown person#2:Now you will kno what our plan is. *Picks up
    the sacred fire with the gloves and puts it infront of him and
    casts a spell from Azzad's spell book*Behold!The sword of

    Me:Release him now!

    Unknown person#2:What?!A person!How can he find the forges of

    Azzad:Because of me!

    Unknown person#2:Azzad!There you are finally you've come out of
    hiding in your tower.

    Azzad:Yes,to stop you!

    Vladimir:Give me back my son!

    Unknown person#2:I thought Chad took care of you!


    Unknown person#1:Me!

    Vladimir:You're the one who assaulted me!

    Chad:Yes,i did.But now my master will destroy the sacred
    pheonix and conquer all of the land!

    Me:What's your master's name!

    Unknown person#2:My name is Alduin!


    Vladimir and Azzad:Alduin!How!

    Me:Who's Alduin?

    Azzad:Alduin was first a hero like you but is mind got corrupt
    and wanted to rule all of the land in this world.But then the
    13 kings of peace banished him from this realm to never return.

    Alduin:But then i escaped from the Dark Void with my new
    apprentice Chad.He helped me to escape the dark void and to get
    the sacred fire and the guardian of it.Without his help i
    would've never gotten this far.

    Me:No matter what you'll do we will defeat you!

    Alduin:I'd like to see you try.*Pulls out his sword*

    Azzad:Not now hero.He's we're to vulnerable.We have to make a

    Me:Then run!
    Me:Thanks for saving us Azzad.

    Azzad:Your welcome.

    Vladimir:Now instead of chating with each other let's get to

    Azzad and Me:Right!
    Azzad:You've got the supplies.


    Azzad:Then let's go!
    Me:The forges!

    Vladimir:Let's go!

    Azzad:Be on your guard.


    Vladimir:Look my son there he is!

    Me:A note too!

    Note:Heres Dimitri we don't need him anymore.Now we will
    destroy the pheonix!

    Me:Oh no!They're going to destroy the sacred pheonix!But how
    will they find it.

    Azzad:High above Garthia.

    Me:You're saying the pheonix is above Garthia?

    Azzad:High in the sky above Garthia.

    Me:Then let's go.

    Vladimir:Wait,how will we get up there?

    Azzad:We can use my teleporting spell but we need to go back to
    my tower.


    Me:Woah!Are we walking on clouds?

    Azzad:Yes and no.Since the sacred fire is gone and the kingdom
    of Garthia is crumbling everything is out of balance.the
    clouds have become a solid form and many things will soon be
    acting strangely.

    Me:Well let's find the sacred pheonix before they do!
    Me:Hey Azzad can i ask you a question before we go?

    Azzad:Sure,but be quick.

    Me:What is the sword of Garthia they were talking about.

    Azzad:The sword of Garthia was an ancient sword made from the
    sacred fire in the forges of Galiath.The sword of Garthia was
    almost as ancient as the sacred pheonix and was the most
    powerful weapon in Garthia and is the only weapon which can
    destroy the pheonix.Since they have it now and if they find the
    pheonix we are all doomed.

    Me:That's not good.

    Vladimir:Shh.Look Alduin and Chad.

    Me:There they are!

    Azzad:And the pheonix!quick before they.......*Pheonix screeches
    and falls on the ground*


    Azzad:The pheonix....



    Azzad:We're doomed...He has the pheonix feathers....

    Alduin:YES!Now i can turn into my ultimate form.MEGA ALDUIN!.

    Me:Let's stop him now!

    Azzad:He's right!

    Dimitri:That's the only thing we can do now!

    Vladimir:Let's do this!
    Mega Alduin:Nooooooooo!I can't be defeated again!

    Azzad:*Casts a spell and banishes Chad and Alduin back to the
    dark void*

    Mega Alduin and Chad:NO!Not back here again!*Gets pulled in to
    the portal and the portal closes*.

    Me:Woohoo!We did it!


    Azzad:We defeated Alduin.

    Dimitri:But the pheonix...

    Me:Wait if the feathers could immortalize a mortal will it
    revive an immortal?

    Azzad:Let's try.
    Me:It worked!

    The sacred pheonix:*Screeches*

    Azzad:The mighty pheonix says thank you hero.You have saved me
    and all of Garthia.I owe you my life.

    Vladimir:Thank you hero for rescuing my son and the kingdom of

    Me:Your welcome.The sacred fire!We have to put it back in the

    Azzad:Don't worry about that.I'll put it back.One more thing
    before i go.Hero Thank you without you we would all be doomed
    but with your help the kingdom of Garthia and the world is

    Me:Well your welcome.

    Vladimir:Me and my son will owe you our lives forever.

    Me:Thanks but i think i better go now.

    Vladimir and Dimitri:Bye hero.Hopefully we come across each
    others paths once again.

    Me:I hope we do.bye.

    Anything else?: No, i feel you know enough about me but if you want to know more please PM me and i will get back to you as soon as i can!



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    posted a message on HordeZ ➤ Recruiting Staff [DEVELOPERS, DESIGNERS, BUILDERS, ADMINISTRATORS]

    Good luck with your server! I was interested in being an administrator but it's full


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    PixelSpeed13's Essentials Configurer Application

    In Game Name : PixelSpeed13

    Do you have skype : Yes, I will PM my Skype username if accepted

    What position are you applying for: Essentials Configurer

    Evidence (if required) : I believe evidence is not needed but if needed please reply with examples of evidence i can use.

    Why do you want to join (Optional) : I am a big Anime Lover and a Minecraft Fanatic. I would love to work on a server which possesses these two worlds. I am also a great Essentials configurer so it will be very beneficial for me to be on the team

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