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    Pay no attention to the man behind the mirror. Because you can't.



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    I added a simpler explanation of the game, if the giant 25-page walls of text and roles were a bit too scary for you.

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    Well, I'm back. That was fun.

    For some reason, I expected more posts then the zero I got.

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    Family-related stuff says I won't be on the computer for most of today. You can still sign-up and whatnot, but I won't be able to update the thread with that.

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    Quote from The_Topazian»

    I'll join. Once I figure out how to.

    This is pretty much what you do need to join: Just tell me you want to. And since seeing as you're trying to figure out how to join, welcome aboard!
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    Alright, we've got some participants!

    For those of you who'd like a quick rundown, I'll try to explain it as well as I can:

    There are 6 teams total in the game, which are White, Blue, Black, Red, Green, and the Colorless.

    The five "colored" teams' objectives is to work together and use their roles to eliminate two other colors first, while the colorless each have a unique goal.

    Each team's roles and abilities each have a focus on a playstyle that they can use to their own advantages.

    White can heal and revive themselves to keep moving along slowly.

    Blue can collect information and prevent others from getting information to silently control the game.

    Black use pure force to shove their opponents into what positions they need.

    Red causes enough havoc and mayhem to keep their opponents guessing until the very last moment.

    Green rules the daytime and voting with their abilites and vote power.

    And, to the two who sent me a PM asking to be given a role, you will be assigned a role at total random once the game begins. You cannot simply ask for a role, as that ruins some of the fun of adapting to what you're given.

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    Quote from Crusher48»

    Argh! Eye Bleed! Can you change all the text colors to something I can read?

    Anyways, once you get past the eye bleed, it looks like Mafia but where everyone is enemies.


    ((changed white's original color to a dark purple, changed colorless' original color to grey, changed merchant of secret's original color to green))

    Yeah, that's kind of the big thing about this game. Moleland originally proposed the game as a Forum Mafia (as that's a big thing on the Town of Salem forums), but was turned down because it was too big a step away from the typical formula.

    Really, Clash of Colors is a Mafia game in the same way My Immortal is a Harry Potter fanfic: It's pushed to the back and the relations are there, but tend to be vague at best.


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    I know this is probably very much not a good idea to do, but...

    I did it. I hosted a forum game on here.

    You can check the link in the signature if you want to check it out. It's kind of complex, but it was a lot of hectic fun.

    And considering that you've been having a lot of delays, maybe you can have fun with this in the meantime. I don't know. I'm not a judge.

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    The Big Book of Color Information (Includes Overview, Role Information, and Night Attacks):




    “To be White is put value in the group, the community, and civilization as a whole. White's ultimate goal is peace, harmony, and perfection — a world where everyone gets along and no one seeks to disturb the bonds of unity that White has worked so long to forge. To govern and protect its community, White makes use of and puts value in a number of broad concepts; morality (ethics, grace, truth), order (law, discipline, duty), uniformity (conformity, religion), and structure (government, planning, reason). White is a color commonly associated with good and justice, but if allowed to spiral to extremes white can become authoritarian, inflexible and capable of sacrificing a small group for the sake of a larger one. Everything necessary to preserve the laws, rules and governance that white created.” -Moleland

    Night Attack: Gaze of Justice

    • Choose a target.
    • This attack will deal them one damage + one more damage if the target’s color is black or red.
    • You are not informed how much damage this attack deals.
    • If your target did not perform a hostile action that night, the user of GoJ will take 2 damage as well.
    • All of the Following are considered as Hostile Actions: Any Factional Night Attack, Stalking, Infecting, Hexing, Torturing, Threatening, Sacrificing, Enraging, or Bolting.


    You must kill all Black Players

    You must kill all Red Players

    You can do anything with any other side


    Revivalist (White Power)

    You are a holy priest. You will make sure your allies will continue to bring justice, even if it means you have to bring your allies back from death itself!

    • At night, you can choose to revive a fallen White Player.
    • They will be brought back to life at the start of the next day.
    • They will start with the same life they would have had normally.
    • You can only do this one time.
    • You cannot revive a player who was consumed.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Tithe Collector (White Power)

    You are a tax collector working for the church. There will be no excuse. The price will be laid out, and it will be paid.

    • During the day, you can choose to demand the Tithe.
    • You cannot demand a Tithe on the first day.
    • Once the Tithe is demanded, all colored factions, including your own, must do the following:
      • Choose a player to be sacrificed (killed)
      • Choose a player to lose 2 life
      • Choose a player to be roleblocked
    • This can only be done once.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Avenger (White Power)

    You just hate to see everyone dying around you. No real justice for those who pass away. But you can give it to them. You will let the dead bring themselves justice.

    • During the night, you may choose a target.
    • You will bless their soul to let them give justice.
    • If your blessed soul dies, they will be able to deal 3 damage to anyone they want after they die.
    • The attacked target will be told who’s soul attacked them.
    • If they kill someone, the fact they killed them will be noted.
    • This can only be done twice.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Martyr (White Cleric)

    You are a cleric. You’re willing to put anything on the line to help protect other people, even if it has to be your own life.

    • You may choose a target each night.
    • Any visitors and any actions that would have normally gone to them will instead be redirected to you.
    • If you save them from being attacked, they will be notified.
    • If your target would have been enraged or roleblocked, you will still divert that action, except because you have already performed your action, it will have no effect.
    • If you decide to protect a player that is Not White, you will be rewarded 1 Life.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Medic (White Cleric)

    You are a trained Doctor, trying to heal others to keep them alive and well during this rough war.

    • You may choose a target each night.
    • That player will gain 1 Life during the night.
    • If they were to be infected by the Plague Doctor, you will cure it.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Savior (White Cleric)

    You are a blessed mage that can let those who were destined to die live. You will let those who you deem worthy to save keep living on.

    • You may choose a target during the night.
    • If they were to die that same night, they will be brought back with 3 Life immediately.
    • This is done in silence, and nobody will know that they “died” beside the target.
    • You can only do this three times.
    • Not saving someone will also cost a use.
    • You start with 4 Life.

    Sky Knight (White Guardian)

    You are a Knight, and a well-respected one at that. With your trusty winged steed, you will patrol the air to protect others.

    • You may choose a target each night.
    • If they are visited by someone who is Not White, you will attack one of them at random.
    • Your target will be informed if you attacked one of their visitors.
    • Your attack will count as taking 2 damage.
    • If you attack someone, any ability they planned on using will be redirected to you.
    • If the target was to be enraged, you will attack the controller and then begin protecting the target they originally planned. This includes the attacking.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Ward Maker (White Guardian)

    You are a wizard that has been assisting the church. You are trained especially well in protective magic, which can come in very handy...

      • You may choose a target and a color each night.
      • Until the next night, your target will be protected from that color.
      • If they are protected, they are immune to all forms of damage from that team. This includes during day combat, where any votes from that team will not count towards the total.
      • Players will be informed if this protection prevented them from dealing damage.
      • You start with 6 Life.

    Protector (White Guardian)

    You are a sight that seems to scare everyone. You honestly feel a little misunderstood for it. You’re a nice person, but everyone just walks away from you. Is it a curse or is it a blessing?

    • Each night, you may choose a target.
    • Your presence will deter one non-white player who would have visited them into leaving without taking action.
    • The priority of what gets blocked is: Night Attacks -> Red -> Black -> Green -> Blue -> Colorless.
    • If there are multiple of the same tier that can be blocked, it will be decided by RNG.
    • You start with 6 Life.




    “To be Blue is to thirst for Progress and Knowledge above all else. It is to seek out information to manipulate others into obeying your will - to use the resources of others to your own benefit. The quest for knowledge means to put the study of science and industry above all else. To acquire knowledge is to reject the instinctive natural world. Blue at its best is logical, calculating and intelligent. If allowed to spiral out of control, it will stop at nothing to acquire control of all knowledge.” -Moleland

    Night Attack: Dream Pillage

    • Choose a target.
    • If they receive no other Night Feedback, deal 2 damage.
    • This means this must be the only thing that appears for them on the Night Feedback.
    • Your target will be informed if this attack failed.
    • Regardless of success, using this attack will make you exhausted, forcibly roleblocking you next night.


    You must kill all Red Players

    You must kill all Green Players

    You can do anything with any other side


    Submitter (Blue Power)

    You are a Sorcerer, and a cruel one at that. One with the ability to manipulate the fates of others.

    • During the day, if one or more of your teammates are dead, you may choose a target.
    • At the end of the day, you will convert them to the Blue team. Their role card, life total, and any other interactions will be kept intact.
    • This will also change their win condition to the Blue win condition.
    • This cannot be done on roles of any Power sub alignment.
    • At the end of the day, it will be announced that a player was converted to the Blue team. Their role will also be publicly revealed, but not their name.
    • This can only be done once.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Telepath (Blue Power)

    You have many telepathic connections. So many, in fact, that it’s almost impossible for your enemies to hide. You know exactly what they’re doing.

    • Each Night, you will be told what each visiting Red and Green player did and who they visited. You will only know the names of who was visited.
    • Your feedback will look like this: “A Red Player bolted Player8 this night!”
    • Sadly, you cannot track down the Misdirector because he switches two people too secretly.
    • Any whispers from other players will also be given to you in private.
    • You can broadcast a message of 300 characters or less to your teammates once during the day. This is done in complete silence.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Truth Detector (Blue Power)

    What pitiful excuses for lies they think they can get away with. You know better than to trust what they say. You can tell if they’re just lying to you if you put your head to it.

    • During the day, you may choose to PM me a quote from another player of any length.
    • This must be done in one post from one player for each use.
    • You will be told if this excerpt is a true statement or a false statement from the knowledge they have.
    • You can only do this once each day.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Confounder (Blue Hinderance)

    You are a Wizard that can stop your victim's actions dead in their tracks. They won’t be going anywhere with you around.

      • Each Night, you may choose a target.
      • That player will be Roleblocked.
      • This means that they will be unable to do any action.
      • You start with 6 Life.

    Trickster (Blue Hinderance)

    You are able to make anyone believe exactly you want them to. The things you can make them believe are absolutely priceless at times.

    • Each Night, you may choose a target.
    • You can change their Night Feedback to any result that you want.
    • Any life loss that would have been announced (or not) will be given, but their actual night feedback will be removed. This does not affect Role Feedback.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Illusionist (Blue Hinderance)

    You were once an ordinary street magician, hired by your leaders to enter the area. Despite your admittedly lackluster background, you can do a lot. For example, you can hide a lot more than people think you can do.

    • Each Night, you may choose a target.
    • If they are killed that night or during the next day, their role will be hidden to everyone but you.
    • This can only be done three times, and you will use a try no matter if you succeed or not.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Scholar (Blue Investigative)

    You are a skilled researcher, one of the best in your field. Your studies make it particularly easy to learn who’s who in this battlefield…

      • Each Night, you may choose a target.
      • You will be given their exact role.
      • This means you will also know their color through association.
      • You start with 6 Life.

    Monitor (Blue Investigative)

    You are a very sneaky spy. Following others without being spotted is your specialty.

    • Each Night, you may choose a target.
    • You will follow them and be notified of who they visit (If they visit anyone).
    • You will also be notified of who visits them as well.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Comparator (Blue Investigative)

    You were an officer of the law praised for seeing connections between two seemingly unrelated people. It was no surprise to you that you were told you could be useful here.

      • Each night, you may choose two targets, neither of which can be an ally.
      • You will be told if they are the same color or if they have differing colors.
      • You will only know if their colors match or not, not their colors.
      • You start with 6 Life.




    “To be Black aligned is to engage in self-indulgence, parasitism, amorality and unfettered desire for power. Black believes that the world is made for the taking and that the weak exist to be exploited by the strong. So Black simply must discard all obligations and acquire power for itself. It can be no less than the one supreme being who is subordinate to no other, the possessor of all power in the universe - it must become omnipotent. This does not mean that black is evil, is more like a pessimist or even a realist. Black sees the world as a place of struggle and pain, and if black wants to survive in such a place, it needs power. Maybe it is not the best world, maybe it is not a happy choice and some people will suffer, but black didn't make the rules and is determined to accept the truth and get what it wants by any means necessary - no matter the cost.” -Moleland

    Night Attack: Death of a Thousand Cuts

    • Choose a target.
    • The first time you do this, you will cut them. This causes no damage.
    • The second time you do this, you will cut them again. This causes 1 damage.
    • This pattern of “Damage = Nights Attacked - 1” will keep continuing.
    • If a target has not been targeted for 2 nights, the “counter” will be reset back to 0 Nights.


    You must kill all White Players

    You must kill all Green Players

    You can do anything with any other side


    Necromancer (Black Power)

    You are a wizard trained in the Dark Arts. Maybe you could “convince” somebody with these to your side…

    • During the day, you may choose any dead player.
    • You will revive that player and convert them to the Black team. They will also gain the Black win condition.
    • They will be revived at the end of the day.
    • You will sacrifice half your current life (Rounded up) to revive them with that amount of life.
    • Your revived player will still have their normal role card.
    • You cannot revive a consumed player.
    • You may only revive a player once.
    • You start with 13 Life.

    Dark Cultist (Black Power)

    You are a corrupted priest, worshipping a dark god. If it comes down to it, you would even sacrifice one of your own partners to gain power from them.

    • At night, you may choose a target from your own team.
    • Your target must have 3 or more life remaining.
    • You will roleblock and immediately kill them.
    • Every other player will take 1 damage. You will gain all life lost from this.
    • You can only do this once.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Hexer (Black Power)

    You are a spellcaster with the abilities to perform curses on those who oppose you. Hahahahahahahaha. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • At night, you may choose a player.
    • You will passively place a hex on them.
    • At any point, you can choose to activate every hex you have out for 2 damage each.
    • Activating your hexes will count as you visiting every target.
    • Your hex goes through the Sky Guardian, Martyr, Ward Maker, and Cloaker’s protections.
    • The Mist Maker can dispel the Hex if they cast it on your target before it activates.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Plague Carrier (Black Weakening)

    You are a twisted carrier of horrible diseases, willing to weaken all who stand against you in the most cruel way you know.

    • Each night, you may choose a target.
    • You will infect them with one of your diseases.
    • Until the next night, your target will take twice as much damage they would normally have done. (2 damage becomes 4, 3 damage becomes 6, etc.)
    • This can be cured by the Medic, so be careful.
    • You cannot infect the same player 2 nights back-to-back. (If you infect a player on Night 2, you cannot infect them on Night 3, but you can infect them on Night 4)
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Blood Drinker (Black Weakening)

    You are a very twisted person, who not only loves to see others suffer, but actually gain strength from their pain.

    • Each Night, you may select a target that is not black.
    • If that player loses life from any means, you will gain 75% of that life (Rounded up).
    • This effect wears off on the next night.
    • You start with 4 Life.

    Weaponbreaker (Black Weakening)

    You have a weak ability, and that’s being able to destroy weapons. But somehow, here it’s infinitely more useful with the context.

    • Each night, you may choose a target.
    • You will break their weapon, making their vote useless the following day.
    • Any night abilities that would cause damage on the night you break their weapon will have their damage reduced by 1.
    • You cannot break someone’s weapon twice in a row.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Torturer (Black Coercer)

    You are an interrogator who will gather information. Even if you need to torture them for hours until it finally comes out.

      • Each Night, you may choose a target.
      • You will kidnap that person and torture them, causing them to lose 1 Life.
      • They will also reveal the name of someone random with their same color.
      • If you torture a Colorless, you will recieve their role instead.
      • You start with 6 Life.

    Threatspeaker (Black Coercer)

    You are a rather influential person, able to convince others to do the things that you want them.

    • Each Night, you may choose a target.
    • You will threaten them to do what you want during the day.
    • You will be allowed to control their vote during the next day seperate from your own.
    • You cannot threaten the same person twice in a row.
    • You start the game with 6 Life.

    Shielder (Black Coercer)

    You claim to be shielding people from others that could be dangerous. In reality, you just make someone unable to get to another person and act like a total jerk.

    • Each night, you may choose two targets, neither of which can be you.
    • You will shield the first person from the second one.
    • This means that the second person will be unable to visit that player until you put a new shield around another player with the same second target.
    • All your shields will dissipate on your death.
    • You start with 4 Life.




    “Red values above all else freedom of expression. Red wants to do what it wants, when it wants, to whom it wants, and nobody can tell it otherwise. Red loves life much more than any other color and so it believes that all people must live to its fullest. Red believes that life would be much more fun if everyone stopped caring about rules, laws and personal appearances and just spent their time indulging their desires. This leads into red's other core value: chaos. Red sees order of any kind as pointlessly inhibiting, believing that only through embracing anarchy could everyone really be free to enjoy life to the fullest. Finally, Red is the color of immediate action and immediate gratification. If it wants something it will act on its impulses and take it, regardless of the consequences.” -Moleland

    Night Attack: Deadly Wager

      • Choose a target.
      • I will roll 3 six-sided virtual dice.
      • If the number is odd, you deal 1 damage to your target.
      • If the target is even, you take 1 damage yourself.
      • The first even result will be “rerolled”.


    You must kill all White Players

    You must kill all Blue Players

    You can do anything with any other side


    Ragethrower (Red Power)

    You are a wizard of the elements, able to channel your pure rage into lightning to smite your enemies.

    • Each Night, you may choose a target.
    • You will smite them with a lightning bolt, dealing 3 damage.
    • You cannot target the same person twice in a row. (You smite Player4, you must smite another player to be able to smite Player4 again)
    • Every time you use this ability, you will take “1 + # of times ability has been used in a row” damage yourself.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Rage Inducer (Red Power)

    You are absolutely filled with rage. So much rage, in fact, you can force it onto another to make them go against someone in a blind fury. This will make things very fun...

      • Each Night, you may choose two targets.
      • You will make the first target you listed change their target (If they had one) to your second target.
      • Your first target will be aware that this ability was used on them.
      • It is possible to make players who can’t use their ability on a teammate use their ability on a teammate using this.
      • It is possible to make someone target themself with this ability.
      • You are immune to being Roleblocked.
      • You start with 8 Life.

    Weaponmaster (Red Power)

    You are the best wielder of weapons in all the realms, renowned for your sword able to cut anything into pieces. Including your enemies.

    • During the day, you may choose to ready your weapon.
    • If the target you vote for is attacked, you will deal 2 additional damage.
    • You can only do this 3 times.
    • You will always use a try, no matter if your vote target is attacked or not.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Inferno Disciple (Red Chaos)

    You are a monk who studied the beings of fire throughout your life. With this knowledge, you are determined to go out in a blaze of glory.

    • You have no night ability.
    • When you die, you will explode into a ball of fire.
    • Your fireball will deal 3 damage to everyone who dealt the damage that sent you to 0 life.
    • The fire will burn your entire body. This leaves you impossible to be revived or consumed.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Misdirector (Red Chaos)

    You are a tricky wizard who can switch up where people are. This is going to be the most fun you’ve ever had with this power.

    • Each Night, you may select 2 different people.
    • You will switch them, causing every ability performed on one to occur to the other instead.
    • Nobody except you will know this happened, including the Telepath.
    • You are immune to being Roleblocked.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Framer (Red Chaos)

    You have forged many false documents for clients and to get yourself some “income”. Surprising that you were hired to come here...

    • Each Night, you may select a person.
    • You will forge a false identity for them, allowing you to give them a different role, color, and visits for that night.
    • You will only know that they were forged by you, not what their real roles are.
    • People can track you placing a false identity on someone, so be careful.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Rage Stoker (Red Aggravator)

    You are an inspiring shaman. Keeping your allies happy should let them get more out of the night.

    • Each night, you may choose a target.
    • The next night, they will be able to use their night ability (if they have one) twice.
    • You can only do this three times.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Weapon Outfitter (Red Aggravator)

    You are a skilled weaponsmith. You only make the finest and most deadly weapons in the realm.

    • Each night, you may choose a target.
    • That player will deal an additional one damage the next time they attack in daytime combat.
    • This does not stack, and the weapon stops working after they attack once.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Pyromaniac (Red Aggravator)

    Fire. So much fire. Fire everywhere. Why not harness it? There are some enemies who would love to get a little burnt…

      • Each night, you may choose to activate a flame charge.
      • If you decide to activate a flame charge, you will place one right outside your house.
      • Anyone who visits you while a flame charge is out will take 2 damage.
      • You can only use three flame charges during the game.
      • You start with 6 Life.




    “Green is the color of nature, growth, interdependence and instinct. To be Green is to believe that obeying the natural order alone is the best way to exist and thus favors a simplistic way of living in harmony with the rest of the world. Green accepts the world as it is and tries to coexist with it instead of trying to change it, regulate it, norm it, or take advantage of it. This can often lead to it be perceived as a pacifistic color, as it does not seek to make conflict with the other colors as long as they leave it alone and do not disrespect nature. However, it is fierce when it feels threatened and can be predatory and aggressive if its instincts dictate.” -Moleland

    Night Attack: Fruit Throw

    • Choose a target.
    • They will be hit for one damage.


    You must kill all Blue Players

    You must kill all Black Players

    You can do anything with any other side


    Fog Bringer (Green Power)

    You are a mystic capable of bringing down a fog to allow your allies to defend themselves from the attacks of enemies.

    • You have no night ability.
    • You will summon a thick fog automatically once an ally or yourself is targeted in daytime combat.
    • This fog will allow them to, instead of losing health, not only become immune to that damage, but heal them for how much health they would have lost under normal circumstances.
    • Attackers will not be informed that this happened.
    • This can only happen once for each player on your team.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Huntmaster (Green Power)

    You are the best hunter that you know, able to lead the charge against the threatening targets looming over the field.

    • You have no night ability.
    • Before the combat phase begins during the day, you may declare a Hunt against a player by PMing me.
    • The fact a hunt was declared against someone will be revealed to every player.
    • Declaring a hunt will make your vote count for 3. The person you vote against will be announced as soon as you vote.
    • Players that attack the target you chose will gain 1 life.
    • You can only do this once.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Heavy Risker (Green Power)

    You have no problems with having a little risk to gain an advantage. Everything to you is just a pawn to your ends, no matter what you may be doing.

    • At night, you may choose three targets, one of which must be green.
    • The next day, you will place them onto the stand, making them the only targets can be voted for at all.
    • All three voters will take two additional points of damage if they are voted that day.
    • You can only do this once.
    • You start with 8 Life.

    Stalker (Green Predator)

    You are but a shadow to those you watch. Despite being a little weak to foreign lands, you will track them down anywhere, and will attack them only if you deem it necessary.

    • Each night, you may select a Non-Green target.
    • You will follow that target that night and will have different responses depending on what they did.
    • If they don’t visit anyone or visit their same faction, you will spend your night in hostile territory, exposing yourself and taking 1 damage. You will also determine their color by where they are from this.
    • If they visit someone of a different faction, you will know which colored/colorless faction they visited.
    • If they visit another green player or yourself, you will attack them, dealing 2 damage.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Scavenger (Green Predator)

    You see the corpses of those who fell in the war. It’s such a shame that nobody’s really using them or paying them much attention...except you.

    • Each night, you may choose a dead player.
    • You will consume that player. They will be unable to revive through any means.
    • Consuming a player will give you back 3 life.
    • You will not be able to eat someone who is revived on the night you try.
    • You start with 3 Life.

    Tribe Huntsman (Green Predator)

    You are a hunter, the best in your tribe. Despite not being the best person for the job, you still can do your hardest and definitely get somewhere.

    • At day, you may choose to begin a harsher attack towards your enemy.
    • Choosing to begin a harsher attack will make your vote count as double.
    • The fact that your vote is being counted as 2 will only be revealed at the end results of the day.
    • You can only do this 3 times.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Fortifier (Green Mystic)

    You are a powerful shaman, capable of influencing nature to help protect your friends.

    • Each night, you may choose a target.
    • You will convince nature to grow to protect them.
    • This effect lasts until they are attacked in daytime combat.
    • This ability stacks up, meaning you can use it multiple times to keep protecting.
    • A fortified player will take 1 less damage in daytime combat for each fortify that was used on them.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Mist Maker (Green Mystic)

    You are a powerful mystic, capable of using the world’s own powers to keep harmful peoples away.

    • Each night, you may choose a target.
    • You will make them Hexproof until the next night.
    • If someone is Hexproof, all non-green night abilities targeted to them will fail.
    • Players who target a Hexproof player will be informed of this.
    • If your target had a Hex put under them from the Hexer, you will dispel its magic, stopping it from taking effect.
    • You start with 6 Life.

    Reverser (Green Mystic)

    You are a normal person who, for some reason, naturally has things just go back towards their source. It’s somehow incredibly special, which actually shouldn’t be that shocking.

    • Each night, you may choose a player that is not yourself.
    • You will make all actions against them go back towards their source, which ends in you roleblocking them.
    • You cannot reverse any night attacks.
    • You start with 6 Life.




    You are a band of natives to the land who have no preference to the other people around. All you really care about is getting through this war in one piece.

    (Note: Colorless do not know other colorless. They only know themselves.)

    Night Attack: None


    Fulfill your specific win condition


    Merchant of Secrets* (Colorless)

    You are a trader, and one buying and selling the most powerful currency at that...information.

    • During the day, you may choose a target.
    • At the beginning of the night, that player will be allowed to buy or sell from your wares.
    • You can only sell information you have collected.
    • The target will decide what information not already sold will be offered. The options are as follows, with their price for buying or selling:
      • Their Color for 1 Life
      • Their Role for 2 Life
      • The other players of their color for 3 Life (unavailable to colorless)
    • The target can both buy and sell at the same time.
    • Your target has the choice to decline your business.
    • If the negotiations are not confirmed by both of you before the night ends, the trade will not happen.
    • You are immune to being Roleblocked.
    • You start with 6 Life.
    • Win Condition: Collect 7 Life or more of Information total by the end of the game (sold information counts toward this goal)

    *This role is unique and cannot appear multiple times in a game.

    Cloaker (Colorless)

    You are skilled at hiding away from using the environment and the darkness. It’ll go a long way to surviving.

    • Each night, you can choose to shroud yourself or not.
    • If you shroud yourself, nobody will be able to target you.
    • Players who try to do anything against you in this state will be told their night ability failed.
    • You can only shroud yourself 4 times.
    • You start with 2 Life.
    • Win Condition: Survive to the end of the game

    Observer (Colorless)

    You are skilled at deducing things through examination. It shouldn’t be hard to translate that into finding colors.

    • Each Night, you may choose a target.
    • You will be told their color, or if they’re colorless.
    • You start with 7 Life.
    • Win Condition: Find out every member of your assigned color before they all die (Will be randomly drawn at the beginning of the game)

    Watcher (Colorless)

    You don’t sleep very well, especially since you know that everyone’s walking around, sometimes even hurting each other. So you decided to make sure you know everything going on during this war, starting with you.

    • Each night, you will be told the roles that target you.
    • This includes roles or situations that normally wouldn’t give feedback, including the Misdirector, being the second target to the Rage Incuder, Blue Investigates, Tricksters, Martyrs who didn’t protect you from damage, Stalkers, etc.
    • You are immune to being Roleblocked.
    • You start with 6 Life.
    • Win Condition: Choose a team to side with on Night 1, and make sure they win at all costs.

    Puppetmaster (Colorless)

    You are a wizard able to control the bodies of the dead to do your bidding. And it just so happens that one of the teams nearby you have a problem with…

    • At night, you may choose a dead player.
    • You will be able to use their night action as your own that night (if they have one).
    • You cannot use a night attack.
    • You cannot choose a player who was consumed, hidden, or would be revived that night.
    • You will receive any role feedback from that player.
    • You start with 6 Life.
    • Win Condition: Live to see your assigned color lose the game.

    Psychopath* (Colorless)

    You, personally, think that everyone here is an idiot. Every single one of them deserves to die, but three of them will do for you.

    • At night, you may choose a player.
    • You have two options to deal with them:
    • Attack them with your knife for 2 damage.
    • Follow them and quickly stab at who they visit and who visits them for 1 damage.
    • Once you have completed your win condition, you will begin losing 1 life every night from sanity loss.
    • You start with 6 Life.
    • Win Condition: Kill three or more people (you must deal the killing blow for one to qualify).

    *This role is unique and cannot appear multiple times in a game.

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    posted a message on Clash of Colors: Reprinted (Signups) [6/18]
    [A Pilot Game to test out everything is currently in progress. Signups for the real deal are still on, though.]

    Let me tell you children a story…
    ...Some time ago, there existed five separate realms, each holding one associated color.
    Order. Knowledge. Power. Freedom. Nature.
    While some arguments had broken out, for the most part, peace had been achieved with each realm.
    Until, of course, something had happened.
    A spell had been cast, linking all five realms by a small ground between them.
    Immediately, representatives from many parts of the realms were sent to investigate this new area.
    Some native beings to the realm were around, both hostile and friendly.
    But the biggest situation was the other realms around.
    While some colors could find similar views and agree with, others couldn’t.
    Only one thing could have arised from this viewpoint disagreement.
    War broke out between the colors.
    Welcome to the Middleground, kids. Strap yourselves in, this is going to be a long ride.
    And you’re all the stars of this show.

    Clash of Colors: Reprinted
    (Special thanks to Moleland of the Town of Salem forums for letting me do this. This was originally his thing.)

    Hello! I’ll be your host for this game, and I hope that we can all have a fun little thingie here!

    General Rules:

    1. This game ideally will have 12-18 players, though I can accept up to 24 participants. Nobody likes a slow game, though, so please have some activity.
    2. To make sure we don’t have idle players, if you don’t post some actual content in a 36 hour period, I will PM you asking about this. If you fail to respond or don’t post within 12 hours of the PM, I will allow someone to replace your slot. I will also allow replacement if I have to prod you multiple times.
    3. Don’t gamethrow or be hurtful to others, because we want to have a friendly and nice environment for everybody!
    4. Do not use outside communication for the sake of this game, as this is pretty much cheating. This includes, but is not limited to Skype, Pesterchum, other forums, coders, or other methods like these. Encrypting things is also not allowed. If you do this, you will most likely be instakilled and be considered to not be allowed to join future games. So don’t. It is just not worth it.
    5. That being said, I won’t deny you totally to communicate privately between one another. Twice per day, you can PM me the name of somebody in the title and a message of 200 characters or less you want me to “whisper” to them. Do not put them in the PM, as that can be used for a form of Rule 4. I will relay your message to them in another PM.
    6. Voting, Whispers, and Actions should be sent with appropriate message titles such as “CofC:R Vote”, “Clash of Colors Night Action”, and so on to prevent confusion. Also make sure to place these in separate messages, as I will not check your vote PM to see your night action.
    7. While you can paraphrase your rolecard and I am providing all rolecards, please please PLEASE do not attempt to just copypaste your rolecard or do some screencapping this. If you do this, I will be forced to instakill you (because everybody knows your role anyway).
    8. The system of time will work like this (excluding day 1, where “Day” is skipped):
      1. Morning: 24 Hours. A discussion period used mostly for talking about what happened during the last night.
      2. Day: 48 Hours. Discussion will still be allowed, but the ability to vote for a player will be given. The player that gets the most “votes” will take damage according to their votes/2 (rounded up). If there’s a tie for votes, all players will take damage. A player cannot be voted up twice in a row. If everyone sends in a vote, the Day will be ended prematurely.
      3. Night: 48 Hours. Everyone will be given access to their Color’s special topic to discuss what they should do and coordinate for their night actions. All night actions will obviously occur in this part of the game.
    9. If your life total reaches 0 or less, you are dead. This is just a simple thought process.
    10. It is only possible for two factions maximum to win at the same time. This isn’t so much a rule as it is a suggestion to think about who you decide to ally with.
    11. If one team has completed their goal, but both of their “allies” are alive (as they will, 100% of the time, be enemies), the completed team will be the only winners, so be careful!
    12. Your Color’s special topic is there for a reason, and that’s to only be used at night. I can lock it, sure, but still. Don’t use it during the day.
    13. In the same manner as Rule 12, refrain from posting on the main topic during the night.
    14. Don’t edit your posts. If you reveal something on accident, that is your mistake and you shouldn’t try to hide it. Besides, showing you edited it will most likely make you look even more suspicious.
    15. Each color faction has a special night attack. Performing it will require the user to forfeit their typical night action to do so (if they have one in the first place).
    16. If you have a question, I’d recommend making sure you’ve read through all the Color Information first. It contains every bit of info from each team for that specific reason.
    17. If you have a question and you haven’t found an answer in the Color Information (like wanting a sample role PM before the game starts), please ask me in the thread.

    If this was too long for you to understand, here's a simpler explanation:

    Each day that is not the first, you will first get 24 hours to talk amongst the others and another 48 hours to decide as a whole who should be attacked by the group for a total of half their votes rounded up. Then night falls for 48 hours, where you can talk with your teammates (if you have any) to collaborate and perform all actions that your group has to bring down the two colors you need to eliminate to win.

    There's also the Colorless, who have separate goals to the main five groups, roles that can seriously twist up the game, randomized roles for everyone to have people adapt to what they're given..

    This game sounds hectic (and you're not wrong), but it's a lot of crazy antics that give it a feel that puts it, in game play terms, a step above the typical group combats seen in games like Mafia (which is actually a major influence on this game, I've heard).

    The Rolelist [18 Players Edition]*:

    White Power

    White Cleric

    White Guardian

    Blue Power

    Blue Investigative

    Blue Hinderance

    Black Power

    Black Weakening

    Black Coercer

    Red Power

    Red Chaos

    Red Aggravator

    Green Power

    Green Predator

    Green Mystic

    Merchant of Secrets

    Random Colorless

    Random Colorless

    *Rolelist subject to change as players join or leave. Standard messaging fees apply. Ask your doctor if Clash of Colors is right for you. Not recommended for office or school use.

    Signups (If you want me to call you by a different name, please specify when joining, otherwise I’ll just use your username. If you don’t care what I call you by, I’ll just pull from my list of random names.):

    1. battlefury13
    2. sunnyau (auyeungyat)
    3. TT2000
    4. The_Topazian
    5. insert_generic_username [Informed of signup via outside source]
    6. supercool993

    Hall of the Fallen:

    Sans - Killed for an Update Terminal (Night -3) - Judgement


    [Links to starts of days/starts of nights go here]

    Just post something to indicate you want to enter this game and I'll do the rest.

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    posted a message on The Forge: Destroy the Godmodder Discussion Thread

    How much would a change of levelling system cost in charges? Mainly asking Tazz, but anyone who knows can answer.

    I'm going to assume the same as creating a level system (as you're effectively removing and creating one at the same time), so 50?

    Don't quote me on this, but it's probably the best answer.
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    posted a message on The Forge: Destroy the Godmodder Discussion Thread
    Quote from TwinBuilder»

    Tazz told me to tell all of you two things.

    1. Don't expect an update until Saturday.

    2. If there are as much nulls as there were last turn, EVERYTHING except the bosses is getting fieldwiped.

    Do what you will with this information, but I'll say this.

    It'd make my job a lot easier if you disobeyed him.

    Then it's a good thing we don't have a troll that would very easily attempt such an act had it not be considered spam and thus reportable.

    time to go host my own forum game
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    posted a message on The Forge: Destroy the Godmodder Discussion Thread
    Quote from pionoplayer»

    Oh, so, here's a thing, my dad had an idea.

    We have a friend who has access to a T-shirt printing thing, so the basic idea was to make some DTG T-shirts

    It would just be a simple design, saying "If it's worth killing, it's worth overkilling." with the old DTG logo that twin drew on the front below the words.

    Is there anyone else interested in getting a DTG shirt?

    So I get to explain to each one of my friends that I do this thing online over a simple T-shirt? Granted, it's a T-shirt relevant to something that not only do I participate in, but was considered a major castmember of 2...

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    posted a message on The Forge: Destroy the Godmodder Discussion Thread

    On an unrelated note, I did this today. If you want to join in, then just click the link. It's going to be a long ride.


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    posted a message on The Forge: Destroy the Godmodder Discussion Thread
    Quote from alphazoid1»

    ... That is some major interface screw right there.

    That's pretty much the entire point of the tournaments Ayaze takes part in as an NPC: the gimmick isn't actually stepping on the arrows, it's figuring out which arrows to step on and when.

    And it only gets crazier from there. That's just the finale of the first tournament.
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