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    posted a message on Microsoft's recent move with the account migration PROVES they want to merge Bedrock & Java

    The point of it is to enable the use of features that Microsoft accounts have, like 2FA, but Mojang accounts don't have. Additionally, it will make it possible to have a single launcher for Java, Bedrock (Windows 10), and Dungeons, as you'll only have to be signed in with the one account.

    I agree that the cape is a carrot and making it mandatory after a few months is a stick, but I genuinely think this is a good decision for security (just look at the forums here and see how many people have been hacked and want help here, despite Mojang being the only ones that can help with that). This will also help with account issues, as it will no longer rely on Mojang's customer support but Microsoft's.

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    posted a message on Why do servers keep their seeds private?

    They keep the seed private as then you could go into singleplayer with the same seed and find all the ores and structures without any penalties or playing on the server itself.

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    posted a message on Large Doors
    Quote from erictom333»

    No Support. You can already build 2xn piston doors relatively easily using basic redstone (and I've recently learnt how to do 3x3 doors). There are some situations where you don't have the space to do so. However:

    - In Survival, you don't need to build a door that big; just use a smaller piston door or a standard wooden/iron door.

    - In Creative, just use commands.

    So it can be done a different way. But that doesn't mean new features shouldn't be added, especially if these new features will make the game easier for (especially new) players. For instance see the following arguments:

    • Why add rocket-powered elytra flight? You can already fly forever using a punch 2 bow
    • Why add horses when you can already ride pigs?
    • Why update the lighting and rendering engines? It takes work from Mojang, and the old one works, even if it is laggy/slow/buggy/etc
    • Why add ore storage blocks (coal blocks, iron blocks, diamond blocks, etc)? You can store the ores fine, just add more chests!

    See why this line of reasoning leads to madness? Plus, bigger doors would be a massive boon to the building community -- imagine all the people who don't know much about redstone who can now make bigger builds with to-scale doors.

    And, piston mechanics are sometimes unintuitive, especially for new players, so piston doors can be difficult.

    Overall, 100% Support.

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    posted a message on Remove AFK Fishing
    Quote from C1ff»

    Then what about automated Iron Golem farms? People got really mad when those stopped working for 1 snapshot a few years ago (Mojang made iron a player-only drop in 14w03a for 1.8), but it was worked around immediately by people like Docm77 (using potions of harming).

    That's the thing: no matter how hard you try to anti-automate things, ways will be found to circumvent it.

    People have made 3*3 auto-cow and auto-sheep farms. People have automated sugar cane, pumpkins, melons, and every other crop in the game.

    There is no way to remove automated farms that give people items for "zero effort". Other than the time it takes to build the farm. And in multiplayer, the time it takes to fix potential pranks. And the time it takes to fix the farms after half the patches in the game.

    Also, many of the most vocal members of the Minecraft community are the people that use or make Auto-fishers and other auto-farms. Think the HermitCraft and ZipKrowd , SethBling, anyone else that builds on a massive scale in survival. Removing these farms, especially because they aren't, in my and many other's opinions, unbalanced or cheaty, would be massively detrimental to the game.

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    posted a message on Remove AFK Fishing
    Quote from BloodyPhoenix»

    May as well also remove iron farms because they make mining redundant

    This is a good point.

    Some people see iron farms as cheaty and bad, but when Mojang even nerfed them a bit too much in 1.14, did you see the reaction??

    Mojang ended up reverting some changes due to community pressure and listening to what people wanted:


    Most people would probably support an even more automatic way of getting fishing loot.

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    posted a message on Blocks For A Futuristic Build

    Generally, for futuristic or modern-looking builds you want to use quartz, white concrete, (maybe some cyan hardened clay if done well), and a lot of glass.

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    posted a message on Stone & Quartz Statues

    This seems like a great addition Maybe renaming the statue in an anvil prior to placing could also add a player's skin to the statue, in a greyscale?

    100% Support, could be even better!

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    posted a message on My Slime Farm Just Won't Work! I NEED HELP 1.14

    Are you sure you're in a slime chunk?

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    posted a message on Getting Re-Directed to Spanish Website

    I had this happen too. Just scroll to the bottom, next to the globe icon, select 'english'

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    posted a message on Jukebox interface
    Quote from Deathmenday»

    Hey before copying my idea can you give me credit thanks. I made a similar post 2 months ago. It’s rude to not give people credit.

    Your post is only tangentially related, and while this idea was suggested in the comments, no actually GUI was shown.

    This suggestion looks great, and fits within the current (and near-future) aesthetics of Minecraft.

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