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    ", sans-serif">The farlands is so far it will make the game lag

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    Quote from BrandSPim»
    Hey world. So, you probably know that basically the only fruits in minecraft are apples and melons, I'm thinking of a new fruit: Strawberries!

    It can only be obtained in dungeons, making it kinda of a later-game treat in minecraft. When a strawberry is eaten, they restore 2.5 chicken sticks.

    It could also be used to make a potion of health boost, which brings 2 extra hearts for 2 minutes. Adding glowstone would increase it to 4 hearts, and adding redstone would increase the duration to 6 minutes, adding gunpowder would make a splash potion with the same timing, and finally adding a fermented spider eye will corrupt the potion to make a "Potion of Health Decrease" (which doesn't exist yet, but removes 2 hearts from your health that don't regenerate until the effect ends).

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    I support strawberries in minecraft![/url]

    LOL! c h i c k e n s s t i c k s

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