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    posted a message on [LAUNCHED 27th JUNE] HybridMine SMP | 18+ | 1.14.3 | Vanilla | Whitelist | Discord | Community Focused

    IGN - PiratePerry

    Age - 18

    Discord - Pirate Perry#3106

    Country/Timezone - America/CST

    Name(optional) - Perry

    Tell us a bit about yourself - been playing since 2011, on and off for some years, been back at it for the past year and a half, I play sports and have somewhat of a personal life, game a lot though

    Why do you want to join IvicarusMC SMP - Since I am an OG, I'm not into that minigames and huge admin and owner run servers that are flooded with little kids who date online, I'm just down for a chill Minecraft experience with some chill dudes.

    Have you ever been banned before? If so, Why - No

    What do you think will be the best part about joining our community - Hanging out with some chill guys and enjoying the game

    What will you bring to our community - Building. I am a great builder

    What is your favourite thing about Minecraft - Build

    Do you have any suggestions in regards to the server - Nah, as long as its a chill SMP and is good

    How much time do you expect to spend playing on the server - as much as I have time for, excluding personal life of course

    Anything else you want to tell us - I'm a cool guy, very familiar with the game

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