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    Quote from csb987»

    williewillus, AtomicBlom and Drullkus have formed a team and are working on an update.

    Their github is here, and there's a reddit post about it here

    That is awesome, I loved this mod^^

    Will there be a 1.8 version? Or are you just doing 1.10+
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    Quote from knel17»

    Is anyone else having a problem with the cooling stations? It doesn't seem to work for me and I can not complete the underground magma portion just dying every 5 minutes. Maybe I have to change something in my settings or something? Anyone please help. Thanks!

    Are you playing on the right version for the map? If not then that's probably the issue. However, if you are then have you tried leaving and then returning to the area (not dying)? If you've tried both then I remember someone else had this issue before and, looking back in the thread, Mithey said to run a command once you get into the cooling stations

    Edit: Looking back Mithey said it was this command but idk if it changed or not:

    /scoreboard players set @a Temperature 37.

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    Its nice to hear that you've found a way to keep yourself stable, especially since it's doing something you love^^

    Also, I didn't get to respond to your previous question about what things I'd like to see in Chunk Restore so here's my answer to that. I really love levels in games where its a full on battle to get through narrow passages or mazes. I guess the best example I can give is the level in TR2 where you fight through the streets of Aquaess.

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    posted a message on Can I have both the new and old launcher on my PC at the same time and use either one?

    Title says it all, can I, if I have both the old and new launcher instaled, use either one or will the old one become unuseable?

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    Quote from rabidgoodra27»

    I dunno, I just love (most)everything on these forums. I love encouraging other mapmakers and stuff. By doing this, I've kept half a dozen maps from dying.

    Very Noble of you~

    Will Nintendo take down this Minecraft Map if it gets officially released, like they did with Pokemon Uranium?

    Doubt it, since its in MC they probably can't really touch it but idk I'm not a legal person.

    Questions aside, HYPE!
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    Quote from Police4896»

    Are Chunk Restore and Terra Restore's storylines gonna overlap? Would be so cool it it does

    Chunk Restore is gonna be the sequel to TR1's story according to Mithey, which should be quite fun :D
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    The custom stuff sounds super cool Mithey but I agree with AuraBird, don't push yourself too hard.~ Also, yay! Cutscenes :D

    Quote from Mathewhiz101»

    Why did you discontinue your making of terra restore 2?

    Because he has a life outside of map making among several other things. Look back 2 pages at his post on Dec 26th for your answer. (this is what the search function is for and why people need to read back a few pages before commenting :/)

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    Quote from Mithey»

    Yet another update for you all on the new upcoming RPG map called Chunk Restore! I've actually decided to not release a pre-alpha version of the map, and I'm instead going straight to an alpha version itself. Basically I think I have things planned/figured out enough now and the systems seem to be working perfectly as intended. So yeah, I feel like developing any more content at this point for a pre-alpha would be a bit of a waste of time.

    So like I said we are going to start off with an alpha. Right now I think the following things need to get done before I release the first alpha version:

    • Lobby
    • Map intro
    • Base system partially set up and planned out
    • Basic overworld set up
    • 1 dungeon made which will probably contain a boss
    • 1 town made which will probably contain a shop, a minigame, and a few other things
    • Leveling system
    • Death system
    • Maybe a basic quest and/or achievement

    If I get those things done then the map should be good to go for the first alpha release! I imagine it will probably take a month or so for those things to be created.

    Outside of that I've been working on the map's setting and story a bit more. I figured I'd go ahead and throw out the current major factions/groups that I have planned for the setting - most of this will end up getting told to you anyway right at the start of the map during the opening intro. So here is a very basic description of them without giving too much away:

    "The Light" (Mostly humans)
    *Hate The Dark and can't stand their existence and blame them for the problems they face
    *Are often active during day time
    *Often hate The Inbetween at times when they get in the way

    "The Dark" (Mostly monsters)
    *Hate The Light and can't stand their existence and blame them for the problems they face
    *Are often active during night time
    *Often hate The Inbetween at times when they get in the way

    "The Void"
    *Want to drain the life out of the world for unknown reasons
    *Hate all others

    "The Detached" (Mostly animals)
    *Hate and don't like being involved in war and other worldly problems
    *Often distance themselves from the other factions and live on their own

    "The Inbetween" (you)
    *Peacekeepers who want to save the world from going into chaos through any means necessary
    *They often get attacked on all fronts besides The Detached

    So if you want a visualization you can imagine a triangle with The Dark, Light, and Void being at all 3 corners and against each other. The Inbetween are of course in the middle of the triangle and have those 3 against them. And The Detached are of course off in the distance away from the triangle. That's a very basic look into the different factions/groups.

    Anyway, I'll update you all again when I make more progress! ^^

    Sounds interesting, looking forward to it :D Especially the groups, I'm intrigued about how dialogue between them will play out and stuff~

    Out of curiosity though, in the map are all monsters going to be bad or is it gonna be like TR where some are good and seek to only live as equal? (vice versa for all humans being good)

    How do I get to the double chest that's across the lava lake in Mt. Emberance? (which is beautiful btw) or is that something I get after both areas are done?

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    Quote from Mithey»

    Heya hey everyone, another small update for you all!

    I'm thinking of trying out something new for the new RPG map, something I wouldn't normally do. I'm thinking of having it so it's suggested that you install a mod for the map, but it won't be required in any way shape or form. The mod is one of the top ones out there called optifine.

    Technical stuff...: Optifine from my limited knowledge of it has a component to it called Custom Item Textures. CIT allows you to assign new textures for items based on name, amount of items in the stack, item properties, etc. I can actually already do most of this with resource packs and damage values. However, something I've wanted for a long time but haven't ever been able to do is to have a ton of different custom armor sets. For example you can only have one texture for a leather chestplate because resource packs don't support different textures for different damage values for armor. Hats have a work around for this ever since 1.9 because items now display on your head no matter what item it is, where as boots/leggings/chestplate don't.

    So basically I can use optifine to have it so I can have as many custom armor textures as I want. Remember how in my Terra Restore maps you'd just find yet another iron chestplate, or yet another pair of leather boots that is just slightly dyed a different color? What if each time you found a piece of armor it had a different texture? Such a thing would help make each piece of item more unique, exciting to get, and make it not just all about the stats.

    Optifine also happens to be easy to install. (literally just need to download and left click to install and you're set) A ton of people already use it because it helps their frame rate. And if someone chose not to install the mod then no big deal, instead of wearing a set of armor that makes you look like Link from Legend of Zelda, you would instead just see normal leather armor for example.

    So that's definitely something I'm thinking of trying!

    Outside of that I've been thinking of more and more ideas for story components for the map. To be honest I think it's getting to the point where the story will be more important than I was originally thinking. I think it's safe to say now that the map will be the sequel to Terra Restore 1 too. Also right now I'm thinking the map will be called Chunk Restore. (it'll make more sense when you see it :P)

    In other news a new mini map is coming out in a couple of days here! It's actually a fairly scary map based off of a game called Hello Neighbor.

    That's all for now!

    Never really used optifine but that sounds really, really cool :D

    And the more you post about the RPG map the more excited I get~

    The current Terra Restore version is probably going to be the last one there.
    Also Chunk Restore is going to be a stand alone map with how it's quite a fair bit different than TR1/TR2. A lot of people that end up playing Chunk Restore might have no idea what TR1/TR2 is and what happened in the story. As such it'll no doubt bring up past events through out it's story, including TR2 events that never got made in time.

    Ah, ok. Just wanted to make sure before I went and played a buggy version of the map ^^

    The reason I asked about you revealing the rest of the TR2 plot is because as a writer I wanted to chronicle my adventures in the form of a personal fanfic but if it's spoilers for the RPG map then no worries :3

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    Quote from Mithey»

    Heya hey everyone, I have some pretty huge news for all who follow me.

    This year I honestly learned quite a ton about map making, myself, and life. I've been through some good and some pretty crappy times this year, but hey, I've gained experience over time. I've even honestly made quite a number of mistakes. I even pushed myself a lot, especially in terms of map making. And honestly, I probably pushed myself a bit too much. I pushed myself a bit too overboard that I got burnt out time and time again with working on Terra Restore 2 and maps in general.

    Some reasons I pushed myself so hard was because I was never in that great of a financial situation, I really wanted my whole map making dream to work, I didn't want to let down those closest to me, and my girlfriend started university and I wanted to be able to support her even more and take things even more seriously and make her proud and happy, among other reasons. I ended up pushing myself so hard that I went past my limits time and time again. That caused me a great deal of stress, burn out, and pressure along with other things. I've always pushed myself a lot, that's just the way I've been, but never to the degree that I did this year.

    I'm not going to get into all the details (this post would become waayyyy too big to explain everything) but I basically started working so hard that I never gave myself proper breaks. As such that caused a number of problems to arise and made things become increasingly harder on me over the year. It wasn't until some time this month that I finally figured out that I was just going way too far this whole time. Some crappy things happened and I had to force myself to take a break here for over a week by not focusing at map making at all and instead focus on getting things better again and back on track.

    So basically this next year I'm making a number of changes to avoid the bad things that happened to me this year. For one I'm obviously going to actually give myself breaks and I'm going to give them to myself guilt free. I'm not going to pull days where I do nothing but work. I'm probably going to even give myself a day every week where I don't focus on map making at all and just focus on relaxing and other things. I'm also going to take special care as to not push myself past my limits.

    As to not push myself past my limits anymore I needed to really focus in on what I think is most important to me, and cut the things that don't seem to be of high enough priority. I decided to stop working on medium sized maps all together, and instead focus on smaller ones that I can do up in a matter of a couple of days or so. I've also now decided that I only have time, energy, and focus for one big major map at a time too, and as such unfortunately this means that Terra Restore 2 will be discontinued most likely permanently.

    I'd gladly finish up TR2 if it only took a week or two, but that's just not the case. Honestly I'd say best case scenario I'd have to put in a whole month of working on nothing but TR2 to finish it. And it's just not up there in priorities anymore. It's been way too long since I've managed to put in a great deal of time with that map, there are a fair number of things that I don't like about it, (I still love the map though and it's still pretty great regardless) I've gotten quite burnt out with the map in the past from a developing standpoint, (it's definitely not all that friendly to develop) there are more important things to work on, it's slowly getting a bit outdated, there just isn't enough time, and I'm just all around more excited and motivated to work on other things.

    So from here on out there will be only 3 things that I work on for the foreseeable future. They include working on:

    *The new RPG map which has a high chance of turning out pretty dang amazingly and I'm all around excited to work on
    *Doing up small mini maps each week or so for people to enjoy
    *Focusing on YouTube

    The way I want to shape my week right now is to spend 2 days on working on the RPG map, 2 days on a mini map, 2 days on YouTube, and of course having a whole day off. Honestly I've been wanting to focus on YouTube for a long, lonnngggg time now but there has just been way too much going on. So I'd say that's a pretty clear indication that I can't take on anything else other than those 3 big things alone.

    So yeah, I'm sorry to disappoint quite a few of you all, but from here on out I need to focus on myself a bit more. As a result in the end I'll of course be much happier and I'd probably actually end up getting more and better things done as a result.

    More awesome, new, and exciting content will continue to come soon after I'm done taking a short break here! Anyway, that's all for now, I hope you all have been enjoying the Winter break! ^^

    Sad that TR2 will be discontinued but life gets in the way of things a lot so I can totally understand where you are coming from.^^ I too, have an issue where I push myself too hard and, eventually, it leads to the exact problem as what you had, burn out. (I also think that your desire to keep updating it with every new MC version may have been a cause as well as they kept changing stuff and breaking the map.) BTW is the current download for it that you have up the last one you're gonna do or is there going to be 1 more that is bug fixes?

    However, though TR2 may never be finished (unless you pick it up again in the far future) the RPG map seems like it'll be cool and I always have loved your smaller maps as well (Really liked Emberforge keep's concept of a single dungeon that could have been in a map) :3 I really do think you should get some help with your maps, it'd definitely take a lot of stress off you I'm sure but then again group projects are always hard to manage if you don't know the people very well.

    Best of luck in the future of your map making Mithey and I'm looking forward to the RPG map since it sounds really interesting (Love the seasons idea btw) :D

    Edit: I never really gave input on the post above where you mentioned the RPG map maybe having the setting of TR but since you have no current plans to continue TR2 I think it'd be cool for you to place the world of it into the RPG map, to kinda keep the world you've created alive in a way.

    Also, if you never pick up TR2 again, could you at least post us the rest of the story that follows what you have now for the map (like the chain of events)? I just think it'd be cool to know what happened to lead up to TR1.

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    Playing Sad Panda Adventures 2 and loving it so far, the areas are just beautiful and the gameplay just as amazing as ever :D

    I did notice one thing though, is the custom music for the areas no longer linked to the note-block volume slider? I noticed this in the Ice Boat map as well so just wanted to know if I missed something about that.

    Also, I see what you did there about the ghast invasion in the intro and the panda in level 2 XD

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    Quote from Survivor6422»

    I dont know y but on terra restore 2 im not getting any essence for mob kills any help would be appreciated iv got the first 3 wool but only placed 2

    I'm not entirely sure how to help as I am not good with MCs code but I'd search this thread a bit as I think Mithey or someone else has stated a fix for the issue you are having but I'm not certain.
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    posted a message on I'm Tired of Minecraft Saying, "You can go to hell and that's the end."
    Wow dude you are thinking WAY to far into the game. Its a sandbox and can be played however you want, suck it up and deal with it. Want a new dimension? Install a mod or something.

    Quote from gurujive»

    This is just wrong to me... minecraft was so cool.

    The way things are now... I don't like it. Its not cool... I would say its disturbing.

    The most time spent in the game now would be spent in hell getting to the end.... not in the overworld.

    No one said you had to play past your totally awesome and content-lacking pre-nether Beta version ;P
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    Quote from TheThosha_man»

    I still didn't find the epic treasure, i looked everywhere for 3 hours. Please help me

    Well, for starters, you don't need to make a new post every time you get new information, it just spams the thread; edit your first one instead with edit 1, edit 2, etc.

    I haven't played TR2 yet but I'd say follow these steps as I'm pretty sure the question you have has been asked before:

    1. click the green 'search' button thingy at the top

    2. select the option 'search this thread'

    3. type your question in the blank space next to the word 'search' (on the right)

    4. hit the green button at the bottom that says 'search'

    5. look through the results for your answer

    6. Profit.

    If that fails then Youtube and typing things like "Where is the epic treasure in ruins of old in TR2" in your search bar of your internet browser may help.

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    Quote from ItsQuesoTime»

    This looks interesting. I agree, many people who have "prehistoric creatures" in their mods are always dinosaurs, this could be really cool and unique

    Thanks, yeah dinosaurs are overused in mods these days (which makes the mods kinda boring) and it made me sad that other than the dodo, not many people know of the animals that went extinct from us or failure to adapt. I really think this could get somewhere too if a mod maker that is committed to it wants to work on it (which is what I'm hoping for) but idk how often actual mod-makers look at the suggestions board of the forum or if there's a site where aspiring and/or experienced Minecraft modders gather for ideas/recruitment (if there is it'd be awesome to know).

    Glad you like the concept though, that makes me feel good about my idea and that I didn't waste my time typing the post^^

    Also debating whether I should move this post to WIP mods since I have a vague idea as to what I want it to function like and stuff

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