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    Minecraft Account Name: Pinoy_Boy12

    How old are you?: 14

    Time-Zone/Country of Residence: PST/CA, USA

    Do you have a good grip on the English language/good grammar?: I would consider my grasp of the English language and grammar rules great.

    Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself: I've recent finished freshman year and I am now on summer break. I'm mostly an inside person but I'm still active outside of the house. I enjoy to play basketball, soccer, and just plain hanging out with friends. Also I'm filipino if that means anything. (Go Pacquiao!)

    How much time could you be on the server weekly?: Considering that I'm on summer break, at least five hours a day. Depending if my family will be doing anything at the time I could possibly go up to nine hours a day.

    What do you know about Roleplaying? Give a definition of what it means to you: A simple answer, playing a role. If you want a more in-depth definition I would say it's like a form of acting. The acting of someone who you aren't in real life. It's a bit broad but if you could, you could be anybody. It could just be your imagination doing all the work, or in this case a mix of imagination and visual and oral help from Minecraft.

    What experience have you had in Roleplaying, if any?: I've played on a couple SeriousRP servers, one in particular was Aeonis. I played about two or three months on this server and like any other server you start of at the lowest rank, in the two months I worked hard and in about 1 month I got the title Paragon, Dwarf king. These are all fantasy role-play servers, my favorite kind, but I have also tried other kinds such as Fallout style and Prison servers.

    In your own Words, define what the act of Meta-Gaming is: Playing your character based off of knowledge that you know OOC. For example, you find out, out of character, that there will be a split in the road. You know the right path leads to sure death so when your back In-game you take the left path. So it’s considered cheating in a way.

    In your own Words, define what the act of Power-Gaming is: Having total control over a situation. Being over-powered like hell. Like telling someone that you walked up behind them, stabbed them, then left them there. The other person was give no chance to counter, to run, or to do anything. Your ruling what goes on.

    What do you expect this server will be like?: Hopefully it'll be better than the rest. I don't think I've been devoted to a server for more than 6 months, the servers usually just start to lack interest after a short while. I expect this server to live up to its high reputation.

    What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?: Aeonis - Got bored. Fallout - Not interesting. Killion - Have yet to leave. TheNationMinecraft - Got overrun, couldn't be controlled.

    Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?: Yes, yes, and yes. Some I am particularly fond of such as the one against grief. This is a bit too common and slightly getting on my nerves.

    Do you promise to abide by said rules, and laws? This includes the Server, Forum, and Teamspeak set Rules: Yes sir, although I'll almost never be on Teamspeak, if I am then yes, I will follow said rules.

    How did you hear about us? Did someone refer you?: Word of mouth, it seems that your quite popular :3

    Have you previously made an Application? If so could you link us to your last Application?: I think almost a year ago I did. Apologies though, it's unretrievable.

    Have you posted this application on our minecraft forum thread yet? If not, just finish it up on here and then copy + paste is over there. (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/832121-%E2%96%91%E2%96%92%E2%96%93-the-lord-of-the-craft-%E2%96%93%E2%96%92%E2%96%91-enter-the-world-of-asulon-o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l-l-y-t-h-e-n-o-1-r-p-s-e-r-v-e-r/): Here I am :L


    Character Name: Beren Elensar

    What Race are you?: Elven

    What Sub-Race are you? (note, you aren’t required to have a sub-race): High Elf

    Biography (Please make this at least 2 paragraphs long. This must include the history of your character and his life as well as age, appearance and personality, etc.): Beren was the child of two upper mid-class high elves living in Haelun’or. Beren’s father was in the army so he wasn’t with the family to often. As beren grew up his dad started to became verbally abusive, not long afterwards he started to be physically, hitting Beren’s mother if she did something wrong. One night, when Beren was the age of twenty-six, Beren’s father lost control and slit his mothers throat. In shock he immediately ran away to the only other place he was welcome. His friend Tuor’s home.
    Tuor and Beren went to school together, they both met each other in swordsmanship class, a skill they were both very fond of. As young kids they would sneak out and go past the city limits, past there they did extra training, hunting, and sometimes just fooling around. Sometimes Tuor and Beren would take some classmates to join them, when they had at least eight people they would have a small parring competition. Years later Tuor’s family had to move as they could no long support their family, this also meaning that Beren had to stay behind, Beren was thirty-seven at this time. Beren stayed in the town for eleven more months.
    After these elven months passed Beren grabbed his stylish blue vest which he had received from Tuor’s parents. His mighty sword and he set out into the woods, their he did what he could to survive, even dying his hair a dark brown so that it could match the trees. Beren is now forty-three and lives in the midst of the forest constantly wearing his blue vest and self-training himself in swordsmanship.

    What are your Character's ambitions?: Beren’s original plans were to join the army as his father did, but when his father started to become abusive he didn’t want to be anything like him at all so he decided on being an adventurer, traveling the vast lands of Asulon.

    What is your character’s favorite tool? (sword, pickaxe, shovel, etc): Sword, this being his father was in the army so it was like genetics. He also grew up with a sword in his right hand and many things have revolved around that.

    What is one of your Character's most skilled talents? Swordsmanship. Not only was Beren’s father in the military but it’s also common for High Elves to be good swordsman's.

    A screenshot of your skin (must be in proper format, if you do not know how to acquire one, click here: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/51343-how-to-obtain-your-skin-screenshot/):

    //i45.tinypic.com/k9ultx.png%5B/IMG%5D%5B/center%5D" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://i45.tinypic.com/k9ultx.png" width="" height="" alt="" />

    Other Information about your Character: Living in the forest for almost seven years Beren has adapted to the new lifestyle. Hunting for foods, getting what he can, and if it comes down to it, stealing.


    Whilst traveling from the Cloud Temple you see a small halfling, being harassed by two armed warriors. They appear to be trying to steal money from him, how does your character respond? Beren ready’s up, stands straight and puffs his chest a bit out. Walks up the to the two warriors and asks “Excuse me but I’m just wondering what you want with this halfling.” One of the warriors says “He was on our land, we ‘ought to have the right!” Beren puts his hand on his sword which still unsheathed. “Don’t even think about it elf!” says the other guard. Beren slowly pulls his sword out, the guards mirror him. A clash starts between the two guards and Beren. Beren is obviously more trained than the individual guard but with the two of them Beren was getting slightly over run. Out of nowhere the halfling kicks one of the guards in the shin then running away immediately afterwards. This gave Beren the slight opening he needed, not wanting to kill them Beren hit both with the hilt of his sword knocking them out. Beren then proceeds to lie the down properly.

    Your character wanders into Alras, and comes across a small stall, behind which a well dressed man is standing. He’s offering various wares, the merchant turns to you and says in a posh accent " 'ello there, what can I do you for today?" What is your character response? Beren never really liked to trade with strangers so Beren =, out of kindness, asks if he has anything more valuable than his swords. Beren unsheathes his sword and shows it to the merchant. The merchant’s eyes almost glow when he see’s it. The merchant says “I’m sorry sir but I do not.” Beren replies “Then no thank you, but maybe next time.” Winking at the merchant then walking past him.

    Whilst wandering in the wilds, your character comes across a small hut, which looks abandoned. Inside it you see a chest containing a few iron bars, and a golden sword. How would your character respond?: Beren see’s the hut and wonders if anyone lives there. Beren spies on the place for about a couple hours, no one arrives so he rummages through the chest grabs the golden sword and the iron bars. Beren then remembers a merchant in Alras, he makes his way there and sells the golden sword. He think’s that he could make use of the Iron bars as well but Beren kept them to make armor in the near future.

    Hungry and lost in the wilderness, you stumble across a small trading camp nestled among the forest, they greet you you in the common tongue, how do you respond? Beren responds “Hello, I’m sorry if I sound a bit rude here but may I rest here just for the night?” One of the camp members reply “Hmm. How do we know you’re not a thief or a-” She was cut off by their camp leader. He says “Beren is that you?” The camp is in confusion, but then out of nowhere they all slightly glow and rush to give Beren a hug.” Beren still confused asks “Do I know you? Any of you.” The camp leader replies in excitement “Yes! You, Tuor, and the rest of us would sneak past the city limits. Don’t you remember?” Beren has a small flashback in his head then immediately remembers every single one of them. With a giant smile on everyone’s face Beren was well fed and rested. The next day he set out and was told if he needed any help he was more than welcome to come back.

    You hear word that bandits occupy the road outside the town in which you have been staying. The town guard have gathered, and are asking for assistance to help eliminate them. The leader of the party is offering a reward for any who offer their support. How does your character act on this information?: Beren is more than happy to help. They cut the bandits off at the road and circle around them, the bandits never stood a chance. The town guards were smiling as their city was safer. Handing some money over to everyone that helped Beren said “Thank you.” and walked away. As he walked away the guard smiled and said “No. Thank you.”
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    Quote from Tehsov

    Me too...

    Also, Jon, he thought IGN was the ign website username.

    Oh ok. I thought it was just me :P
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    IGN: Pinoy_Boy12
    Age: 15
    Do you agree to follow the rules (yes/no)?: yes
    Why do you want to play here?: Tekkit is interesting and I've been playing Single Player for quite some time. If I get accepted into this server it would be my first server for tektite :D
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    Just made a new banner! Check it out!

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    Quote from ALPHAkNight1231

    Really good server man!

    Thanks :biggrin.gif: It's glad to see a regular!

    Quote from Laserspongebob

    Cool server!

    Thanks, may i ask who you are on the server?
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    Quote from IkubiAkius

    Best server ever. (And not only because I'm a mod in it.)

    lol. Thanks.. :biggrin.gif:
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    Reserved, Probably for more details... :tongue.gif:

    Want to show your support?


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    ( tnmserver.com:12785 )

    Hello everyone. Welcome to The Nation Minecraft, a new server thats on it's way. You should know me as Pinoy_Boy12, I play a lot on the server and it is my favorite. I'm here to inform you that it's a great server and you should all play, you may already know the admins and not know about it. So come on in and join the fun!

    Well, first and for most you should know that this is a pvp/survival server, you will probably die so try not to rage like hell. We do have the Lockette plugin so please store your stuff. Moving on, I think i like the server mainly for it's community, when were not being serious were having one hell of a time. You will come to love our staff and players for support. If you need any help ask any staff member, Moderators seem to be more active, but when an admins on feel free to ask them as well.

    When spawning for the first time, you'll be facing a small information board. There are a few things you should take note of upon joining the server which will give you a massive advantage.

    • There is a dynamic map through which you can view the whole server map. This will prevent you from getting lost, and can be useful as a guide for getting around.
    • Upon spawning you will already be a part of the town New Masay. There a plots in which you can build in the town area of New Masay. If you build in these plots, your home will be protected.
    • Read the pages of this wiki! Tutorials have been uploaded on this wiki to help you use the many plugins we have installed.
    • There are three worlds on this server; Thalasea, Earth and Moon. Upon joining the server for the first time, you will be in the world Thalasea. Thalasea is the main world, in which the most players are active. However, Moon is considered our best world, with the best builds. It is also a creative world. Players with the rank Knight and above can build freely in this world and the world Earth. Players below the Knight rank cannot build anywhere in Moon and Earth.
    • Thalasea is divided into two primary zones. Town areas and the Wilderness. The Wilderness covers most of the areas, wheras the Town areas are protected areas, supplement to a township. Upon entering the Wilderness or a Town area, you will be prompted by a message in your chat window.
    • While in the Wilderness, you can build anywhere, and really, do anything. Mobs will attack you, Creepers will explode, and you probably will die.
    • If you build in the Wilderness, your house is completely unprotected. To prevent griefing, either build well away from the spawn, camouflague your house, or build within a Town area.
    • To build in a Town area, you must be part of the associated town. For example, if you wish to build in the town area of Flatrock, you must be a part of the town Flatrock. You can only belong to one town at a time. When joining the server, you will by default, automatically become a part of the town New Masay.
    • Upon spawning, your balance will be set at $2000. This can either be spent at a shop to buy resources and tools, or to buy a plot of land in New Masay (or any town, for that matter). When you buy a plot of land in a town (such as New Masay), everything you build on that plot is automatically protected. Only you can build in your plot. Your plot of land also stretches from the Bedrock to the sky limit, meaning you can build as high or and deep as you want.
    • To learn how to purchase a plot of land, click the following link:
    • http://wiki.thenationminecraft.net/index.php/Command_Reference

    MultiWorld, WorldEdit, VoxelSniper, EpicZones, Vault, PermissionsEx, LWC, WorldGuard, DynaMark, dynmap, Dynmap-WorldGuard, MineBackup, VoxelUpdate, HawkEye, CraftBukkitUpToDate, NoCheat, SimpleClans, Essentials, Ports, Residence, Citizens, Essentials Protect, EssentialsSpawn, EssentialsChat, dynmap-residence.

    thatlachyguy - Maintains and runs server and websites. Famous for his 15 minute fixes (after CaptainSi has been working on a problem for 8 hours straight).
    CaptainSi - Maintains and runs server, helps with websites and the artist for TNM and MLG.
    Markkoh - Hangs around for some reason.
    iElectricality - Comedic relief.
    trainby5 - Server host.
    Judge_David - 100% Boss.

    ChuteDatPoop - Talented at everything except pixel art.
    Ikubi - Incredibly talented builder, seemingly intelligent.
    Burnout77 - Beta tester, frequent donator.
    Pinoy_Boy12 - Biggest fanboy in the world.
    Vatec97 - Donated our domain names.
    BrandonDCS - Consistent player, nice chap, our best builder.
    ALPHAkNight123 - Consistent player, charming fellow.
    tsrischris - Consistent player, extremely helpful.

    • Deafult
    • Sir
    • Donate $5
    • Knight
    • Donate $10
    • Regent
    • Donate $20+
    • Magical Creatures
    • Have the best name on the server (Only one currently: MrUnicornTurd)
    • Bishop
    • Given to skilled builders, show's good architecture and detail
    • Moderator
    • Played on the server for a long time and is well trusted by the server admins
    • Admins
    • Owners of the server

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    posted a message on [GAME]Sewer Survival
    Looks good. Probably going to play over the weekend. And, just made a simple text banner for fun (not much):

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    Quote from killpot

    Once both the buttons are pressed it will accept and send out a pulse with the repeater or without it a solid pulse.

    Problem = solved

    Well, wouldn't this just be like the others because the buttons are just acting like levers because of the TFF? But I do thank you. I'd probably use yours mainly for the reason that I like TFF & button combo more that levers, although Wubbi's was a lot more compact (after i "fixed" it) but I'll try making yours a bit, less space consuming :tongue.gif: Thanks :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [Help] Can't get this working :P
    Quote from killpot

    with buttons instead of levers........

    Ok. even if the other ones worked (which they did) i'd still like to see yours
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    posted a message on [Help] Can't get this working :P
    Oh. the design didn't work. :L Anyone else have any better ideas...
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    posted a message on Mythicraft
    Looks really nice. I probably won't get it till' later in it's stages but I'd like to see this later on :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Rotating Combination Lock
    Quote from Cubehamster

    I haven't downloaded it yet but from the description I can't really make out what it is. I made a rotating combination lock too a while back. Looks a lot different then yours.

    A video showing yours would be awesome.

    I remember that... Geez, that was crazy. On the note of this, good job. I was gonna do something similar, more different than same but the general idea of it.
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    posted a message on Double Door Help Request
    This is a simple fix, but in 1.2 you won't need to worry about it. not sure if you already know or not but double doors will work fine just by placing 2 pressure plates down. As for now you could easily just place redstone on the block underneath the plates, invert one side, keep the other one normal. then use hook up some redstone to the doors. should work... I haven't really bothered on Double doors in a while so..
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