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    posted a message on [1.7.4]Mature community vanilla server (Started Oct.5) [18+/MindCrack-inspired/no plugins/whitelist/dedicated24-7]
    IGN: Pinguin39
    Age: 22
    Country: The Netherlands
    Why do you want to join?: Single player tends to get a bit dull.

    What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of the game?: Building large scale builds and seeing them take shape, making tiny ajustments to improve them just the slightest bit and eventually looking at your creation with some sense of accomplishment is fun. Creepers trying to take that away from me.. meehh not so much.

    For how long have you played minecraft? How did you find out about it and how did you come to buy/obtain it?: I played roughly since 1.3, I saw videos on youtube and decided to try it out, been hooked ever since.

    Share a funny quote with me^^: "A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?" - Albert Einstein

    How much time do you plan to spend playing here?: A lot

    Have you read and understood the rules and scheme?: Da! (Am I doing it right?)
    Do you plan on using the texturepack?: Perhaps, I currently have one i put together myself from different other packs i'm quite fond of. I'll check it out though.
    Skype name*: Prefer not to have it public.

    Got any questions?: If pinocchio says "My nose is going to grow now", What will happen?
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    posted a message on 1.6.4/Whitelist Small survival group looking for MATURE players
    Quote from OPS

    We have plenty of room for people playing in euro time zones. We don't really have a town but several players have made a road network so it's very easy to find each other and arrange things.

    We had issues with the nether portals linking up to other peoples houses so there is a discrete plugin that allows you to return to your own portal. This means the nether is an effective meeting point for trades but you can't use it for over ground travel.

    Sounds good, Permission to join?
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    posted a message on 1.6.4/Whitelist Small survival group looking for MATURE players
    Hey this sounds like good fun!
    Is there a spot for me?
    22 year old from the Netherlands, I used to have a server with some friends of mine but they are all busy with college and one is going on a vacation soon and stuff like that, so I'm looking for a new server to play on! You know, since playing solo tends to get a bit dull.

    You said you explore together and do small things together and I was wondering if there's a central town or general area? Maybe with a nether hub connecting different players' bases?

    Pinguin39 is the name, hope there is still room!
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    posted a message on A Star In The Sky.
    Check out my Let's Play!
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    posted a message on A Hole In The Ocean.
    Check out my Let's Play!
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    posted a message on Danny's Minecraft Adventure!
    After building 'A Hole in the Ocean' and 'A Star in the Sky' (be sure to check them out!) I decided to start a Let's Play!

    The first four episodes are already uploaded to my YouTube channel!

    Also check out my Tumblr to hear about when my new episodes air and also to see some more fun Minecraft pictures and more!

    Have fun and Feedback and Suggestions are always welcome!
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    posted a message on A Star In The Sky.
    Quote from Unclevertitle

    This is looking epic!

    Idea for the water:
    On the upper layer run the water in channels pouring off the points of the star.
    For the lower layer let the water appear to "pool" in a basin of some sorts, like a resevoir. I'm thinking one large one, but I'm not sure how that would fit into your design here so maybe multiple smaller pools work just as well. Maybe a moat surrounding the edges of the walls supporting the upper layer?

    Basic MSPaint illustration of what I'm thinking with the moat and the waterfalls:

    I have the water running through the glowstone points as I don't think the water will flow past that point cleanly, unless it was above the surface of the grass. That might work by raising the walls and grass of the upper layer up by one block.

    As for the landmass, asymmetry is key for a natural look. I'd say even add a few bumps like hills rising above the island's currently planar surface. Mix in rock and dirt for the island's base. A crater below the island also might make it look like the place was literally raised up from the surface by some fantastical magic even with it being mostly sandy desert down there.

    Happy to see people help me think.
    In response to your artistically painted water idea: That would basically flood the inside of the building, I'd need to teach the residents how to swim. Basically everything within the white square and white star is part of the building, whereas the asymmetric surrounding is part of the landmass picked up.

    Personally i was thinking of making the water fall from the upper level star to the lower level square and then to the landmass. After this i'd have about 3 points where the water could drop off the edge into the sea below.

    Nevertheless, I do like the looks of the water falling down from the 4 points of the star, so I'll see what i do with that.

    As for the land. I was going to make some irregularities on the top, but my main idea was to make rivers, ponds and trees. The base of the island will be assymetric and rocky, yes, but i simply haven't had the time to do it yet. Since it's very time consuming and kind of dull.

    I've been working on the middle tower yesterday, but I'm not really satisfied with it yet. I'll post updates as soon as possible!
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    posted a message on A Star In The Sky.
    Quote from Mixy97

    For your water question, I suggest you make it in a mini river surounded by vegetation.

    A mini river leading where? I removed the straight line going to the edge as seen in the picture.

    Also: i'm planning on making some sort of river/stream on the island, to the side of the building. Including vegetation and such
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    posted a message on A Star In The Sky.
    So the other day I finished the other arches. My building is finally getting some shape.

    But then night fell and a shroud of darkness fell over the mighty flying star. How could anyone let this happen? Preposterous! Bring in the lights!

    There! Much better! I also put some extra features in, because everything is better with extra features. Like water!

    But this water was going nowhere. It just fell there and evaporated? I decided to make it fall down the edges, but once I did that I found it ugly.
    This is where you come in!
    I need some ideas for this. What do i do with the water!

    And for the keen ones under us, you might have noticed something in this last image.
    Indeed, there's grass to the sides! Since this would be a floating island, and not a floating building. I mean... have you ever seen floating buildings? That's just weird
    *cough* (also found on my world)

    So I handmade the outline of what would be the island the star was built on, filled it up. But now it's just a flat slab of land. I still need to make the earth hanging from under it. But that's for another day.
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    posted a message on A Star In The Sky.
    I'm currently working on it, I'll probably post some screenshots tonight!
    It's starting to get shape!
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    posted a message on A Hole In The Ocean.
    A Challenger Appeared!
    A Star In The Sky!
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    posted a message on A Star In The Sky.
    1: The introduction! (Because introductions still make everything awesome!)

    A while ago I made the thread 'A Hole In The Ocean'. I took a small break from minecraft and I still havent finished this. But recently I had another idea for something I could make in Minecraft! This time it wouldnt be a giant sunken hole, but a pretty large floating island. Less circles, more corners!

    Post 1 (Page 1 Post 1): The Beginning!
    Post 6 (Page 1 Post 6): The Arches!

    2: The Process! (With pictures!)
    So at first I drew a quick sketch on paper, it was already quite late and I didn't have much time to do the actual building. The next day I had a free day so I decided to map something out on paper.

    Wonderfull, isn't it? You probably still have no idea what this could be. So I began making this. Since it would be a floating island, i had to build it somewhat off the ground. See the light-green square is the bottom part, so I made that first.

    It's the same size as my ocean hole. But the good thing about this is that I didn't have to drain about 80k blocks of water. Dimensions 101x101.
    Next thing I did was fill up the entire square with grass. This became kind of boring, so I decided to do something else instead! See if you go to the paint-image, you'll see that there's a star inside the square. This would be an elevated star, and what would look better than the corners of the star hanging over and connected to the ground?

    I was pleasantly surprised, though the corners were quite hard to make. Ah well, only 3 to go.

    After some measures and counting and whatnot I managed to create four identical tips!
    Though now it's kind of white and dull. I still needed a circular tower in the middle, and this needs to be filled up. So that's what i did!

    Now you might wonder 'Hey Pinguin39! What are those blue lines in your paint image?'. Well my friend, let me tell you. They are beautiful archways! First i did the 4 in the form of a '+', because circles in horizontal and vertical directions are the easiest.

    But now came the hard part. The diagonal arches. I probably spent an hour on getting them to look somewhat good. It was a lot of trial and error. I used a minecraft circle generator and tried to take them out of there. Then I modified them somewhat more. To be honest, I'm quite happy with the result. I only made one, though, because it was getting late already!

    This too I'll keep up to date when I do any additions! Make sure you check out my W.I.P. for a hole in the ocean as well! You might like it!
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    posted a message on A Hole In The Ocean.
    Quote from Zeppy

    Simply amazing....

    I downloaded the map and this is what I came up with so far(more on the below levels that cant see) :

    each pyramid is a representation of the 4 elements (fire, water, earth, air; red, blue, green, yellow respectively).
    the red ore is actually restone ore topped by ruby blocks.
    the blue is sapphire ore topped with sapphire blocks.
    the green is uranium ore (could not find emerald ore until I was moving onto next pyramid) topped with emerald blocks
    the yellow is gold ore topped with gold blocks.

    at the moment I am using redpower's half-slabs to cover the tops of the water intakes. (one intake for each color.

    I converted the wheat farm on the second level into a giant swimming pool since I found out wheat can grow with artificial light.

    also, I turned each level into areas for residences (one for each color on each level.

    I have to say I'm impressed. Even though it's not what I had in mind it turned out quite nice. I like the color/element idea, though the pyramids are a bit too big in my opinion. Isn't it an idea to either lift them up a few blocks to have a path going around them or to size them down so you can walk around it. This way the 4 circles can be used as a point to enter/exit.
    Either this or some kind of pyramid entrance.
    Or maybe make them cone-shaped? Just thinking out loud.

    Good to see you having fun, though! I wonder what you'll make of this! Keep me updated! Feel free to do stuff with the swirly building as well, if you go through the tunnel at the top right (in the pic). I'm curious to see what you do with that, if anything.
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    posted a message on A Hole In The Ocean.
    Thanks guys for the neverending positive comments!
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    posted a message on A Hole In The Ocean.
    Hey Guys!
    Thanks for the continued support! Even though I kind of abandoned you =(
    I'm sorry for that.

    I would like to give a shoutout to 'Unclevertitle' for being the person with the co├Ârdinates!
    To tell you what he already did: The co├Ârds are x = 198, z = 741

    Also the swirly flying building is close to the hole.

    I'll be checking in every now and then on the forums still, even though I don't actively play MC anymore. Just every now and then.

    Cheers all ;)
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