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    1. What is your IGN: Pinguica12
    2. Age: 16
    3. Skype (mandatory): ThePinguica12 (im really bad speaking english because it is not my mother tongue, also
    my microphone is noisy)
    4. Country/Timezone: Mexico UTC/GMT -5 hours
    5. Whats your greatest achievement in minecraft and life:
    I think that my best achievement in minecraft is to do my
    "paradaise" tropical island, I worked in it since 1.2.5 and I finished in minecraft 1.6.2. it is probably the best
    Building that i ever made.
    The best achievement in my life was when I have 14 years, I got BLack belt in Taekwondo and It was very hard because
    I had to run 10 km in less than an hour, then I have to do all the 10 forms that i did to get the other belts and also
    the 2 black belt forms, then i have to do combat, the most difficult part of all, the guy that I fought was bigger than
    me, i lost the first round but i the last one i had better speed than him... in other words my speed saved my exam
    Finally getting 8.4 in my exam
    6. What is your experience with minecraft: i played minecraft since 1.4 beta, at first i didn't understad what I
    have to do in the game, so i played it for some hours and then I didn't played till the official release,
    the little thinks that I learned from my "bad" experiencie helped me to know what to do in the game, after that I
    liked the game and I played it till now
    7. What made you apply to the server: Well, i like minecraft servers but lately I wanted to play something that isn't
    pvp or the common "minigames" so i decided to play vanilla minecraft, but the servers that are non-whitelisted vanilla
    commonly grief and troll people, so i decided to join this server. Also my Friend known as "CharlieBros" or "charlie"
    Told me about the server, and he is one of my best friends and here i am.
    8. How often will you play: like 1-2 hours per day, im doing my hardest school semester so i probably can't play so
    9. Why should we accept you: Well, i love building and i love playing minecraft as it is. i like to help people
    and do projects with others, im friendly and i like cooperation.
    10. What can you contribute to the server: I can help other people, build temples, islands and do "mushroom architecture"
    (baptized by me xD) do redstone circuits and im friendly!
    11. What do you plan to do: Play with others and do buildings and redstone circuits that is something that I love to do
    in minecraft
    12. What is your favorite part of minecraft: Building and redstone.
    13. Picture of builds (optional):
    14. Extra info (any thing you forgot to say): piplup
    15. Youtube (optional): ThePinguica12
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        What is your Minecraft username? Pinguica12
    How old are you? 16

    Gender? Male

    How long have you been playing? Since Minecraft Beta 1.4

    What type of player are you?

    I enjoy building and do redstone mechanisms

    What can you offer to our server? What makes you different? I like to help new people and build things like temples, tropical islands and build with giant mushrooms (that's weird but it's awesome), also i like to make new friends

    Have you read the rules? Yes

    Do you agree with our rules? Anything you would like to change? I think the rules are fine

    How can we contact you back? (Steam/Skype/email) skype: ThePinguica12

    How often would you play on the RedCo Server? 3-4 hours per day

    Do you have a Skype or Mumble account? I have skype account and if it's needed i can get mumble
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