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    posted a message on 1.8 Survival Server Looking For Mature Players

    IGN: Trogdor_ORL

    AGE: 20, and a senior in college

    BORDER: I don't think the world border is a problem at all! I actually like this idea and think that it helps promote playing with one another and a tighter knit community.
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    posted a message on Attack of the B-Team SERVER--- The RicaCraft SMP
    1)IGN: Trogdor_ORL
    2)AGE: 20
    3)Fun Factoids
    • Junior in college and study applied mathematics and mechanical engineering
    • Really enjoy puzzles and riddles (solving Rubik's Cubes and redstone and such)
    • Me and my GF have a YouTube MineCraft LP under the title "Pine&3G"
    • Working on an enormous adventure map for MineCraft 1.8
    • I also like the color Orange =P
    4) What's Fun?
    A and B seem really similar to me, so those with a little bit of D thrown in there too!
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    posted a message on [ADV/PUZ/PAR] The Lost Sun Part 1 & 2 [5000+Downloads]
    Hey I made a LP of this map. Ran through it all in one sitting and ended with 29 Ghast Tears. I enjoyed the map very much. It had great scenery and builds. The story was entertaining and engaging with a bit of a twist at the end. The map could do with a little bit of sectioning or spreading out. For example I nearly went to the pumpkin place before Winchester- the ending being dead center of town and possible spoilers) This can be accomplished by nonchalant one way doors and such. I am one who is not a fan of parkour, however i really enjoyed how it was disguised in this map and added to the entertainment value. The map was a bit short and only spanned ~3.5 15-20 minute videos, and that was with a lot of looking around for ghast tears. Finally, i love the idea of the shop and thought that was a great idea and really cool (even though i only bought one thing!). BUGSIt seemed as though some of the difficulty changers were broken as a few of the dungeons never "turned on"- don't know how much of that is just command blocks being buggy.Loved the map- look forward to part two, and will post video shortly!

    Here is the first video of the LP!

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    posted a message on [256x,128x] Faerielight 1.7.X - A Photo-realism HD Texture Pack - Updated June 25th - New and improved textures + CTM windows -
    Hey there!

    I made a review of your texture pack, if you would like to check it out here is the link.

    Pine & 3G
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    posted a message on Minecraft Bridge/Arch Calculator
    Hey everybody!
    I was watching a video by BDoubleO100 and got inspired to make a "Bridge calculator". What it does is mathematically determine the best spots to place blocks to build your bridge rounded to the nearest "half slab". I have uploaded and modified it to work in a googledoc so that anyone can use it and share it!
    You can find the document here.
    The two controllable variables are the horizontal bridge length and a "droopiness" number. I suggest playing with the droopiness value until you find one you like. Values for where to place blocks are then found on the right of the spreadsheet.
    This can also be used to make arches and "upward facing" bridges by simply looking at it upsidedown. I will work at implementing this into the spreadsheet once i have the time! Feel free to share use and (if you can?) download it so you can use it more easily.
    Please do not delete the plot as i was unable to find a way to protect it.

    In case anyone is interested: the shape is based off of a catenary which is fairly similar to a parabola. It's shape is determined by simple second order differential equation.
    My background is in engineering and applied mathematics =)

    Let me know what you think or in which ways it could be improved. ENJOY!
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    posted a message on Equanimity "2 Million Downloads" [32x] [1.11.x]
    Hey there,
    I made a review of you texture pack if you would like to check it out here is a link!

    Pine & 3G
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