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    posted a message on Copper and Tin for better mod compatibility
    Oh, goody. Another post suggesting new ores. Did you use the search bar?

    Okay, so I know there have been a ton of suggestions for new ores in the game. However, this time the reason for adding them is quite different from the traditional more=better. With Mojang working on making the modding API [citation needed] , I think that we should also add in new ores on the same page – not because Minecraft lacks ores, but because lots of mods use them.

    As anyone who has played with Thermal Expansion / Mekanism/ IndustrialCraft / Galacticraft / etc will know, these mods add in new ores. And as anyone who plays with Tekkit / Feed The Beast / etc will know, when you have all of these mods installed at once, often they all add in the same type of ore. Mainly, it’s copper and tin.

    This causes huge problems for players because you have 5 different types of copper which are all incompatible with each other, as well as 5 types of copper ore. That’s 8 redundant blocks in total. If the vanilla game already has copper, this means that all mods can simply use that, and not have to add in new ores.

    Doesn’t oreDictionary from Forge solve the issue of incompatible ores?

    Yes, but it just makes it so it doesn’t matter what type of copper you have. The main issue that you have a whole bunch of different ingots with the same purpose is still there.

    So you want to add in copper because mods? What about the people playing vanilla – that’s a useless ore for them.

    Not just copper. Copper AND tin. Some people say the same for Lapis – in fact, with the new flower fields added in 1.7 mean that Lapis is quite literally useless. Obviously, to make it so the two ores won’t have the same issue as Lapis, they can be used to create the standard set of tools, weapons and armour.

    Why copper and tin? Also, do we really need a new ore that just adds in a new tier of weapons?

    I chose copper and tin because most mods add them in. There are other ores such as lead, silver, uranium and so on, however only a few mods use them so it’s not really needed as there aren’t any duplicate silver/lead/uranium ores.

    Of course, the copper and tin do just add in the same things, albeit in a new light. However, the two ores do improve the sense of progression in the game. I’ve always felt that there is too large a gap between stone/iron and iron/diamond. (I know there’s gold, but it’s terrible for weapons and armour.) Historically, we first made tools using copper, before moving on to bronze and finally iron. Likewise, there is a large gap between iron and diamond – iron tools have roughly 250 uses in durability, while diamond has 1500, meaning diamond is 6x more durable than iron. Where’s the in-between?

    Thus, copper should serve as a mid-tier ore between stone and iron with 180 uses, while tin can be the buffer between iron and diamond, with maybe 700 or 800 uses.

    As a bonus, copper is used in our world a lot as wiring and for making statues, while tin plating is used to reinforce walls. Thus, copper could also be used to make copper wires, as well as perhaps a material for crafting statues and roof plating. Tin, on the other hand, could be used to strengthen things like wood, cobblestone and glass, making them more blast resistant and harder to break. This could be very useful in PvP maps, or just avoiding creeper damage in general.

    Isn’t wiring what redstone is used for?

    Okay, so we have got wires of a sort in the game. However, redstone does have its flaws – namely, it doesn’t travel vertically because it’s dust. Copper, as a metal, won’t have this problem. Thus, it can be added in as the vertical redstone that everybody wanted, hint hint Jeb.
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    posted a message on Make food unstackable
    We fought for years to make food stackable, there's no way in the nether I'd go back to the old system. Reason? Storage space. Have you any idea how painful it is to have a while bunch of pork chops taking up a whole chest? Then when you're dave exploring, half your inventory is pork. Not fun.
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    posted a message on Pickpocketing
    Didn't Seth already do this?
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    posted a message on My Dislikes & Suggestions
    Quite sure this constitutes to a wishlist.

    #1: No. Being able to choose the number of chunks is helpful. "Normal" was 8 chunks, just sticky note that somewhere.

    #2: What settings? If you mean the filters that's in the game already. Hit F3.

    #3: Quick Google search will get you miles.
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    posted a message on adding Xbox controller to Minecraft on PC
    I've been wondering why they didn't add this already. They've already got the controls mapped out. Support!
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    posted a message on New Potion: Potion of Waterwalking
    Wow it sounds nice, I'm not so sure about how smooth it'll be when you walk. Water's not a "solid" block like grass or wood.
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    posted a message on New Skin Format Questions
    Well, at least you don't have to change your skin because it's just an expanded layout.
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    posted a message on Boat Dimension (going below decks)
    We've had ideas like this before. They failed.
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    posted a message on Resource Packs allowing for renamed items to be differently textured (and Attributed) to what they were.
    I really think we should wait until it comes out before making any suggestions on it.
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    posted a message on Self-planting saplings, maybe?
    Brilliant. The same thing happens in real life, anyway. This will make the forest feel more nature-y instead of just being blocks shaped like trees.
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    posted a message on Good Minecraft Computer?
    The first thing to note is that Minecraft tends to lag even on ultra-high-end computers. It's not a graphics problem (obviously), but rather a terrain generation and loading problem. SO don't be fooled into thinking Minecraft won't lag because you can run Skyrim on high graphics.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Monopoly?
    Maybe this could be new merchandise for Minecraft? Shame not many people play board games anymore. Actual physical ones, that is. Not digital ones.
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    posted a message on Microsoft vs. Apple
    Okay, this is in no way related to Minecraft. At all. Will someone come and delete this? Please.
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    posted a message on Now that Dinnerbone is considering seasons, what sort of changes will you expect?
    As the title says, Dinnerbone might (keyword might) put seasons into Minecraft (finally). I've been hoping for this, since this will open up many new options.

    The biggest change I'm excited for is actually not in the game - people are finally, finally going to stop post suggestions to add them in.

    The next thing I'm hoping for is that there comes more weather effects with the seasons. And thus ends another bloody, redundant subject on the suggestions threads.

    But before this turns into a rant about suggestions, what I really would like to see if seasons were to be added in is that villagers would react to the weather. Run inside if it's cold, or hot, or a hurricane is coming, or something. Adds more dynamics to the game.

    What also needs to be added in is some sort of temperature system. Hopefully not annoying effects like taking damage when cold or having to stay inside when it's summer, but maybe little things like you mine slower in hotter or colder temperatures. Also perhaps some nice aesthetics effects, like seeing your breath.

    The final thing is to have some sort of seasonal mob, and mob changes. Snow golems should melt in the summer (or the Minecraftian equivalent), for example.

    These are the things I hope I'll see if seasons were to be added in. I want to see what you guys/gals opinions are.
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    posted a message on I'm tired of "Removed Herobrine". I want it to stop.
    There are around 1,000+ mods that add him into the game. Once Minecraft is patched, all the mods are incompatible, thus effectively "removing" him from the game. I can't believe I just provided a very logical explanation for this.
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