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    posted a message on Savage RPG - [1.7] [Custom Bosses with over 250 Unique Abilities!] [Diablo Style Loot] [Dungeons] [Quests] [Classes] [Towns] [Pv
    This thread has been locked as this server has been shut down.
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    posted a message on Looking for a whitelisted, mature, 1.8 Pre Release 2 Server
    Hi! I'm Pilot. I'm looking for a mature, whitelisted server that is using 1.8 Pre Release 2.

    I am not interested in your server if:

    • You allow kids under 16/17 years old to join.
    • You are PVP-centered in any way.
    • You are rediculously strict about when I'm on the server. (I do not want to have to tell an admin when I'm gone for a week/get my builds taken because I can't show up for a week, for example...) My schedule will be really wacky starting a week from now and I can't deal with strict activity rules.
    I would be more interested in your server if:

    • You encourage people to build close to each other.
    • You use Skype/teamspeak to communicate.
    • You have a plug.dj room (or normally use one when the website isn't dead)
    • Your members do not find building genitals in Minecraft funny.
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    posted a message on Whitelisted 1.8 Mature Minecraft Server [16+ Slots!]
    Minecraft Name: ThePilotGuy

    Skype Name: thepilotguy2

    Current Age: 19

    Minecraft Skills: Nothing in particular to be honest. I like interior design I guess.

    Suggestions: Keep things small, and keep the server a Mature group. Things are much nicer without kids arguing the day away.
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    posted a message on Is quoting reported content still a rule?
    If you feel a post should be removed and therefore report it, please don't quote or respond to it and allow Moderation staff to deal with it instead.

    Quoting and telling someone why their post is wrong is considered mini-modding. Doing this will not get you a warning if your response is polite and you report the post you are responding to. Mini-modding without reporting the post will result in a warning.

    It is preferred users refrain from mini-modding, though.
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    posted a message on Mods are asleep, post tacos
    How about pony tacos? Don't murder me TehKitti Sachavarell

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    posted a message on Mods are asleep, post tacos
    Chimichangas > Burritos > Tacos

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    posted a message on [Bug] Custom Titles Dissapear
    So, I want to update my user settings. After saving them my custom title changed to my default user title, "Obsidian Miner".

    Apparently you can choose whatever title you want provided you've unlocked it, as you can see under my avatar. I switched it again after my default title replaced my custom one because of the bug.
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    posted a message on Please remove, problem was already resolved.
    So Ralex test warned me a few times. I believe he said they were most likely done from my profile page, I can't tell because my account isn't verified yet.

    The Private Messages I get have URLs that are completly broken and formatting is broken as well. Here's a message, the URL paths are the exact ones found in the original message and most lead to error pages:

    Hello Pilot, This message is to inform you that you have been issued a warning for one of your posts on the forum,this postwas found to have broken the rules: If you wish to discuss a topic unrelated to the topic that is being discussed in a thread please contact members via Private Messages, off topic posting can be disruptive and cause an inconvenience for other users. This warning expires in 30 Days onclick here. Thank you for your co-operation. If you have any questions regarding this warning please let me know by replying to this message. The Minecraft Forum rules are available byclicking hereor through the "Rules" tab on the minecraftforum.net navigation bar.

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    posted a message on How do i make/do spoilers?
    Like this:

    [spoiler] Information in Spoiler [/spoiler]

    That code looks like the following when used:

    Information in Spoiler
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    posted a message on Temple Of terrains
    Hey, that link of yours isn't working. Here's a guide on how to post screenshots correctly (in picture format!):

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    posted a message on Closed
    IGN: ThePilotGuy
    Age: 17
    What got you interested in the server: I want a server that has a "3 years ago/Beta Minecraft Server" feel, if that makes sense. It appears that some of you have been playing for that long so I hope that makes sense...
    Questions or comments about server: --
    Solo/Group: Whatever works at a given time.
    PvP/Non-PvP: Non PvP
    Leader/Follower: Leader
    Giving/Reciving: Depends on my day, to be honest.

    About me: I've been playing MC off and on for around 3 years now. I'm searching for a server that feels like some of the first few servers I played on back when server mods weren't so popular or easy to work with.
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    posted a message on Looking for an admin for a survival server
    Closed by request of opening poster.
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    posted a message on HELP WITH GM
    Please post this in the Permissions Workshop.

    Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1327397-permissions-workshop-solve-permissions-problems-here/

    Thank you.

    Topic locked.
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    posted a message on mc.TinderCube.com - Survival, Creative Freebuild/Plot Worlds - Towny, Mcmmo, Multiverse, ChestShop, Dynmap, PlotMe, Craftbook,
    10/10 would join.

    I'm an admin but I am entitled to this one review : D
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    posted a message on Clueless mom needs help to set up game for kids for xmas help is greatly appreciated
    Quote from JessAcha

    Thank you sketch. I didn't know they had a new version. Does it make more sense to download the new version and just have them wait for mods?

    When you buy the game you essentially buy all of the versions. The game's launcher, or program that launches the game, allows you to change the version of Minecraft that is downloaded in the settings.

    I would assume they could figure out how to do that, if not, there are tutorials available.

    Note that if they aren't running the latest version, they won't be able to join most servers. If they are running 1.6.2 (the version of the game prior to the current), many mods and servers that have mods installed will be available, however.

    Oh, and I'd recommend you keep your kids off of most public servers. Kids get a lot of hate on servers because they don't know how to follow rules and act very immature. For example, they like to destroy other people's stuff or steal their stuff and continue to do so after they've asked to stop or scream in server chat. The most likely repercussion of this is them getting banned and loosing their work on the server. Additionally they'll probably see curse words and mature themes talked about on many servers.

    http://www.sandlotminecraft.com/ is a great public server for kids. They specialize in fostering a server community for kids and families, so everything is family friendly there and you shouldn't have the same problems as listed above.

    Oh, and I don't want to sound rude, but I might as well correct you now: It's Minecraft, not Mindcraft.
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