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    Server IP: pillowkingdom.beastmc.com

    BEDROCK Port: 8032

    Discord Link: discord.gg/x8eDkk2AR8

    You have awakened in the Pillow Kingdom!
    Ways to relax in the Pillow Kingdom:

    Earn money:

    Is your favorite pass time mining or farming? Maybe you enjoy a good deforesting or two. Trying to see who can catch the biggest fish? You can earn money by doing all of that!

    Build in an ever-expanding world:

    The main world for the server is planned to be there for the long-haul. Build your base in the Main World while trying to maintain Minecraft's natural beauty. Do whatever you want in that wasteland as it gets reset weekly.

    Rank up in in the Adventurer's Guild:

    You can purchase guild ranks with Slayer Points, which you get by killing the Elite Mobs! Ranking up increases what level tier you can get, along with giving you more challenging enemies. After you prestige, you become the veteran rank.

    Custom bosses and dungeons:

    We have dungeons and bosses to give you replayability. One of the dungeons, The Sewers, can take up to FIVE HOURS to finish. There's also a really difficult boss called Binder of Worlds which we haven't had anyone beat (as of yet).

    Features include:

    • GriefPrevention
    • Custom Dungeons
    • Custom Enchants
    • Custom Bosses
    • Jobs
    • Economy
    • Pets
    • ...and more!


    1. No griefing
    2. No cheating
    3. No macros/automated scripts
    4. No hacks of any kind
    5. Swearing to a minimum
    6. Be nice :)
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