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    Quote from TheFrogMC

    (Oh, and just to say it, as i have copyright (it'S a different game than portal, i can copyright these) you are legally not allowed to make your own version)

    To restate what you said: Not cool, man.

    You cannot copyright an idea that is not yours. You cannot claim lay to anything but your codes and textures. If someone wants to outdo you, they by all means can do so as long as they aren't using your codes or textures without your permission. You (surprisingly) dont know what copyright is. The way you have acted is uncalled for and will just draw my support from you and move it onto someone else. I see where you are feeling emotions toward him suggesting someone else do it, but anger is not the thing to be expressing through force. Once again: Not cool, man, not at all.
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    My Ideas:
    • Spreads very little when placed
    • Can store 3 in one bucket
    • Heals Endermen when in the pools found in the end
    • Large amounts contained inside the obsidian pillars, break them open for more (When this is depleted, all of it is GONE, making it VALUABLE)
    • Possibly finding more on other floating islands in the end (We need more end biomes/islands)
    • Can be used for potions
    • Can possible be used to create a potion of light (Plasma base + somthing + somthing +glowstone dust), which when drunk, makes the player temporarily glow(for light), yet makes vision fizzy. When mixed with gunpowder and thrown, makes an either sharp bright light or a long-lasting dim light <THROWABLE LIGHTSOURCE, which makes it epicly useful>
    • Possibly used as an ingredient in a blindness potion, which makes it hard for the enemy hit to see
    • Possibly used as an incubator for the enderdragon egg, allowing it to be re-spawned once, after which it is killed again, it drops a second egg, ect ect.
    • Another alternative to the potion might be letting the player see in the dark easier for a short time.
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    Quote from monstermistress

    Not even in the slightest? Just wanted to start a fun game. Your methods of perceiving other people's motives are apparently flawed. No need to be on the offense when there was no one there in the first place.
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    I prefer faction servers. If you dont know what those are, go look it up real quick.
    Anyway, factions relies on chests being accessible by the faction, and then being able to be stolen from by warring factions. There are a few problems with End-Chests in this scenario.
    • Cannot be blown up > No way to gain access to contents
    • Player only > Faction ends up storing all goodies in a no-access area, safe from all
    • Completely makes raiding obsolete, as now nothing can be taken. It is almost guaranteed that they will store their stuff there.
    Do you think there will be plugins to disable this?
    What do you think the general impact of these will have on various types of servers?
    How do you plan to use them?
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    Ive posted earlier, so lets change it up for my second time. My face! :3


    wow. That was actually me sliding my face across the keyboard. Now for the serious stuff...

    jdrfea4dgaeslwab e mhnjtyrgynhju

    Upon further investigation after trying to see if I somehow got it like mortem did....

    jdrfea4dgaeslwab e mhnjtyrgynhju

    flip it!

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    Quote from Chromatix

    To me it looks like a villager, creeper, a pig snout (ride a pig?) and the moon as in the picture.

    A breeding chart perhaps? Try getting a creeper, pig, and villager all in the same place on a moon like that with some of the circle blocks. :o
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    Quote from ZombieLPK

    I'll try, not sure how long it'll take, but I'll backup our current world and record for about 30 mins, if I don't find one then I'll stop recording and record again as soon as I start seeing it in the distance.

    Easy proof would be the seed and a screenshot showing the coordinates we can find the "signs" on the seed.
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    Quote from CaptainRobGaming

    My girlfriend has stumbled apon him before on a superflat world. He does exhist, we have already known about him, and she freaked out a closed out of minecraft when she saw him. It's not impossible to write a code for a 1/999,999,999 chance of seeing an NPC. When Notch was asked about it, each time he says it doesn't exhist but laughs or posts a smiling wink emoticon after it as if he's joking. It really isn't that big of a deal, but damn I wish she took a screen shot! To have a large sandbox game and to create a bigfoot type scenario as a rare event is awesome though.

    I don't care if no one believes this, we do and that's all that counts.

    If that's true, you have/had a save file.
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    I'm hoping to get some hype in here, and that's what I plan to do.

    With the new giant mushrooms, many have used them for making temporary houses, and tiny homes. The minecraft community can do better! I made a little video to sorta get it going, and I plan to make a giant castle with mushrooms!

    Being innovative with the new giant mushrooms is fun. :biggrin.gif:
    If you can, post what you've made with mushrooms! (Pictures AND videos!)

    Quote from captaintr1ps

    This is what I've got so far mushroom wise. Each house is basically just an excuse to waste resources as each is built with a different combination of items and in a different style inside. Plus the village on this side of the flat space is split into sections: wool, 'ruins', straightforward cobblestone/wood, clay, snow etc.
    It's nowhere near finished, I've got a 2 more stacks of each type of mushroom to fill the other side of the mountain.
    It's gonna take ages.




    From inside

    Quote from XxGuRzAxX

    This is mine ^-^

    Loved the idea and began building right away !

    Quote from XxGuRzAxX

    Okay , been working with mush structures.
    Mushroom castle !
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