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    Quote from CraftingZeus7

    How do I install texture packs onto Minecraft 1.1.0 with Mac OSX Lion?

    Here ya' go matey!
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    posted a message on Henry the 8th skin?
    Ok here it is
    Henrik VIII skin

    I tried my best by using as little time as possible. Pixels are hard to work with :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Henry the 8th skin?
    Quote from Tzazon

    Henry VIII, must of forgot the last I in the post.

    Ok im making a skin now :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Henry the 8th skin?
    Quote from Tzazon

    If theres a Henry the VII skin please show me, if not make one?

    This guy?
    Henry VII of England
    Or this guy?
    Henry the VIII
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    posted a message on Pointless zombie clip
    Quote from Neospector

    I find this amusing for...some reason. I'm sorry for the poor quality, but this is raw footage of the very first time I've seen the new AI bug up. I'm wondering, has anyone else seen weirder?

    Rotten Meat-Spin....
    Get it?
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    Quote from thegesock

    can i join a someone to do a multiplayer map with for YouTube all i can do really is play the map i cant figure out how to download a map and my recording equipment wont work for some reason

    Wait, you ARE saying that you want to record on a server, but your recording equipment doesn't work?
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    posted a message on Help Dieing and dont know how
    Quote from mattdps2

    Im sitting in my hiding hole trying to wait out the night all closed up not even a hole to look thro and all of a sudden I start getting hit like every second and losing half a heart so I put it on peaceful fast so I dont die and open a hole thinking maybe I need air lol but that doesnt work and I go outside and its still happening. Does any one know whats going on and how I make it stop? is it because I havnt eaten any thing? I cant find pigs and no fish :/

    Yeah, when you don't eat, your hunger bar goes down, and you loose half your life. If you eat till your hunger bar is full again, you will regenerate your hearts! If you starve even more though you might loose all your life, So go get some :Bacon: or :Ham: quickly!
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    posted a message on So you want a penguin in minecraft..
    Quote from minepenguincraft

    Well, This Is my idea!

    I Think That the snow/ice biomes need their own special mobs, So Perhaps replacing chickens in the snow there will be penguins!
    (also, I just like penguins to begin with :tongue.gif:)

    This mod descripitons perfectly fits how I want my penguins to be, but if it were to be added It will need to be more vanillay.

    I use this mod, love this mod. and want it in normal Mc,

    Here are some general facts about the penguins in this mod:
    They spawn on ice plains and in ice mountains.
    They give a long emperor penguin call when they're healthy. (When they're not healthy, they make a much shorter noise.)
    If you attack one, all penguins in the vicinity will attack you.
    Penguins like to attack skeletons.
    After swimming, a penguin shakes off water like a dog.

    Penguin Flippers
    When a penguin dies, it might drop one or two penguin feathers.
    Six Penguin feathers can be crafted into flippers by arranging them in the crafting grid in two columns of three.
    Wearing flippers lets you swim at high speeds, but flippers also make it hard to walk, impossible to jump one meter, and difficult to climb out of the water.

    Taming Penguins
    A penguin can be tamed with a raw fish
    A tame penguin wears a red bow-tie and has more health than a wild penguin.
    Unlike wolves, penguins don't have a visual indicator of low health, but when a penguin's health is low, it will make a short clicking noise instead of its usual call.
    Your tame penguins will not fight your battles for you. However, tame penguins love to attack skeletons as much as wild penguins do.

    Penguins attacking a skeleton at dawn.

    THis^ is what I want my penguins to be like,
    But I know for them to be added, They will need to be..Vanilla'd

    The chickens of the tundra,
    Maybe remove the taming, ( though I want it)
    Some other reskins of mobs to balance out, (Mummys instead of zombies in the sand?)
    Get rid of the flippers (Sadly)
    ,A more vanilla model.

    I am reposting my idea for penguins in the vanilla game, because the thread was deleted, ( I suspect It was becuase of a war between my and gyspyblackmajic on the thread,)

    The old thread had 20+ Votes that wanted penguins so, Idk.

    You can post your idea here:
    Get satisfaction
    There you go!
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    Quote from SneakyCreepah

    could you please copy paste the story no pictures please?

    Since he doens't seem to do it, I will

    The Slender Man

    The Slender Man was created at the Something Awful Forums in a thread entitled "Create Paranormal Images." He is described as wearing a black suit strikingly similar to the visage of the notorious Men In Black, and as the name suggests, appears very thin and able to stretch his limbs and torso to inhuman lengths in order to induce fear and ensnare his prey. Once his arms are outstretched, his victims are put into something of a hypnotized state, where they are utterly helpless to stop themselves from walking into them. He is also able to create tendrils from his fingers and back that he uses to walk on in a similar fashion to Doc Ock, the Spider-Man villain in the Marvel Universe. The superhuman stretching ability could also be seen as a similiarty between himself and Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. Whether he absorbs, kills, or mearly takes his victims to an undiclosed location or dimension is also unknown as there are never any bodies or evidence left behind in his wake to deduce a definite conclusion.

    Not much is known, as no specific information has been found about origins, but his objective and habitat are made very clear. He has the need to kidnap children, and is seen right before the disappearance of a child or multiple children. He seems to prefer fog enshrouded streets and wooded areas as a way to conceal himself from being noticed. It should also be noted that children have been able to see him when no other adults in the vicinity could. Children also have dreams or nightmares concerning The Slender Man before their disappearance. Confiding these stories to their parents are met with the usual parental admonition: overactive imaginations.


    Even though The Slender Man is fairly new in the media, people have already claimed sightings. He appears to the unwitting mostly at night, and most always peering out of wooded areas or near rivers. He has also been reported to peek inside left open windows and to walk out in front of lone motorists on long uninhabited roads. The Slender Man or men, have appeared everywhere from Japan, Norway, and America to name a growing few.

    A sighting of Slender Man was possibly inspiration for the famous Johanne Goethe poem and Schubert song "Der Erlkonig" (translated- "Night King" or "Boogeyman). The poem and ballad are about a father and his son riding horseback to their home, the son fearfully talks of visions of the "Erl Konig" while the father tries to comfort and dismiss the visions. The Erl Konig and Slender Man have surprising similarities in their appearance and actions when looking at a translation.

    "My son, wherefore seek'st thou thy face thus to hide?"
    "Look, father, the Erl King is close by our side!
    Dost see not the Erl King, with crown and with train?"
    "My son, 'tis the mist rising over the plain."

    Hope you are creeped out already.. If you do want to see images, I have made links below:
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    posted a message on Annoying Kids
    Quote from met306

    So a few days ago, I went to a fancy Chinese restaurant, and there was this kid who kept playing with his food. Some things he did were,
    1.Started crying because his parents didn't buy him a Mario game
    2.Called his jello "Super Jellyfish Man!!!!!!11!!".
    3.Started talking about GTA (he is about 4 years old)

    So what annoying kids do YOU have to deal with?

    >Go to convention
    >Little kid runs around and screams
    >Parents tell him to stop while running after him, room is crouded with people.
    >Kid starts crying really loud because of a Call of duty game (This kid looked like he was about 5-6 years old...)
    >Parents tell him no, then they leave.
    >Just when they get out of the door, everyone at the convention starts clapping.
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    posted a message on Just Launched my website, Laughcraft.net
    The people above are douchebags. Exept Younga_Henrik

    I think you have done a great job, and It looks like a lot of fun.
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    posted a message on AIRPLANE MOD
    You can use the zeppelin mod, found here:
    Zeppelin Mod
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    posted a message on Minecraft School
    Quote from Tdog323

    "Skool 'n minekraft, I dun wan skool n minecraft u r crazi", this is probably what some of you are thinking.

    But think of it as a tutorial for newer players to teach them some of the ropes of the game, an in game tutorial for Minecraft that could give basic tips and such. Tutorials should be toggable, so us experienced players who have been playing since like Alpha can just turn the feature off.

    I remember when I first played Minecraft, all I knew was that I could build things, and that monsters came out at night. I knew nothing about crafting or even how to craft so my first game of minecraft was frustrating, but at the same time, a little fun. My little dirt hut in the forest had no lights and I had no tools at all until I figured out from somewhere (can't recall where) how to actually craft items. Before the only things I could really craft was the basics of basics like sticks.

    Ok, still tutorials may be useless since you can just look up how to's on youtube or the wiki, but it never occurred to me as a new player. Tutorials would probably be mainly used by children, I was going to let my niece play minecraft on my older laptop, but I didn't feel like sitting around and walking her through how the world works (yeah, I am a bit lazy).

    I am just throwing the idea out there, actually, my girlfriend thought of this. XD

    Sorry, I think I misunderstood...
    anyways... Good idea!
    -Pikarar :iapprove:
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    posted a message on flatland mountai survival V.1
    Quote from generalprivate

    ok ill add some pics

    Some pictures might be good... Im not going to check it out without any pics, sorry... :unsure.gif:
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    posted a message on NPC Villages questions
    Quote from Yohosh

    Hey guys

    Two questions:

    1) Do NPC villages grow?

    2) Do the villagers give you items if you be nice to them? (I.E give them items) because I tried throwing an item to them and they didnt pick it up. The minecraft wiki says I can do this but what did I do wrong?


    1) No. They stay the same... (I know, it sucks!)

    2) And no. They don't give you items, but you can find stuff in a chest in the blacksmiths house, although there isn't always a blacksmith house. :iapprove:
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