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    posted a message on Adding the missing potions. 1000 supporters and counting!
    Love it. Support. I don't use potions as much as I should, to be honest.
    I love the Nether Worm idea, too. Reminds me of the mongolian death worm. :) Maybe have it make a rumbling sound when it's underground, so you know when it's coming.
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    posted a message on Pikadex's AMPLIFIED Seed List
    This, right here, is a list of awesome seeds (in my opinion) using 13w36a's new "AMPLIFIED" world generator. Note that none of these seeds will work as shown if your world generator is not set to AMPLIFIED. If you have a lower-end computer that does not run singleplayer Minecraft at a high frame rate, I recommend to not use AMPLIFIED worlds, as they cause a lot of lag, especially on startup. Before I start, I'd like to get you into the format of these "seed sections".

    SEED: The seed of the world. Make sure this is written EXACTLY as shown.
    FOUNDER: The founder of this seed, at least from what I know.
    DESCRIPTION: A brief explanation about this seed,
    UP-TO-RELEASE: YES or NO. Says if the seed works with the latest release of Minecraft (not snapshot).
    UP-TO-SNAPSHOT: YES or NO. Says if this seed works with the latest snapshot of Minecraft (not release).
    WORKS UP TO RELEASE: The release that this seed works up to.
    WORKS UP TO SNAPSHOT: The snapshot that this seed works up to.
    EARLIEST WORKING: The snapshot that this seed is confirmed to work earliest on. Usually the version that the seed is discovered on. May not be 100% accurate.

    Another thing to note is that you may post seeds that you or someone else sound. If someone else found this, please give credit to them. :)

    :....: :....: :....: SEEDS :....: :....: :....:

    SEED: yeti
    FOUNDER: Pikadex
    DESCRIPTION: A cool seed where you spawn in a Taiga biome, right next to a Mega Taiga/Redwood Forest biome. Right from spawn, you will see plenty of floating islands. This seed generates to pretty much the top of the map.

    FOUNDER: Pikadex
    DESCRIPTION: This seed spawns you beside a swamp, and in an area splitting off to huge valleys. The bottom of these valleys reach around 60 on the Y axis, and close to the sky limit at the top. This seed is still pretty nice on Default generation, just not as extreme.

    SEED: Mustary
    FOUNDER: Pikadex
    DESCRIPTION: First spawning, this seed doesn't look all that impressive. But, if you travel to around these coordinates, you should find yourself in the area shown in the screenshot: X = -546, Z = -25
    This area includes a large lavafall, a massive snowy cliff (in fact, a tree is even cut off at the top of it), a swamp biome, plenty of trees and waterfalls, lots of wall "indents", and more!

    And there you go! My list of seeds using the new AMPLIFIED world generator! I hope you can find one of these seeds that you may like, and, maybe, some of you will decide to tell me some other AMPLIFIED seeds!


    If these seeds do not work properly, the seed might be out-of-date, you might have mistyped the seed and/or added another character, maybe you've forgot to turn the world generator to AMPLIFIED, or it could be something else not noted.
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    posted a message on Would you Marry, Kiss or Kill the person Avatar?
    If he stole my ketchup, I'd kill him.
    If he didn't steal my ketchup, I'd kill him.
    If he tried to steal my ketchup but failed, I'd kill him.
    If he tried to kiss me, I'd kill him.

    I guess it doesn't really matter... I'd kill him.
    I prefer Ketchup, anyway.
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    posted a message on 1.7 Sneak Peek: Sunflowers, Falling Particles
    This seems cool, but there is one thing I don't understand...
    There are so many things that would be so much more helpful, yet they add all these random things that aren't nearly as helpful. Again, I do think this is cool, and could be a good addition, but just think of all the other things they could be adding...

    Oh, and I also think that the texture does need some touching up on. It's not the worst thing ever, but it just looks a bit out-of-place.
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    posted a message on [Aesthetic] Animated Player - Compatibility and Flying! [v1.5.1]
    Quote from SuporeMaster

    I love this mod, and would really love to use this in 1.6.2 (I could never propperly use it, discovered this mod just before 1.6), but let's give Hippo the time he needs. Why whould you push him? It won't make him work any faster.

    And one last question: is this compatible with the Improved First Person mod?

    As far as I am aware, this currently does work well with the Improved First Person Mod. You cannot see when both are installed, so you'd might as well just play in third person, making IFP completely obsolete. That's what I tried to find out the moment I first used this mod, but I got was it does not work well. But don't take it from just me; wait until you get a few responses back! Then you can know for sure. :)

    - Pikadex
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    posted a message on [1.5.2][FORGE]Minology Alpha v1.0.0 - A New Ore Mod

    Hello! Welcome to my second (released) mod, Minology! This mod aims to add a good bunch of ores into the game, most being something unique to the mod. Currently there are 0 ore packs, and 0 miscellaneous packs. You see, if you want this mod, you must have the 4 ores in the CORE mod; Copper, Vintium, Mechanite, and Ambrite. Note that the core will be required for the mod to work, unless otherwise noted.

    Minology Core Mod
    "The Familiar Orange"

    Tool/Armor Strength
    Between Stone and Iron

    Achievements Relating to COPPER
    The Study of Minology (NOT WORKING)
    Baby of the Pack
    Right to the Top
    Panacea Major

    Image Information
    Top Middle: Copper Blade
    Orange Block: Block of Copper
    Stone with Orange Streak-things: Copper Ore
    Second-to-Bottom Row: Copper Toolset
    Second-to-Top Row: Copper Armorset
    Above Player: Copper Broadsword
    Orange Ingots/Bars: Copper Bar
    On Player: Copper Armorset (EQUIPPED)

    Copper is the weakest of the ores in the core mod, and is to be mined with a stone pick. It doesn't have much purpose in crafting the tool and armor sets, but is fairly important in crafting Mechanite Machines. Then why would you even want to have copper tools or armor? Well, simple... it looks cooler than the vanilla sets, I guess.

    Spawn Information
    Depth: Layer 128 and BELOW
    Veins per Chunk ("Spawn"): 10
    Max Vein Size: 20

    "The Mysterious Aura"

    Tool/Armor Strength
    Between Iron and Diamond

    Achievements Relating to VINTIUM
    The Study of Minology
    Mysterious Aura
    Stay for a While...
    Panacea Major

    Image Information
    Top Middle: Vintium Blade
    Green Block: Block of Vintium
    Stone with a TON of Green Streaks: Vintium Ore
    Second-to-Bottom Row: Vintium Toolset
    Second-to-Top Row: Vintium Armorset
    Above Player: Vintium Soul Snatcher
    Left, Middle Row: Vintium Bar
    Right, Middle Row: Vintium Energy
    On Player: Vintium Armorset (EQUIPPED)

    Vintium is the middle-tier ore, and is to be mined with an iron pickaxe. Like the other 'tool ores', it is to be smelted in order to get an ingot. However, this ingot is not used in crafting the Soul Snatcher, the Pickaxe, nor the Axe. Instead, you must craft Vintium Energy, and then you may make your Vintium toolset. It's unique... it's cool... so why not?

    Spawn Information
    Depth: Layer 48 and BELOW
    Veins per Chunk ("Spawn Rate"): 10
    Max Vein Size: 15

    "The Technological Advancement"

    Above Diamond

    Achievements Relating to MECHANITE
    The Study of Minology
    Unpowered Energy
    Technological Advancement
    Panacea Minor
    Right to the Top
    Stay for a While...
    Panacea Major

    Image Information
    * In order of appearance, left to right
    Top: Mechanite Blade
    Second-to-Top Row: Energized Armorset (Middle is De-Energized Helmet)
    Middle Row*: Raw Mechanite, Energized Blade, Mechanite Ingot
    Second-to-Bottom Row: Energized Toolset
    Stone with a bunch of White Streaks: Mechanite Ore
    White-Grey Block: Block of Raw Mechanite
    Bottom Row: Machines... *
    PWR-433, HPL-3490, RGN-2340, PWR-433 (Behind Player), TRGN-3450, RST-9837, PWR-433
    On Player: Energized Armorset (Equipped)

    Out of the ores added in the core mod, Mechanite is the absolute best. Not only is it great for tools, but is the base requirement for the machines. Currently, there are 2 classes of machines: Power Emitting, and Health Restoration. There is currently 1 machine in power emitting, the PWR-433, and 4 machines in health restoration, the HPL-3490, the RGN-2340, the TRGN-3450, and the RST-9837.

    Raw Mechanite is, for the most part, useless. But, when converted into a Mechanite Ingot using copper ingots and redstone, is useable. When a full set of energized armor is acquired, you receive a good set of buffs; Night Vision, Resistance III, Speed II, Jump Boost III, and a complete negation of fall damage.
    If you want to stop the large jump, simply hold 'sneak', and you will no longer have jump boost. Your speed will become Speed V, so don't you worry about going slow. Once you let go of sneak, you will return the Speed II and Jump Boost III.

    If you want to remove some of the buffs, put your Energized Helmet in a crafting table to get a De-Energized Helmet. Don't worry, placing the De-Energized Helmet back in the crafting grid will return it to it's "Energized" state. Anyway, with the full Energized Set and the De-Energized Helmet, you only have the Resistance III, and the Fall Damage Negation.

    Spawn Information
    Depth: Layers 3 and BELOW (not a typo)
    Chunks per Vein ("Spawn Rate"): 10
    Max Vein Size: 6

    Ambrite (and Miscellaneous)
    "The 'Masterfuel'"

    Items Smelted per Ambrite

    Achievements Relating to AMBRITE
    The Study of Minology
    Who Needs Coal?

    Image Information
    As you can see, there is not only Ambrite in this picture. So, I'll tell you what each item is...
    Top: Metal Blade
    Middle, Left: Ambrite
    Middle, Right: Stone Stick
    Purple Block: Block of Ambrite
    Stone with a Purple thing on it: Ambrite Ore

    Ambrite is actually very hard to get. Despite it being pretty much as common as Copper, you can only get it by using a pickaxe stronger than diamond. In the core, this is only mechanite.

    Metal Blade is used with Vintium Energy and Mechanite Ingots to make Vintium and Mechanite Blades, respectively. As for anything else, well... not really much else to note.

    Stone Sticks are used in replacement of sticks in all core tool recipes, and will be used in most pack tool recipes. Yeah, all I can really say.

    Spawn Information
    Depth: Layer 64 and BELOW
    Veins per Chunk ("Spawn Rate"): 10
    Max Vein Size: 18

    Note: I recommend you download a mod such as CraftGuide or NotEnoughItems in order to know the recipes. I do plan on adding a sort of item that will show the masterlist of recipes.

    - Special Effects for Vintium
    - Improvements with Mechanite
    - Some sort of "Recipe Masterlist"
    - Possible new ore: Tin (not for armor and stuff)
    - Spawn Rate Tweaking
    - New Machine Classes and Machines
    - Some other stuff. :)

    1) If you haven't already, download the latest version of forge for 1.5.2.
    2) Windows 7:
    Open the "start" button, and, in the box at the bottom, search '%appdata%', and push the ENTER button.
    Windows XP:
    Push the "Windows" and "R" buttons, and, in the box that comes up, type '%appdata%', and press the ENTER button.
    3) Go into .minecraft, bin.
    3.5) I recommend that you back up your current minecraft.jar.
    4) Open your minecraft.jar with your prefered archiver, such as WinRAR or 7Zip.
    5) Open the Forge ZIP file, and drag the files into the minecraft.jar. Allow the files to go in.
    6) Close the minecraft.jar and the Forge ZIP
    7) Download the latest version of Minology Core and the packs you would like (make sure they are all compatible with the same version)
    8) Open the ZIP(s) for the packs you would like (and the core), and proceed to drag them into your .minecraft. Allow for the folders to merge.
    9) (optional, but HIGHLY recommended) Download the latest version of CraftGuide or NotEnoughItems and CodeChickenCore (for 1.5.2). Install them as said on the thread.
    10) Run Minecraft!

    Blue Steel
    Type: Extra Requirement
    - Adds Blue Steel Ore
    - Can be used to craft a Refinery, a Blue Steel Furnace, and an Extractor
    - No use for the Refinery or Extractor without other packs

    Mystic Gems
    Type: Magic
    - Will add 6 new, generating 'mystic' gems
    - An 'ultimate gem' could be made using the 6 new gems,
    plus Diamond, Emerald, and Nether Quartz

    Type: Aesthetic
    - Will add 1 new ore called "Dyautus"
    - Dyautus could be mixed with any of the Dyes (get it?)
    to make (e.g) Blue-Dyed Dyautus, Pink-Dyed Dyautus, respectively
    - Dyed Dyautus could be mixed with certain blocks to 'dye' that
    block a certain colour, like Blue Bricks

    Tasty Ores
    Type: Food
    - Adds a bunch of ores in the mine
    - Some ores give potion effects

    Bio Ores
    Type: Magic
    - Adds an ore for each biome
    - Certain 'powers' will be granted when in that ore's
    respective biome.

    Portable GUIs
    Type: Easy Life
    Extra Requirements: Blue Steel
    - Adds Compaction Matter Ore
    - Can be turned into Solitary Matter with an Extractor
    - Solitary Matter can be turned into Compaction Matter
    through a Refinery
    - Can be used to make item versions of the Vanilla GUIs
    I once had an idea to make a mod that added portable
    versions of the GUIs. I did start making this mod, but
    shortly gave up on it. In that version, there was only
    going to be a 'Compaction Matter Flower', which could
    be turned directly into Compaction Matter through shapeless
    crafting, like a flower is turned into a dye. I eventually had
    the idea to implement it into Minology, but in a different


    Alpha v1.0.0
    July 1/2013
    - Original Release


    MOD - modification, plugin, a piece of software that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove original capabilities.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - Pikadex, Original author(s) of the MOD. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MOD despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the mod, person installing the mod.
    MODPACK - a group of mods, a set of mods that may be public or private


    2. USE
    Use of this MOD to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction. Use of this MOD in any public MODPACK that one has made, provided credit is given under the name of the OWNER, is allowed. Furthermore, the USER may use this MOD in videos (mod reviews, let's plays, etc.), provided a link is given.

    This MOD may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of this MOD must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of this MOD (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    This mod is provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of this MOD require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.

    Like this mod? Want to support me? Choose one of the following you like, and paste the code's content below it as your "signature". I'd love for you to help this mod grow!


    Want to make a banner? Then make one! To submit it to me, put it on a site where I can download it, and PM me the link to it. If I like it, I'll put it on the site I use, and post it here. Don't worry, you will get credit for your work! :)

    I hope you like my mod, and I'm sorry for how under-developed and/or confusing you may think of this post as. I'll try to improve it as time goes on. :)

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    posted a message on [1.4.7][FORGE][WIP]Ancient Blocks v0.3_01 - The Golems Are Back!
    I have stopped developing this mod. If you wish to see the topic in it's last state, open the spoiler below. If you want to continue the development of this mod, I'll let you download the source code. Hopefully, some of you can make the mod better than I did. It wasn't that bad, I say, but it could use plenty of work. I'm hoping on developing a different style of mod.

    Before you read this topic, please consider reviewing this mod. This mod has been out for a while, and I am still waiting on a review. Thanks.

    Currently, the Golems have no leg/arm animations. So for now, you'll have to look at those silly Golems sliding around.

    Finally, tell me if any information is missing! I'll try to add it in ASAP!

    Welcome! This is my first mod I ever created called Ancient Blocks. At the moment, it won't be too advanced. However, once I am to increase my skills of modding Minecraft to a higher level, I will make my mod more advanced, too! Ancient Blocks edits no base classes, so it shouldn't be incompatible with anything. :) I also have a secondary topic on Planet Minecraft. If you would like to go there, please click on this sentence.

    Mod Review Spotlight...
    None! Make a review and maybe your review could make it to the Mod Review Spotlight!
    None. :(

    Midnite Ore, Midnite Bar, Midnite Block (Also Overworld Ore)

    Ancidium Ore, Ancidium, Block of Ancidium (Also Overworld Ore)

    Ancient Crafter Top, Side, and Bottom - Note that, at this scale, it may be hard to see the real look of the Crafter textures

    Ancient Core Bit, Ancient Core Chunk, Ancient Core

    Blade of the Ancients, Bow of the Ancients

    Ancidium Rod

    v0.1 - Ancient Cobblestone, A. Moss Stone, A. Bricks, A. Gravel, A. Block of Iron

    v0.2 - Ancient Glass, A. Wooden Planks aka Brick Wood, Sancient ("Super Ancient) Block of Iron, Sa. Block of Gold, Sa. Block of Diamond, Sa. Gravel

    v0.3 - Sancient Block of Iron (Multi-sided), Sancient Block of Gold (Multi-sided), Sancient Block of Diamond (Multi-sided)

    v0.2 - Midnite Ore, Ancidium Ore, Ancient Crafter (All Sides)

    Now that you know what the items are, you probably are wanting some info on 'em! Well, here you go! Click the spoiler for whichever one you want to learn about.
    Midnite Ore generates randomly in the Nether. It is used in the making of the Ancient Crafter, Bow of the Ancients, and Blade of the Ancients. In v0.3, Midnite Ore will spawn all throughout the Nether in patches up to eight, but are very rare. You can identify it from the purple ore spots on it.

    Ancidium spawns just like Midnite Ore does. In v0.3, it spawns through the entire Nether, in patches of up to eight, and is very rare. It also is used in the same things as Midnite Ore is: Ancient Crafter, Bow of the Ancients, Blade of the Ancients. Pretty much what I am trying to say is Midnite Ore and Ancidium are pretty much useless without each other.

    Almost all of the Ancient Blocks have the same stats. The only exceptions are Ancient Gravel, which is destroyed almost instantly, and Ancient Glass, which takes about the amount of time The others, Ancient Cobblestone, Ancient Moss Stone, Ancient Bricks, and Ancient Block of Iron, are destroyed a bit quicker than regular Cobblestone. However, they are all a bit less resistant to explosions than Obsidian. In other words, they cannot be destroyed by explosions in Vanilla Minecraft. Another thing to note is that the gravels DO fall.

    The Ancient Crafter is to be the way you craft the Ancient Blocks. However, it has to be punched in Survival or Adventure mode to activate, and the GUI isn't even finished! I plan to work on it over the updates. :)

    The Ancient Core Chunk is dropped by the Ancient Golem mob. As far as I know, normally one, sometimes two or three, are dropped. Using four of these in a 2x2 square, you can craft the Ancient Core, which will be explained in the next "spoiler".

    Expensive and time consuming to obtain in the Ancient Core. One of the hardest materials to get, the Ancient Core is required once in the Ancient Crafter, and twice in the Blade of the Ancients and the Bow of the Ancients. It also has the Enchantment effect!

    One of the almighty weapons from the time of the past is called the Blade of the Ancients. It deals 13.5 hearts of damage, has a whopping 10,000 uses, and mines things faster than the Diamond Sword. However, it cannot be enchanted. 13.5 hearts of damage is enough to kill most monsters in a single shot. 10,000 uses is about 6.4x more uses than a diamond tool!

    Sharing many stats of the Blade of the Ancients, the Bow of the Ancients is almost the same, except the fact that it is a bow. However, it isn't any ordinary bow! It has no charge animation. I am working on making the bow an instant fire, but for now, you will have to charge it the same way, but without animation or zoom. For info on things such as damage or durability, check out the spoiler for Blade of the Ancient. (Damage currently does not work properly. Fix should be in v0.3_02)

    This little guy, the Ancidium Rod, is used along with other items to craft the Bow of the Ancients and the Blade of the Ancients. You will only need to craft it one time in order to get both the Bow and the Blade of the Ancients. The only way you'll ever need to craft another quart of these guys is if you died and lost your Bow or Blade or even both, or if you actually managed to break it. But, chances are, that'll be one of the only times you will need to craft it in the world. :)

    The Sancient, or Super Ancient, Blocks are to be created in the Ancient Crafter by putting their appropriate Ancient Block in. Because of that, I will have to add Ancient Blocks of Gold and Diamond. Sancient Blocks have an explosive resistance equal to Obsidian, and all (except Ancient Gravel) take a bit longer than Ancient Blocks do. However, they are mainly made to allow a second alternative Ancient Block.

    Now, you guys have info of the items. You know what the items look like. You are probably asking "How do I get these items in survival mode?" Well, you can currently craft these items...

    Ancient Chunk

    Ancient Bits

    Ancient Core


    Block of Ancidium


    Midnite Bar

    Midnite Block

    Midnite Bar

    Ancidium Rod

    Ancient Crafter

    Bow of the Ancients (Works the opposite way, too)

    Blade of the Ancients

    Also: A shapeless recipe involving three diamonds. It creates a few Ancient Core Chunks. You can vote on if you want this to stay!

    As you can see, I lack in recipes. But, this is only early WIP! A work in progress. ;)

    There are a total of two mobs you can find in the Ancient Blocks mod. One being the Ancient Golem, the other being the Mini Golem.

    Attack AI: monster (will attack you always)
    HP: 150 (75 hearts)
    Damage dealt per hit: ~ 8 (4 hearts)
    Speed: Slow
    Height: ~ 3 blocks
    Info: The stats of the Ancient Golem are higher than the Iron Golem's by a bit. When killed they will drop Ancient Chunks. Normally, only one, but they appear to be able to drop two or three or even none sometimes. However, don't be expecting to find them to easily, as they are quite rare. Or, if you are in creative mode, you COULD just use it's spawn egg. ;) Ancient Golems are Fire-proof, which means that they cannot be killed by Fire or Lava. They can break down doors, too. So be careful!

    Texture is now a Better definition!
    Attack AI: monster (will attack you always)
    HP: 75 (37.5 hearts)
    Damage dealt per hit: ~ 4 (2 hearts)
    Speed: Very Fast
    Height: A bit under 1 block
    Info: Although it has half damage, half HP, and less than half the size of his cousin, the Ancient Golem, the Mini Golem may be more lethal, only because of it's insane speed. It attacks you by circling around you at a very fast speed (not intentional, but I will keep). When killed, it will drop 0 - 3 Ancient Core Bits, which are used to craft an Ancient Core Chunk, which are, of course, used to craft an Ancient Core. The Mini Golems are still quite rare, although not as rare as the Ancient Golems. Like it's bigger cousin, it is fire-proof.

    V0.3 for MC1.4.7

    As of v0.3, Ancient Blocks has been using Minecraft Forge. :)
    V0.2_01 for MC1.4.6
    v0.2 for MC1.4.6
    v0.1_01 for MC1.4.5
    v0.1 for MC1.4.5

    1) Install the latest version of Minecraft Forge,
    2) Put the ZIP into your mods folder located in your .minecraft folder. Create it if it isn't there already.
    3) Run Minecraft and enjoy!

    - First release
    - Add Smelting for Midnite Ore and Ancidium
    - Buffed damage of Ancient weaponry from 9.5 hearts to 13.5 hearts
    - Update to Minecraft 1.4.6
    - Continue Ancient Crafter GUI Almost done! Just need to figure out how to make the GUI work
    -- Add new Ancient Block x2
    - Glass
    - Wooden Planks ("Brick Wood")
    -- Introduction of Super Ancient Blocks (Sancient Blocks) x4
    - Block of Iron
    - Block of Gold
    - Block of Diamond
    - Gravel
    - Re-texture Ancient Crafter
    - Re-texture Ancidium Ore
    - Re-texture Midnite Ore
    - Make certain blocks drop properly
    - New mob: Mini Golem
    - Mini Golem drop: Ancient Core Bit
    - Make the Bow of the Ancients do correct damage
    - Achievements!
    -- Add more Ancient Metal blocks
    - Sancient Multi-sided Block of Iron
    - Sancient Multi-sided Block of Gold
    - Sancient Multi-sided Block of Diamond
    -- Improvements to Midnite Ore and Ancidium Ore
    - Will now spawn
    - Appears any layer, but is very rare
    - Can spawn on overworld below layer 5, and with a VERY low frequency, in patches up to 4. Your chances are MUCH better in the Nether
    - Nether variants now emit a small amount of light
    - Certain blocks now effected by gravity.
    - Switching to forge...
    In order for me to continue adding to the mod, I'll have to switch to forge. For all those Forge haters out there, you'll have to deal with it.
    - Creative Tabs: Ancient Blocks, Ancient Ores, Ancient Equipment, Ancient Miscellaneous
    - Considering that the mobs won't spawn naturally nor through eggs, a temporary (?) recipe for the Ancient Core Chunk has been added, involving 3 diamonds (shapeless)
    - Re-doing the Golems

    Upcoming Features... (v0.3_02)
    Green - Complete
    Black - Incomplete
    Strikethrough and Black - Delayed for Future Update

    - Fixing the damage of the Bow of the Ancients
    - Ancient Crafter GUI!
    - Golem movement animation

    If you wish to contact me for some reason, then contact me here, at the forums. If you wish for other ways to contact me, you may, but the forums is the place you should contact me, as I will check here most often. If you still wish to contact me elsewhere:

    Planet Minecraft:


    You might want to suggest something to me, so if you do, be sure to include a reason unless it is completely obvious.

    You may not redistribute this mod anywhere on the internet or other means. This mod is for personal use only, as long as it is kept in its unedited form. If you wish, you may put this in your mod pack, as long as you are given direct permission from me, and you include a link to my forums topic. You may make videos, such as mod reviews or let's plays, that involve this mod if you so wish, even for money, but only in-game footage or installation tutorials. If you wish to add support for this mod for your texture pack, please do. If you have any questions, or are experiencing problems, contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Download Source
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    posted a message on [CHALLENGE]Ultimate Shelter Challenge (Not a Map)
    this is my thread for a challenge I like to call...

    Now, you are probably asking, "What the heck is Ultimate Shelter Challenge?" Well, that is what I want to tell you!

    The purpose of this challenge is to, while following certain rules, create a house with all the things that are listed. Can you do it? It's a tough challenge, and it will take a LOT of time and resources.

    Some of you may be a little... overwhelmed... of how many things there are. There is almost 100 required
    things to build (I think I counted 98), and two optional challenges. That makes 100 challenges total!

    Later on in this post, I will let you download a Word Document. I recommend that, if you do not have Microsoft Word, use a free program called OpenOffice.org. You will need it in order to open the document. This document tells you everything you need to do, and you can make the goals a certain colour (like green) for when you accomplish them. Most of the things in this document come from this wiki page.

    Ultimate Shelter Challenge was somewhat inspired by a series that MinecraftUniverse did with some of his friends in late 2011. If you would like to watch the series, please click .
    That page on the wiki has updated since then, and I want to see who can do this challenge.

    Now, on to the rules...

    1. No creative
    2. You may enable cheats, in case you ever need them.
    3. Your goal is to do everything on that list.
    4. Try not to feel forced to do things on the list. You can do your own things, like exploring, when you need to.
    5. You may use a seed to get an advantageous spawn. Try not to use an "easy [insert good material here like diamond]" seed, however.
    6. You may make the rooms any way you'd like.
    7. You must start from scratch. No using a village, stronghold, cave, or any other natural structure. Exceptions are Trees, and Abandoned Mineshafts.
    8. If recording on YouTube, be sure to provide a link to the forum thread.
    9. Have fun!
    (Feeling anything else should be a rule? Post it below!)

    Well, now you will need to have the document in order to get started! This may take you a very long time to finish, but if you believe, you CAN do it!

    Currently using: MediaFire (Direct Link)
    PDF Version
    Uses: MediaFire (Direct Link)

    - Added 2 new challenges to expansions: Victory Room and Record Farm
    - Total count of goals is now 102 (100 required)

    - Better sorting: Description in Core Features is now oblique (italic), and the goals are now bold.
    - Now displays the amount of goals per section, and the overall total

    - Initial Release: 100 Challenges

    Like this challenge? Show it some support by liking the post and setting this code as your signature...

    It'll look like this...

    Think you can make a cool banner? Show me one! If I like it, I might add it to the list. Credit will be given. :D

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    posted a message on [April Fools] Minecraft 2.0 is Finally Coming!
    Heh. Good April Fools joke, Mojang.

    Known bug: Having both a Pink Wither and a Wither in your world at the same time may cause up to a 200% increase in framerate. Will be fixed for launch.

    Probably one of the biggest giveaways. :3
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    Guys! Stop rushing for this mod to be updated! 1.5 changed a lot of things, and updating a mod to it is quite a pain in the neck, and the more blocks/items you have, the bigger the pain. If you really want to use this mod, downgrade to 1.4.7 or something.
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