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    posted a message on Would you Marry, Kiss or Kill the person Avatar?
    Kiss (why not?)

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    posted a message on Petition Against 1.8 Enchanting
    I disagree. I really like the new enchantment system. At first I didn't like it, but now I've changed.
    When I read this, I was thinking "my only problem is that the enchants aren't random."
    Then, I thought "maybe have a re-seed option for enchantments?"
    But then, I realized this:
    Since the enchantments are displayed, putting an option to re-seed, or having it completely random each time you put it in, someone could just keep changing the enchantment until they get, e.g, Silk Touch, displayed, which would make the new system overpowered.
    That being said, the new enchantment system is much better. You might not like it, but you'll just have to complain about it, do nothing, or, the best option, grow to love it.
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    posted a message on Most Dangerous mob
    I find, not including boss mobs or the super-charged creeper (since it's not its own mob), I'd say that in normal situations, the most dangerous mobs would be Blazes, Skeletons, Witches, Cave Spiders, and, if they sneak up on or dive bomb you, Creepers. Oh, and Endermen, if you're not well prepared for them.
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    posted a message on Tinkers' Construct Suggestions
    I've got a few ideas on how to obtain a green heart and its canister.

    Green Hearts

    1) Adding a "super-boss" that would be very difficult to defeat.
    2) Having it as a rare drop from bosses
    3) Adding a crafting recipe. It would involve yellow hearts.

    Green Heart Canister

    (These are items that could be used in the crafting of it)
    - Yellow Heart Canister
    - Red Heart Canister
    - Yellow Hearts
    - Red Hearts
    - More Expensive Variant of Jeweled Apple: Involves Emeralds for the green colour
    - Canister
    - Necrotic Bone
    - Golden Apple: Either variant
    - Nether Star (end-game item)
    - End Stone (end-game block)
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    posted a message on [1.7]Sprinkles R1.0 - Minor Improvements of Default!
    Quote from Seradicus

    I really don't understand the point of most the changes you've made. I would've expected a few other changes...

    I made the changes because I, personally, thought they looked better. What changes were you expecting? :)
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    posted a message on [1.7]Sprinkles R1.0 - Minor Improvements of Default!
    Quote from Goodlyay

    My goodness what have you done to cobblestone? It's bad enough as it is, but with higher contrast the texture becomes overwhelming!

    I increased the contrast in cobblestone so it looks like the pre-1.7 cobblestone texture. If that's your only problem, and you do like the pack, otherwise, then you can easily delete/replace the texture.

    If I end up receiving a good bit of complaints, I'll probably change it.
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    posted a message on [1.7]Sprinkles R1.0 - Minor Improvements of Default!
    Sprinkles Release 1.0
    By Pikadex

    Hello! I'm Pikadex, and this is a texture pack I call Sprinkles. It's not a complete overhaul of the many vanilla textures, but rather what I believe to be an improvement to various textures of the vanilla textures. In other words, it adds Sprinkles.

    This texture packs changes the textures of a few blocks and items. If you don't like any of them, you can go into blocks_default or items_default, and simply replace said textures. Or, you could just delete them. I do have an items_alt, and I plan to put some items in it along with a blocks_alt.

    With CTM and Randomobs (both found with OptiFine and MCPatcher), it also includes Connected Textures, Random Textures, and will have Random Mobs. If you don't like certain features you can do the following:
    - To get rid of certain Random Mob features, go into your Sprinkles resource pack > assets > minecraft > mcpatcher > mobs > [mobname], and delete unwanted textures
    - To get rid of certain Connected Textures and Random Textures, go to your Sprinkles resource pack > assets > minecraft > mcpatcher > ctm > [ctm_block/sprinkles_topic], and delete the respective properties file for what you want to remove.

    ">Table of Contents[/color">']Downloads


    Interested in this texture pack? If so, you can download the latest version here...

    ... or any of the recent, previous releases here:




    Bow states.
    The change is minor, but the
    iron part of the bow is lighter

    Bricks and

    Wood and
    wood tools

    Stone blocks and
    stone tools

    Iron ore and
    iron tools

    Gold ore and
    gold tools

    Diamond ore and
    diamond items

    Note: The green
    and blue gradient is
    only to make the
    grass more noticable.
    It is not like this in
    the game.

    Unfortunately, there are no banners... yet!

    Any banners you may have made or can make, please send them to me! I'll post it here... if I like it.
    If you have any suggestions, please, don't refrain from telling me!
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    posted a message on [Jul.08] Rei's Minimap v3.4_01
    For those who are not aware...

    MCP and Minecraft Forge for 1.7.2 just came out. Minecraft Forge came out December 26, while MCP (probably) came out that day or perhaps a few days earlier. I'm not sure if these are compatible with 1.7.3 or 1.7.4, but I'm sure some of these mods will start coming out shortly. : ]
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    posted a message on Champ Mods Mini Mod Series - Official Thread
    How about a mod that adds a bit more to Archery?

    New bows: Crossbow (strong, but slow, and fires bolts), and Quickdraw/Feathered Bow (just like the old Minecraft bow; low power, but rapid fire!; inclusion of feathers in the recipe, perhaps). Other bows with their own pros and cons would be cool, too.

    New arrows with Bolt Equivalents (being a bit more expensive): Explosive (BOOM), Flaming (I'm on fire!), Homing (aka Heat Seeking), and Grapple (not working like ender pearls, but rather pulling you to the target, similar to how a mob is pulled by a lead. Possibly, to make it a bit less powerful, have a range limit. They bring you X blocks, but will stop the effect after that distance). Other cool types of arrows/bolts would be cool, too.

    Quiver Implementation: Perhaps being like a storage item, holding a row of maybe 9 slots, plus another one above. It would check the slot above the row of 9, and, if it was filled, it would fire that arrow or bolt. If not, it would check which arrow to fire from the 9-slot row, from the left-most side to the right. If the first available projectile is not compatible with the bow being used (bolts work with crossbows only, the arrows work with normal and quickdraw bows). Only arrows and bolts could be placed in a quiver. Might be interesting to see different quivers with more storage space, too.

    I hope you like my idea! :)
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    posted a message on Pikadex's AMPLIFIED Seed List
    This, right here, is a list of awesome seeds (in my opinion) using 13w36a's new "AMPLIFIED" world generator. Note that none of these seeds will work as shown if your world generator is not set to AMPLIFIED. If you have a lower-end computer that does not run singleplayer Minecraft at a high frame rate, I recommend to not use AMPLIFIED worlds, as they cause a lot of lag, especially on startup. Before I start, I'd like to get you into the format of these "seed sections".

    SEED: The seed of the world. Make sure this is written EXACTLY as shown.
    FOUNDER: The founder of this seed, at least from what I know.
    DESCRIPTION: A brief explanation about this seed,
    UP-TO-RELEASE: YES or NO. Says if the seed works with the latest release of Minecraft (not snapshot).
    UP-TO-SNAPSHOT: YES or NO. Says if this seed works with the latest snapshot of Minecraft (not release).
    WORKS UP TO RELEASE: The release that this seed works up to.
    WORKS UP TO SNAPSHOT: The snapshot that this seed works up to.
    EARLIEST WORKING: The snapshot that this seed is confirmed to work earliest on. Usually the version that the seed is discovered on. May not be 100% accurate.

    Another thing to note is that you may post seeds that you or someone else sound. If someone else found this, please give credit to them. :)

    :....: :....: :....: SEEDS :....: :....: :....:

    SEED: yeti
    FOUNDER: Pikadex
    DESCRIPTION: A cool seed where you spawn in a Taiga biome, right next to a Mega Taiga/Redwood Forest biome. Right from spawn, you will see plenty of floating islands. This seed generates to pretty much the top of the map.

    FOUNDER: Pikadex
    DESCRIPTION: This seed spawns you beside a swamp, and in an area splitting off to huge valleys. The bottom of these valleys reach around 60 on the Y axis, and close to the sky limit at the top. This seed is still pretty nice on Default generation, just not as extreme.

    SEED: Mustary
    FOUNDER: Pikadex
    DESCRIPTION: First spawning, this seed doesn't look all that impressive. But, if you travel to around these coordinates, you should find yourself in the area shown in the screenshot: X = -546, Z = -25
    This area includes a large lavafall, a massive snowy cliff (in fact, a tree is even cut off at the top of it), a swamp biome, plenty of trees and waterfalls, lots of wall "indents", and more!

    And there you go! My list of seeds using the new AMPLIFIED world generator! I hope you can find one of these seeds that you may like, and, maybe, some of you will decide to tell me some other AMPLIFIED seeds!


    If these seeds do not work properly, the seed might be out-of-date, you might have mistyped the seed and/or added another character, maybe you've forgot to turn the world generator to AMPLIFIED, or it could be something else not noted.
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    posted a message on -- Killing Frenzy --
    Hello, and welcome to...

    To be honest, I'm not sure how fitting this name is, but I think it's suitable enough.
    Pretty much, this is a game where you protect yourself from being killed, followed by attempting to kill the person below you. For example:

    Person_1: Nothing to defend against. ._.
    I stab the next person in the throat!
    Person_2: You missed.
    I drown the next poster in water!
    Poster_3: I can breath underwater!
    The next poster drinks poison!

    Be creative!

    Usually, the original poster would start this off. But, I'll let the first reply start this off.

    Happy Killing!
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    posted a message on Would you Marry, Kiss or Kill the person Avatar?
    It's not a female Pikachu, nor is it Ketchup. Sooo...

    Quote from Muro45

    Well if I have to choose, I would probably kiss it, but only on the cheek.

    That's a bad idea; my cheeks are filled with electricity. Try the forehead. :3
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    posted a message on Go through the alphabet before someone posts a my little pony picture
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    posted a message on Rate how cute the above avatar is
    2.5/10 for the yellow man.
    10/10 for my ketchup. <3
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    posted a message on Would you Marry, Kiss or Kill the person Avatar?
    If he stole my ketchup, I'd kill him.
    If he didn't steal my ketchup, I'd kill him.
    If he tried to steal my ketchup but failed, I'd kill him.
    If he tried to kiss me, I'd kill him.

    I guess it doesn't really matter... I'd kill him.
    I prefer Ketchup, anyway.
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