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I am a Minecrafter that is OBSESSED w/ Minecraft. I often feel like I play too much of it. But, I'm not a minecraft-only kind of person. I also play things like The Legend Of Zelda, and other things related. I have been trying to resist playing minecraft for at LEAST one day. I recently achieved that, and that kind of a big accomplishment for me, actually. About 6 months ago, my Android Tablet stopped working, and I will no longer have Pocket Edition posts on here anymore. I make MC maps, now just for XBOX 360, and PC/Mac ( I say "PC/Mac" because I play PC on iMac). My brother, SantaThePiggy, also known as SantaThePiggyGuy in-game on PC, is also a map maker. He is also a new youtuber, and me and him are very excited! He has very few videos, and if you see this info the moment it's uploaded, even none!Here is his channel URL, and be sure to subscribe to him!

Anyway, be sure to keep up on new content on this profile, and have fun here! (optional for that last thing.)
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