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    posted a message on Bukkit Region Manager Plugins WITHOUT Virtual Currency?
    Here's my dilemma...

    I already have a server running fine and dandy with a ton of Bukkit plugins. The issue is that everyone in the server + me agree that physical currency is superior due to our low player count (And other reason.)

    We use Golden Apples for money, anyway this is isn't the point.

    We're currently using some signs mods for shops, eg. Bartersigns,etc. And a region/block-protection is done by WorldGaurd. Frankly I'm quiet envious of the features such as iconomy 6, and most region-management plugins such as Kingdoms and what-not.

    Everytime someone needs some changes to regions or land I have to do it personally. And most self-serve region management plugins don't support physical currency, just virtual money such as iConomy.

    Just imagine it this way, I DONT want to get my stack of Gold Ingots, turn it into "Vitural Money" into iConomy 6 and then use CMD commands to buy land.

    What I DO WANT. Maybe take my stack of Golden Apples, See land for sale; marked by a sign. Click on it to buy it! (CMD-Less land purchasing.)

    Simple Question/s
    -iConomy 6 CLAIMS to support physical currency. I have NO idea how to enable this, nor do I know how it would even work. I do NOT want to convert real money into virtual and deal like that.
    -What plugin supports physical money for buying/selling/managing properties or/and regions?

    Long post, thanks for your time. Truly appreciate any replies.
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    posted a message on www.Minecraft.net "Internet Explorer Cannot Display Webpage"
    Internet Explorer

    There's your problem.
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    posted a message on Southern_Nomads new skin Emporium! (Taking Requests!)
    Is there a point to posting something without pictures or some media source?
    I'm not trying to bash... but seriously. What am I supposed to say? Gawd that imaginary girl skin looks hot?

    And I would strengthen the part where you're taking requests, everything else BUT that seems to be in large fonts and caps.

    Otherwise welcome to the job of skinner and good luck... I guess.

    (Personally I'd want to see some work from someone before giving them requests = TLDR)
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    posted a message on Javaw.exe Denied Me!
    Priority has nothing to do with privilege levels. If you just need to run as Admin, Right-Click and "Run As Administrator".

    Also make sure that you're logged in as Admin.
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    posted a message on Let's talk about the 1.8 update
    I was on the internets one fine evening sipping on a cup of the finest joe in the world when I saw a rather interesting YouTube video; the Minecraft 1.8 Update trailer.

    So as any sane Minecraft player would do, I ran around in circles and then proceeded to go outside to shout at random people, spouting things such as "MINECRAFT 1.8 OUT SOON OMGOMGWTFBBQ" and "WE GONNAZ PLAYS MINECRAFTS ONE POINT EIGHTZZ!"

    After a nice hour of constant badgering and a ticket for sexual harassment, I settled back down onto my computer to arrive back to this forums...

    Other than that, my past "forum"ing experience tells me that all I have to do is say "Talk about 1.8 here" and it will develop into a 980123-page debate and I will be liked by all members.

    So... what are you waiting for? Begin the 1.8 discussion.
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    posted a message on how much internet useage doe's minecraft multi use?
    Use the task-manger (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) when playing. It's prob under 50kbs.
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    posted a message on New Minecraft channel
    Is this ever going to stop?

    Isn't there a forum entirely dedicated for these things?
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    posted a message on Read this funny way to get banned

    Guy #1
    Goes into server. Pours lava everywhere. Gets Kicked.

    Guy #2
    Spent 5 months building a farm on flat ground. Lava burns everything. Kicks Guy #1.

    Funny because Guy2 got angry? Maybe.
    Funny because Guy1 screwed over Guy1? Maybe.

    Was it worth it to post about it on the forums? No.
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    posted a message on someone help
    Do you mean that you renamed the "save" file but it doesn't show up and something else does?
    The amount of information you're giving is not helping anyone...

    Help others to help you!!!
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    posted a message on Any plans for easier underwater building?
    Why don't you call Notch up and ask him?
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    posted a message on BEST GAMING NETWORK CARD?
    Most MB's come with integrated network cards at this point...

    It's a scam in a sense. I mean, if you're like that Russian guy in the DirectTV commercials, with gold-everything... go ahead.

    The amount of "lag (reduced)" or bandwidth given by a "gaming" network card is negligible... even debatable in terms of cost-efficiency.

    Long Story short:

    You got the cash, hell buy some golden-grapes, a mini-giraffe, and pick up a gaming-network card.
    You have money like a normal person, don't get it.
    If you know about computers, and for some reason, even 1ms difference is crucial... then get it. (Which doesn't apply to anyone... unless you're doing some.. rocket-science..? O_o.)

    (The fact alone that you have a Alienware PC... everything they do/recommended is overkill and usually unnecessary. Hell I found a forum post someone who plays WOW only, some alien-ware employee recommended water-cooling for his PC.)
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    posted a message on How can i get rid of the invisible fence lag?
    What fence? I don't see a fen..
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    posted a message on Notch truly is a genius.
    So, I was in this alley right...?
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    posted a message on Infinite Lava
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    posted a message on to notch
    Yeah, imagine that.
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