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    My Minecraft has been crashing ever since I got my RX 5700 XT a few months ago. I can play on single-player with shaders and stuff, yet, if I join a bigger server, the whole graphics driver crashes. The vanilla log doesn't say much, but the log generated my OS (macOS 11.2.1) does have a lengthy log about what has caused the crash, but I don't know how to really read it. I have never done any MC modding before neither, and as I can't figure out via Google what could be causing the crashes and how to fix them, without changing my hardware, I think the only way to fix would be to make a mod that could fix the crashing.

    Is there any Discord servers about MC modding or someone who could help me make a mod that could fix this crashing? I could even pay if someone could teach me how to make a mod. I don't have much knowledge about Java, but I have done some JS before.

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