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    Desert of Despair

    Server IP :

    Welcome to the Desert of Exile, the latest release in this epic saga of hardcore Minecraft survival. What matters to you here, is staying alive. You are about to experience an unforgiving wasteland where numerous others struggle to survive on a moment by moment basis. Mobs will do everything they can to brutally destroy you. The terrain itself is is hostile in nature and key resources are scarce. Players will ambush you, mobs will murder you, and thieves will rob you. However, this is a land of exile. There are no rules. There are no governing powers. The only thing shaping your destiny is you and your blood soaked sword. Go solo or work with others to build a team of champions to survive and battle your way through the elements of this land.

    This is a deathban hardcore PvP server. The server is designed to make survival something that is actually a challenge for once and a task that few shall prevail.

    **The rules are simple:**
    No Mods or exploits allowed except a minimap
    (Mods such as lighting mods, xray, zombes fly mod, and mods that provide any kind of entity radar is forbidden)
    - No combat logging

    That's it. Your destiny is in your hands.

    - Hardcore PvP and PvE experience (kill or be killed)
    - Deathbans (you are banned for 1 hour when you die)
    - A true survival experience (starting zone is an unforgiving desert wasteland)
    - Custom mobs and altered mob AI to enhance the survival experience
    - Game difficulty increases the deeper you venture into the world
    - Scarce resources and drop rates that increase with better tools

    https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_donations&business=YLTNMS9S64WPC&lc=US&item_name=Desert of Despair&currency_code=USD&bn=PP-DonationsBF:btn_donateCC_LG.gif:NonHosted

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    We are training extra hamsters to help power the server. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    The Great Sea
    A Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker
    styled world


    Dynmap web address:
    :Water: :Water::steve_csi::Water: :Water: :Water: :SSSS: :Water: :Water:


    The Great Sea is a unique survival server which takes place on an infinite, custom generated ocean map. Set off into the mighty blue yonder and find all manner of islands ranging from the tiniest of rocks to colossal mountains, spires, volcanoes and grassy plateaus. Carve your house into the side of a mountainous island, settle down on a tiny hermit isle, or just explore the world. You will find all sorts of foreign lands, nothing like vanilla Minecraft. The server is non-grief and non-PvP, except in designated areas.


    The sea holds great treasures for those who seek adventure and challenge. Located on random islands, undersea, and even in the nether are trials and treasures waiting to be found.

    Ranks and VIP

    Ranks may be purchased with in game money. These ranks come with additional commands and a colored name.
    Rank 1: Explorer - 1000$ - /home, /nick
    Rank 2: Adventurer - 1000$ - /home, /nick, /warp
    Rank 3: Mayor - 5000$ - land protection

    Any and all donations towards mothly server cost would be greatly appreciated! Donators of 8$ or more will receive all the perks of the adventurer. You can send your donation to [email protected] via paypal.


    1. No griefing or stealing outside of PvP areas. Griefs will be rolled back and perpetrators banned.
    2. No cheating or xraying. Xrayers will be banned, and trust me, I'll find you.
    3. If you see someone living on an island, ask them before building there.
    4. Respect server staff and other players. I swear to Notch, if you ask to be op’d or admin’d…
    5. Be sensible with TnT. Don’t destroy the entire map.

    Help wanted:
    Skilled builder(s) for a spawn town
    One person interested in dungeon building
    Plugin guy
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    Are you looking for a simple, yet difficult Minecraft PvP server? Are you getting bored of the same old minecraft terrain? The Cove combines PvP, island survival, and a difficult survival aspect into a minecraft experience quite unlike any other. Your task in these jungled islands is to survive. Become one with the wilderness, gather resources, and hunt down your enemies.

    The Cove

    :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves:
    :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves:
    :Leaves: :Logs: :Leaves:
    :SSSS: :Logs: :Notch:

    Some points of interest:

    Ores are very rare in these isles. Interestingly, there is a lack of stone on the map. Stone spawns like any other ore, rarely and in veins. You may find that you actually have to use wood tools to start. Gold tools also have more value: Gold picks give a chance to gather additional ore and stone. Utilize all tiers of tools to better your chances of survival.

    Monsters also have additional drops, such as food and torches. I won't spoil the surprises, find out for yourself.

    Type /leadkills to see the PvP leaderboard.

    Pumpkins give additional breathing time.

    Many changes and additions will be coming in the near future.

    NOTE: If you find lapis ore, please tell an admin. We'll use unheard of levels of wizardy to turn it into stone.

    Donations: If you'd like to donate to the server, we will love you forever and ever. Send donations via paypal to [email protected].
    A donation of 8$ recieves a once-a-day starter kit, and the /sethome command.

    No hacks of any kind
    NO XRAYING. I will find you and rip out your jugular.
    We have plugins to track an identify xrayers.. you have been warned.
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    The sun's warmth and a tickle of grass on the back of your neck rouses you from your sleep. "This isn't the mineshaft", you think. You fail to make sense of the sound of lapping water and the whispering gentle breeze; you're expecting stone, hungry monsters and ores. You reach into your memory attempting to make sense of your past. You were exploring a cave system and had just discovered a diamond vein, and we're eagerly digging down into it.. and then...

    It hits you.

    The diamond ore gave way into a pit of lava. A fiery few moments of sizzling heat.
    How am I not dead? Or perhaps.. I am, and this is the afterlife?

    Your whole body aches, but slowly you sit up and take a look around. The world you find yourself in is startling, to say the least. You are on the bank of an immeasurably long river that stretches seemingly infinitely in both directions. The banks on either side of the river climb gradually into colossal, impassable mountains. While scanning the landscape, you notice a cave in the face of the one of the mountainous walls. The fluttering of butterflies starts in your stomach.

    I don't know where I am, or what I'm doing here, but it's time to mine.

    Currently seeking help with plugin installation.

    The Riverworld

    The riverworld is a unique PvP minecraft server. A massive river runs from one end of the map to the other, lined by riverbanks and closed in by towering mountainous walls. We will be a towny server, allowing players to create block protected towns, or join towns under nations. TnT sieges on towns are allowed, and nations may wage war on each other.

    Cave systems don't exist under the river itself, but can be discovered via mountain passages lining the sides of the rivers walls. Ores can only be found in cave systems, or in special areas. They do not spawn everywhere.

    Our plugins are not yet configured, but we will be customizing monster stats and drops. Zombies will have high health and low damage, and will sometimes split into more zombies when killed. Skeletons will do more damage, and shoot from farther away. Spiders will have low health and high damage. Enderman will unmistakably be the boss monster of minecraft. All monsters will also have altered loot tables, ranging from sticks, to wheat, to diamonds.

    Our world is based on the Riverworld sci-fi novels by Phillip Jose Farmer. Recommended to any sci-fi fans.

    If you're looking a truly unique minecraft server, come check us out.

    IP: covecraft.game.nfoservers.com:25565
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    Mods do not work on multiplayer. Plugins are limited. It's very difficult, especially with rampant xray problems, for server owners to make an actaully difficult PvE experience on SMP servers.

    You can tell people to get a mod when they have a problem with vanilla minecraft; what do you tell SMP servers?
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    Quote from KyoShinda

    "Zombies will be more forgetful and won't be able to track you down."

    So the zombies will be easier to kill? Great.
    They better spawn in hordes. :/

    You've intentionally misquoted him, but even still I think you're misinterpreting him. Imagine a zombie chasing you and walking into a wall, while you're on the other side; now, instead being stuck in zombie limbo forever, it'll eventually forget you and start walking around again. And to combat mobs with improved pathfinding, rather than every zombie within 15 blocks finding the quickest way to your delicious loins , they won't be able to track you down without actually seeing you.
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    Xray is infamous for allowing people to accrue massive amounts of ores, as well as find other peoples bases with ease on PvP servers. It completely breaks the concept of searching for ores, and makes hiding ones goods on an anarchy server impossible. A texture pack that so utterly destroys the integrity of multiplayer SMP servers shouldn't be allowed. So, why does Mojang allow them? There are plugins that counter xray. None of them work in entirety, or if they do, they eat up precious ram and influence gameplay in odd ways (ore obfuscation). Certainly they can't ban texture packs, or disable them, but with something so game breaking, it's irresponsible to not allow SMP servers some ability to disable or combat them.
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    Mods break.. every update. Hipsters these days. Complaining about things before.. er...
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    Quote from FishScream

    Ok let me start with a simple laughter.

    You made all of the photos make Old look amazing, looking for the right mountain to take a picture and took the New looking like ****, because you obviously looked for something bad to take a picture.


    You're sort of missing the point here. We couldn't find anything in the new generator worth a picture.

    If you can find anything, anywhere in the new generator that rivals the old photos, please share them.
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