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    Hi and thank's for clicking my post! This is my second adv map and though it won't be the best map you have ever played, I have put a lot of my (meager) crafting skills into this and put a lot of time into it. I would like to thank jacknife for making the mountains in this map and offering advice through this map and my prevention one. Without further ado I present to you, The Hidden kingdom.

    Notice: Due to several reviews, with one of the categories being "difficulty" and getting extremely low scores the new download, along with a new dungeon and a powerful weapon, will have mob spawners placed around the map, as well as a skeleton infestation in the valley. Good luck -.-

    Introduction: You wake up one morning, happy, it is your birthday, but not just any birthday, today, you are a man. You must proceed to town to go to your ceremony and complete it. Along the way you will encounter 15+ mini-quests and lots to do! Good luck!

    This map uses a currency system with glowstone dust as the currency. This will be refereed to as "gd" in the game. Another main quest is planned so check back soon.

    I do appreciate feedback, and would love for you to post it below, but please don'd just tell me "U r da wrost crafta iv sen in liok evar go die in a hloe" because I already know i'm not a stellar builder, but do put a lot of time in to my maps. I will also try to read every piece of feedback you give. Also don't be afraid to ask questions about the map or my future plans to help. If you have a LOT of feedback to give feel free to add me on skype, Sudzy_.
    If you do a lets play please leave link below! Also please post any screenshots you find interesting, and if I like them, ill put them in the thread.

    Review by gzuz: Story: 9/10: Like i said in another review i like maps with notes to help you along this map had a ton of signs that guided you well threw the story The story simpily was that it is ur 15th birthday and your going into manhood so you need to do like a whole ceromonial thing which leads to a bunch of quests!

    Difficulty:3/10 honestly if you dont like fighting this is a map for you its kinda just exploring everywhere you go not to many monsters anywhere the only monsters were found in the sand Dungeon with all the creepers just popping up around the corners

    Length:7/10 it took me about 40 minutes to complete which is about average for an ADV map I also completed all the side quests along the way and it was a ton of fun!

    Enjoyment: 10/10 Very fun map i like the fetching style and not to many enemies to **** you off as you play and you get very deep into the story in this map thanks to all the notes and all the signs theres also a currency system in this map! its pretty neat they use glowstone dust and theres a file in the RAR file that has the prices!

    Creativeness: 8/10 i've seen a ton of these maps with notes and everything but i like those but there not to creative anymore... The buildings are really neat and this map should've taken a very long time to make It had a ton of details in it and not to mention all of the stairs! Sheesh there were a ton of them in this map i liked the map overall! recommend it to everyone again

    Texture-pack: The texture-pack is included in the download folder :smile.gif:

    Huge Thanks to jacknife for giving support and Migrosbudget with his map, Lux Perpetua for inspiring me to make maps in the first place :smile.gif:

    Notes: When prompted in game to read a note, or purchase a note from a shop, you may read that note from the download folder, please do not read notes "just cuz"


    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?s3lxfse74zx2lac (just hit 500 dls :biggrin.gif:)

    :iapprove: V3

    Have fun! :Pig:
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    Hey, I recently made a map and am always feedback hungry so I assume others who make maps also are! I have decided to write reviews on maps and if I really like them i'll make a quick banner like the one in my signature! I will not be doing maps that require mods, sorry :sad.gif:. I will be reviewing PARK PUZ and ADV. I will try to do 1-2 reviews a day and will judge them on the following categories:

    Fun 1-5 (how much I enjoyed the map)
    Building 1-5 (how well built it is) PS my building ain't up to par XD
    Story for ADV, puzzles for PUZ and park for PARK 1-5

    That's it! I will archive all reviewed maps here and feel free to post them anywhere else!


    Map name:
    Creator name:
    Link to post: (no pics no clicks)
    Any other info:

    Parkour Madness

    Parkour Madness :biggrin.gif: Rating: 8/15
    Fun 3/5 Building 2/5 PARK

    I had mixed feelings about this map. It was fun to play but far to short. The only thing you really did was jumps, so I wouldn't classify this as ADV as well as PARK. The jumps where kind of close together and I would have liked to see some jumps I had to sprint to make but I saw none. Overall this map had a sort of charm, the building was clean and I enjoyed it for the 5 minutes it took and would love to see a longer sequel with some harder jumps and more innovative obstacles. If your looking for something to do fast I would recommend this map :tongue.gif:

    a map called doors

    Rating: 9/15
    Fun 3/5
    Building 3/5
    Park 3/5

    This map was fun. It took about an hour, and contained lots of good park. It was set into stages with varying difficulties and was highly enjoyable. The premis was that you wanted to leave this "place" and to do so you had to escape. My favorite rooms where lava rooms with water checkpoints and speed mazes (they took a few tries) Overall this map was enjoyable, but it's not the most easy map you will play. Reccomended!

    Legend of the Mallowelf Monument
    Rating: 8/15
    Fun 2/5
    Building 4/5
    ADV and PARK 2/5

    Well, this map was a little different. The premise was you are on a boat and need to find your friend, a professer, who is helping you to recreate a monument (A nether portal) When you start off you need to find him (took me a little bit) and than you jump in to finding the monuement peice. The reason this map got a low score for ADV and FUN was that I spent far to mutch of the time dieing and walking back. The things you needed to go to where all over the place, and I just didnt do anything that I really felt was different and super fun. The funnest part of this map was in the nether going around in circles on a minecraft trying to shoot paintings on a pillar. I did enjoy the concept but thought it could have been more well executed. Overall good map, but could use improvement.
    The Land of Zepher

    Rating: 13/15
    Fun 4/5
    Building 4/5
    ADV 5/5

    This map was really cool! You are basicly in a town that is being enslaved by zombies and have to go get help from a wizard and than help him to stop the zombies. What really did it more than that for me was how well put together the map was and how if you did the bare minimum you would have a hard time but if you explore a little bit you where able to get items to make it easier. I do have some issues with this map though. My biggest one was how you can go from peaceful room from swarming with zombies too fast with no warning. Among minor other things that was about it. A fun map to play and I would reccomend!
    Hope I get one to do tonight ^.^ and enjoy!
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    I'll give it a go when I get home! Looks alright! :smile.gif:
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    Hey everybody, it's ben a few days from v2 release and between than and now I have had some massive brianstorms, ideas, and a new
    genrel direction for this map to go in. The first big change is the first quest is done, and is fairly short. My idea is to, having
    finished the first quest, build a world of adventure, colonizing the whole minecraft map, with towns full of quest and aventure.
    The has presented some problems to me, first off, say someone in v3 played both available quests and achived some good gear from the
    new "death casino" and genreally explored the world. When I release v4 with new quests and lands to explore they don't want to start over!
    So I have developed a solution, that will be below marked as "Solution to new versions". Also I have noticed that it may be annoying to some people to have signs
    cluttering up the towns that they like to explore, from quests they have finished. To fix this I have decided, that any signs associated with quests may
    be freely removed when you are FINISHED with a quest.

    Solution to new versions: Well well well, you'v played version 1, 2 or 3 and with the release of the new quests you want to continue your progress? Well
    heres what you do. First off download "Invedit". When you download, unzip the folder and run inv edit, than click"open from "Kingdom of Bohl" (up at the top theres
    icons with dropdown menues). Now go to %Appdata%/.minecraft/saves and delete your current version and put in
    the new one. Return to invedit and click "Save" (not one of the drop down options, just click the button) and save it to wherever you please. Than close and re
    open invedit and click "load" (not one of the drop down options, just click the button) and load the inv you just saved and than click the drop down on "load"
    and click load to the new adventure map you just downloaded! Or you can just write down/mark your items and spawn them :tongue.gif:. After that you can noclip/fly whatever
    to where you left off (no abusing this, go straight there, no detours) and turn the mod off, and start playing! Also you can just replay the quests you'v done and get
    the rewards again. You may only have 2 items from the death casino at any given time.

    Updated rules! :biggrin.gif:
    No mods (unless specified by me like above lol)
    No fire tnt or water placing
    No adding/removing blocks unless you placed them, or they are in your house
    Feel free to use crafting/enchanting tables on any materials/items you come by
    Only have 2 or less death casino rewards from playing multiple versions at any given time (you may drop them in the trash in the first city if you
    want a new one)
    You may destroy fences

    Please sugust any rules you see fit to and I will consider them!

    If you make a video please post it here, also if anybody could make a trailer/banner its SUPER appreciated! :smile.gif:



    Feel free to add your own!

    Version history:

    v1 Brings to you: RELEASE :biggrin.gif:
    V2 Brings to you: Church added, Sumoners house added, Inn expanded
    v3 END OF FIRST QUEST! Monostary started (expect more) Second quest added! "Haunted watchtower, Crossing a drawbridge you notice some people
    talking about the hanted watchtower, are you brave enough to investgate?" and finally the next town, including the "Death Casino"
    Expected in v4: 2 new quests, expanded monostary, added details to both citys, and posibly an expanded mages tower!

    V1 Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AMCQJ9IK
    V2 Download:http://www.mediafire.com/?1dc4fm5hng3733p
    v3 Download:http:http://www.mediafire.com/?9aia38r6tr84drb

    Some buildings used are from http://www.mcschematics.com/

    Huge shoutout to "Lux perpetua" for inspiring this map and being the most fun I have ever had on a minecraft map.

    I hope you all enjoy my map and have fun!

    Play on at least easy, normal is recmomended

    Please sugust any rules you see fit to and I will consider them!

    If you make a video please post it here, also if anybody could make a trailer/banner its SUPER appreciated! :smile.gif:
    Also anybody who wants to give me like a "tips" section to put in this thred please feel free =3

    Some buildings used are from http://www.mcschematics.com/

    Huge shoutout to "Lux perpetua" for inspiring this map and being the most fun I have ever had on a minecraft map.

    I hope you all enjoy my map and have fun! :iapprove:
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