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    posted a message on Looking for very good Builders, Moderators, Helpers for HybridMC


    IGN: BlankCard

    Age: 15

    First Name: Miles

    Skype: Blank Card

    Past experience: I have been Admin and Mod on multiple previous servers.

    MC: A few years (2-3)

    I was fired yes, because I was singing lyrics that were taking as a threat.

    Scenario 1: Tell said person to stop spamming and stop asking, but if not listened to a 5-10 minute mute would come.

    Scenario 2: Kick him first and then tell him he has one more chance, if not used right, a temp-ban and then a full ban will follow.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Beta Testers Needed! Pixelmon, Railcraft, CustomNPC and LOTS of AUTOMATION and Quests!

    Sure man I'll bite, add me on Skype at : BlankCard

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    posted a message on Megido RPG II - Looking for lots of helpers

    I am skilled in making logos and banners, if you need me add me on Skype


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    posted a message on ▐▼HugeUniverse▼▐ is looking for staff! {Chat Mods}{Moderators}{Builders}{Helpers} [Prison Server]

    Mod Application

    1. Alex

    2. SunKnightSolaire

    3. ~8

    4. You can rely on me, since I get on regularly, and unless it is out of my ability I will try to make your server better for everyone.

    5. Maturity would be high when I am doing something that is actually important, but with friends or just playing around I'm honestly not very mature.

    6. Timezone - EST

    7. I have been a moderator for a small-ish server that wasn't fruitless leading to its closing. I can be charismatic, funny, anything positive. I am persistent and I hope to be a good addition if you allow me to join.

    8. Strengths - I don't get angry easily, I like to crack jokes and everyone considers me funny, I am likeable and I remain respectful even if I am not being treated respectfully.

    9. Weaknesses - Others not respecting rules annoys me. Officials not enforcing rules can be annoying since it's their job.

    10. Not sure what other is asking for. (incase my skype is PigeeSandwich)

    11. 15 years old, soon to be 16.


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