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    Hi everyone. I'm Pieceful and this is my first thread here. I've been a lurker for some time and I'm an old-school Minecraft fan. I stopped playing for a few years but now I am back :)

    Due to some health issues, I've been unable to sleep very well - and to deal with my insomnia I have started to design a texture pack. I am currently two days into the designing but I have been making steady progress.

    I plan to make a complete replacement for 1.12.2 textures and then I may move on to mod support.

    My pack is a mixture of photo based realistic textures with hand drawn elements and tweaks. I will record a diary of my progress here for those interested.

    Any recommendations, contributions or tips are welcome.

    First stage (5th August 2018)

    Crafting bench, Stone, Cobblestone, Stone bricks, Carved stone (Hammer & Chisel), Vanilla Minecraft ore set, sand. Other related textures are still being tinkered with ie sandstone etc.

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