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    posted a message on Mobs still walk through fences after 1.6.2 fix
    I haven't noticed any posts about it, but has anyone else experienced mobs escaping recently? I know 1.6.2 said it was fixed, but it still happens to me & some of my friends. Aside from building an enclosure out of solid blocks or tying a lead to all of my animals so they don't wander too far, does anyone have a solution? Getting a little bit frustrated
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    posted a message on Minecraft Themed Drinks! (Caffeine and Non Caffeine versions)
    Awesome idea :Diamond:
    Consider listing some of the drinks so we can try it out? (I'd love to know what's in Cyan...)
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    posted a message on Since when is minecraft a constant onslaught of zombies?
    Quote from n00bdragon

    You want a zombie apocolypse? Please for the love of Pete make that an option.

    Zombie Apocalypse Mode... I like it! :DSWORD: Maybe it could be an unlockable option after you defeat the ender dragon in hardcore...? Anyway, awesome suggestion!

    Has anyone else had problems with super-fast baby zombies being immune to sunlight?? I hope that's not a feature too...
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    posted a message on Saddles do NOT need a recipe! (POPULAR)
    1. I don't want a separate horse saddle, it's just over complicated

    2. Iron and leather are reasonably easy to get, but so are a lot of resources... and most of them have a recipe, however basic it might be. Who says recipes can't be more complicated? Why not craft a bridle and saddle separately then combine them to make it usable?

    3. I'd rather explore than trade, but I don't mind paying for one. If I've got enough resources, it's a good option. Note: villager trades aren't infinite and you need to find a villager who has saddles to trade in the first place (most villagers I encounter just deal with meat, wheat and emeralds in various combinations of the three).

    4. I want saddles removed from dungeons, especially if a recipe is implemented. I'd prefer one diamond, a few more gold ingots, a complete block of iron etc. (not all at once!)... something that feels like a bit more of a reward for the effort. Saddles feel like a common item, not a prize! I love exploring, but I'd make a bigger effort to fight my way through a dungeon if I thought I'd get something special out of it.

    5. I agree, one saddle type IS enough.

    6. Also a point I agree on, but I'm not that into servers. They're always over-crowded and some of them lag to the point that I just give up... so I can't really say if it's a fair long-term option for them.

    I guess I'm kind of divided on this argument - if you go out looking for saddles, they're everywhere! but I'd rather craft them INSTEAD of finding them (with trade still being an option)
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