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    IGN: PieIsAwesomeful
    AGE: 13
    WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN: I want to have a server that I can play and have fun on. Vanilla has really interested me lately, so I want to find a good vanilla server.
    WANT TO BE ELIGIBLE TO BE AN ADMIN: No, I just want to enjoy a fun server.
    WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE SERVER: A loyal player that loves to help out.
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    posted a message on DayzCraft [ZOMBIE][Guns][DAYZ][NO MODS NEEDED][Custom Texturepack][No Whitelist]
    This is just pathetic. You call MineZ a horrible copy and that the map is horrible, yet in the pictures you posted it looks like a 5 year old built it. From the comments, the server sounds horrible.

    To anyone looking for a much better MineZ server, go to us.shotbow.net (If you are US, EU is eu.shotbow.net)
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