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    posted a message on 16w02a [NEW MAP] RANDOM SERVER TITLE [ SNAPSHOT N' STUFF ]

    Age: 12

    Country: United States of America

    Tekkit experience:I have played a ton on Technic pack, a bit of several Tekkit servers

    Hope I get whitelisted, sounds like a great server!
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    Lol yeah, you could have blocky boobs for the women, a small block bulge in the pants for the guys, the girls would have a period according to IGN time, and guys would get super horny and have to F*** a pig occasionally.

    :tongue.gif: just kidding, other than the really creepy things, there wouldn't be much point, since you can make a girl or boy skin anyways.
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    Enemy's gate is down :tongue.gif: Best reference ever.
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    Quote from TheEagleCrafter

    Could it be built by herobrine?

    He's not real.
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