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    Hey Dillon could you make a banner for my server-in-progress. Just make it say GBW-Kraft or GBWKraft and along the bottom, put something like Survival, PVP, iConomy and PM it to me. Thanks!
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    One thing that I did was make a treehouse. It was actually like a tree(made out of non-refined wood) and buildings were on its branches. It looks very cool when you use a lot of glass and use leaves to make it look like an actual tree.

    Another thing you could do would be making a model of something in real life that is hollow. You could make a plane, boat, apple, animal, skeleton, etc. This could be very difficult, but if you are willing to put in a lot of effort and make it realistic, your whole spawn could be inside something cool.

    You could also make the spawn be an entrance to a theme park. They could go on a rollercoaster and ride by while viewing signs with your rules and server info and you could make it stop at different rooms so that they can stop and get to (for example) a room of portals.

    Lastly, you could make a statue of your character and hollow it so that the spawn is on the inside. I have seen people make statues, but I have never seen someone make their statue into a building.

    Please join my server when I am done making it. I will leave the IP. Thanks!
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