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    Mojang very recently released Minecraft update 1.17.1. It is therefore with this version that we have updated the Across The Time 2 map.Version 2.0.1 is now available in 1.17.1. and whose changes are indicated below.


    If you started the map in 1.17 and want to have these changes, you can simply copy the version 2.0.1 "datapack" folder and paste it in place of the version 2.0.0 folder. (In case you make these changes, still make a backup of your map)

    RELEASE V2.0.1

    Additions and Improvements:
    - The map is now playable in the latest version of Minecraft "1.17.1".
    - Improved statistics displays and added statistics in the "Consciousness" book.

    - It is now possible to play with a minimum distance of 10 chunks instead of 12 previously.

    Bug fix:
    - The display of skill points is now done immediately and automatically when the player attributes it in the "Consciousness" book.
    - "Jorïn" found in chests and sold by merchants are now stackable.
    - Enemies "Brigands" fighting melee, can now be damaged by magic spells.
    - In the side quest "The Emerald Journey" the minecart allowing the opening of the secret cave is now back on the rails.
    - The NPC "Fey" buys again the items that the player places for sale.
    - In the cave leading to the town of "Eolorion", if the player is on his horse he will be unsettled in order to cross.
    - The "Ryliath House Expansion" Exploit is now automatically validated after purchasing the house extension in Ryliath.
    - Exploits of "Vex" killed by the player can now be validated.
    - Links to URLs from dialogues or from the "Consciousness" book have been fixed.
    - In the logs servers no longer displays the multiple errors loading Minecraft vanilla advancements.

    - Some dialogs have been correcte
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    Hey! The new Across The time 2 map update 2.0.0 is now available for Minecraft 1.17.

    Lots of content, balances and bug fixes have been made, not to mention that the game has been optimized under the very latest version of Minecraft.


    Thanks to this new port to 1.17 and the performance gains we were able to afford to add more gameplay content as well as environment.

    Attention, as indicated in our previous article, this update is only available in version 1.17 of Minecraft, which means that the old versions of the map are obsolete. You will therefore have to restart the map entirely if you want to benefit from the latest changes made to this version.
    You can download the map and the resource pack here: https://adventquest.com/map-download

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask us on our server DISCORD.
    Thank you again to all those who follow us and continue to be faithful to each news!

    Consult in detail all the modifications by reading the patch note:

    RELEASE V2.0.0

    Additions and Improvements:
    - The map is now fully and only playable in the latest version of Minecraft: "1.17".
    - New textures have been added to the resource pack which has been updated for the latest version of Minecraft.
    - Over 150 new items (Potions, Weapons and Armor) of different rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Sovereign, Legendary) have been added and distributed in certain dimensions of the game.
    - Added two new weapon categories (Spears and Crossbows) and a new armor category (Obsidian).
    - Blacksmiths are selling some of these new items.
    - New weapons and armor of "Sovereign" qualities are sold by NPCs "Sirna Kho" and "Jade Rozaell" to "Ryliath" and "Eolorion".
    - Added new epic and legendary gear sets.
    - Shields now have skill effects.
    - The mythical shield "Aveugle Rempart" now has a special effect of resistance that can be stacked each time the player blocks a hit.
    - A new mythical weapon "Interfacer" is hidden in "Ithax".
    - A dedicated loot system has been added for each boss. Now they have an additional chance to drop specific very powerful items.
    - 2 new side quests have been added.
    - 3 new Bosses are emerging in "Nojelanth" and "Angor".
    - The forest exploration area in the past of "Nojelanth" has been reduced, however it has new chests and spawns as well as a new hidden area.
    - The design of some caves have been improved.
    - The "Bandit" archer evolved into "Pillager".
    - The boss "Scavenger" has evolved into "Ravager".
    - "Vex" spawns have been added in the dimension of "Ouranos".
    - "Creepers" spawns have been added in the desert of "Kert".
    - "Bee" spawns have been added in some forests and plains of "Sylberländ".
    - "Hoglin" spawns have been added to the beaches south of "Sylberländ" an "Nojelanth" forest.
    - Spectral arrows doing more damage than normal arrows can now be found in the dimension of "Angband" and "Ouranos".
    - A higher difficulty called "Nightmare" has been added. It has the effect of increasing the spawn rate and enemy attributes (speed, attack, resistance). Also the player's death penalty is also greater (increased Chronoton losses, experience, food, and cancellation of life regain with food).
    - Added a new feature at Tellurön's blacksmiths: repair. Depending on a progressively high price depending on the rarity of the item, the player can have their weapons and armor repaired.
    - After completing the main quest, "Sovereign" equipment vendors now bid 250 Chronotons for 1 "Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos".
    - The player can now collect the "Sovereign Chaos Scales" that were previously deposited with the "Sovereign" equipment vendor.
    - The player can now buy an extension to his house in each city. It contains new, better-stocked chests, smokers to cook food more quickly and the means to make a cake appear at will.
    - The extensions of the houses also have a small teleportation room connecting them to each other.
    - Added "Suicide" option as well as a statistic of the number of bets made at "Charles" in the book "Consciousness".
    - A cold penalty on health regain is now applied depending on the difficulty chosen to all players in the "Elcheol" mountains.
    - Added new music for Charles being in the forest of Soquaï.
    - Added new specific battle music for boss of sidequests.
    - Over 50 new achievements have been added in the "Monster Hunter", "Adventure", "Weapons", "Fight" and "Treasure" categories.
    - Added new category of exploits "Boss Trophies" which is unlocked for each boss defeated for the first time, thus allowing the player to gain even more points of exploits and experiences.
    - The armor destruction exploits of each equipment have been removed.

    - The resource pack has been optimized and therefore takes less time to load.
    - The font has been changed so that it is more readable by all.
    - There is no more freeze when loading in-game music.
    - The resistance of the "Creepers" has been reduced a little.
    - "Silverfish" have been replaced by "Bees" in the "Illusions" boss arena.
    - "Wolves" have been replaced by "Bees" in the Sylberländ plain.
    - The little "Zombies" have been replaced by "Hoglins" in the past area of ​​"Nojélanth".
    - From level 50, the player only gains 2 skill points after each Master level.
    - The number of "Creepers" to kill required to unlock achievements in this category has been reduced.
    - The effects of some weapons and armor of different rarities have been balanced.
    - The durability of legendary chainmail armor has been increased.
    - It is now possible to find weapons, armor and potions of "Common" rarity in the dimensions of "Billgart" and "Ouranos".
    - Spike traps now do more damage on difficulties greater than "Master".
    - Enemies in "Apprentice" difficulty now do a little less damage and their movement speed has been slightly reduced.
    - The drop of potions is a little less frequent on the entities.
    - When the boss "Umbra'Tyanth" dies, the player has additional chances of obtaining bad quality items.
    - The visual effect of some spells has been improved.
    - The power and radius of the spell "Tiid Klo Ui" has been reduced a bit.
    - The spell of "Storage" can now be used in all dimensions.
    - The time for some side quests requiring the player to wait has been reduced a bit.
    - A time bar has been added for events of "Pelzion" in "Ouranos".
    - The number of items obtained for the last bet level at 2500 Chronotons at "Charles" has been increased.
    - The upgrade to the last level of the spell "Stock" is now sold at the price of 50 "Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos".
    - Improved the victory boss effect.
    - The lackeys of the boss "Miehanov" have been leveled according to the difficulty of the game.
    - The resistance as well as the number of enemies of the "Somniophages" boss has been increased.
    - The Chronotons reward for Vulk's quest has been increased and the weapon repaired for the player will now be a Legendary Mace.
    - The range of some sounds has been increased and some have been improved.
    - Now the percentage of completion of the game is no longer defined according to the exploit points but only according to the objectives of the main and secondary quests. The total number of exploits obtained remains however always displayed in the statistics.
    - The total number of exploits has been increased and now stands at 7743 points.
    - The number of exploit points required to obtain "Ultima" has been increased again to 5000.

    Bug fix:
    - Skill effects of some weapons and armors have been corrected.
    - The spell "Stock" can no longer be destroyed if summoned underwater, and now disappears normally if the player uses a "Waypoint".
    - The area of malus effect in the "Nojelanth" desert has been enlarged.
    - The armor stand carrying the ancient mace for the quest of "Vulk" can no longer be broken.
    - When depositing a gem in "Ryliath", the woman and her visual effect no longer multiply.
    - The chill effect time after being corrupted on the "Soquai" bridge has been decreased.
    - If the player dies during the second phase of the "Vonaheim" boss, the lackeys disappear normally and the boss now regains his lives every time.
    - Boss "Ouran" now throws fireballs while speaking and during his last phase regularly spawns his "Phantom" minions.
    - The triggers assistance of the main quest in the academy of "Nojélanth" will now execute normally.
    - Destruction spells now work normally on the boss "Korlaph".
    - The player unlocks the Exploit of the quest "An unfortunate incident" even if he did not succeed in killing the witch.
    - The effect of flashing light for the spell "Ultima" has been reduced.

    - Dialogs have been fixed.
    - Game credits have been updated.
    - Blocks have been added or removed in some places to prevent the player from getting stuck.
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    We are finally approaching a new big step in the development of Across The Time 2: the update 2.0.

    It has been 6 months since the map was released and we were working on developing an upgrade from the 1.13.2 map to the 1.17 version of Minecraft. Basically, we only wanted to do a functional update for the latest versions of Minecraft, but over time we made the choice to add content like new mechanics.

    In this update 2.0 a lot of improvements and balances have been made to the game as well as to the resource pack.

    To illustrate all of these changes, here is a photo showing some of the equipment.

    As you can see, we have chosen a new font that is much more readable than the previous one that many players had complained about.
    You will also notice the addition of a new class of weapons and armor "Obsidian" as well as a new category of weapons "Spears".
    There will be no less than 150 new items. with new monsters, achievements, visual effects, and even new music and a new difficulty.

    In short there will of course be many other things, this is only a small preview of the improvements to come. All the details will be included in the patch note (we are not sharing it yet because it is still subject to change).

    These changes will be in addition to the improvements made with version 1.1.0 (which could not be uploaded due to some problems with mechanisms that have become obsolete in version 1.16.5 of Minecraft) which the patch notes already have been shared here:

    RELEASE V1.1.0

    Ajouts et Améliorations :
    - La map est désormais entièrement et uniquement jouable dans la dernière version de Minecraft : "1.16.5".
    - Ajout d'un son quand les "Chronotons" sont absorbés à partir de l'inventaire du joueur.
    - L'effet visuel du sortilège "Trait de feu" a été amélioré.
    - Les maisons de héros ont des "fumoir" afin de cuir la nourriture plus rapidement.
    - De nouveaux bloques, comme les lanternes ou feux de camps, ont été ajouté.
    - Un effet de vitesse de nage a été ajouté lorsque le joueur équipe entièrement le set des "Otauriens".
    - Les cloches durant la phase deux du boss "Ouran" sont désormais indiqués à distance par des bloques lumineux.
    - Ajout de piques au sol dans la salle du boss "Karön".

    Equilibrage :
    - Les "Slimes" et "Magma" ont vu leur vie augmenté mais leur absorption supprimé.
    - La quête du PNJ "Vulk" est débloqué à présent bien plus tard dans l'aventure.
    - Les quêtes secondaires en Angband rapportent un peu plus de Chronotons.
    - La récompense de "Trias", si le joueur décide de lui offrir son arc, a été drastiquement augmentée.
    - La puissance d'attaque du boss "Naër" a été augmenté.
    - La portée de certains sons a été augmentée.
    - La vitesse du joueur a été un peu réduit dans les conduits dans "Ithax".
    - Les dégâts du "Gardien" ont été un peu réduit.
    - La résistance du boss "Doom" a été un peu réduite.

    Correction de bug :
    - La musique de certains boss de "Billgart" ne se relance plus après leur mort.
    - L'arme légendaire vendu par le PNJ "Zirthan" est désormais disponible à l'achat.
    - Le son de dépôt de gemme de temps se lance normalement.
    - La résistance au recul trop importante sur les armures en cuir et armes émoussés a été corrigé et équilibré.
    - Il n'est plus possible d'échouer la quête "L'appât du gain" si le joueur décide de tuer le PNJ "Ashley Williams".
    - Le son des engrenages n'est plus démultiplié au nombre de joueurs connectés.

    Divers :
    - Des dialogues ont été corrigé.
    - Les crédits du jeu ont été mis à jour.
    - Des bloques ont été ajouté ou enlevé à certains endroits afin d'éviter que le joueur reste coincé.

    Lately, one of the notable improvements of this update is the performance. From now on there will be no more resource pack lite, only one resource pack will be enough to run the map according to the configurations of each one. Indeed with Minecraft 1.17, the loads will be much faster and smoother than during 1.13.2, which also means that there will be no more freeze when loading music on the map

    So in all hundreds of improvements, additions, balances as well as dozens of bugs that will be effective with this new update 2.0 of Across The Time 2.

    Unfortunately, players who have already started the map in 1.13.2 will not be able to save their progress on this new version available in Minecraft 1.17. Too many major changes was implemented with this new update and it will therefore be mandatory to start a new game if you want to benefit from any improvements.

    But if one day we bring new content, know that thanks to 1.17 you will no longer have to restart the game from the beginning (this is also why we wanted to make this upgrade in version 1.17 of Minecraft, it allows even more freedom). Indeed in the next versions after 2.0 you will only have to place the correct folders of the new map in the old one without losing your progress.

    Regarding a release date, for the moment we do not prefer to communicate one, but it will arrive shortly. Mojang has indeed officially announced the release of the last official version of Minecraft 1.17, it will be on June 8, 2021! They have just released their fifth pre-release of version 1.17 and the tests already carried out on it are very conclusive. In short, it's a story of a few weeks, so be prepared...

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    Good morning all!

    I bumb my old topic for several reasons:

    - First, to thank all the people who have played this great Across The Time adventure and celebrate the 6 years of the release of this project and its more than 500,000 DOWNLOADS.

    - Then, to offer you this Trailer made by PengoPlay a video editor on Minecraft and a big fan of Across The Time. So he had the idea of creating a new trailer that was much better than the old one:

    The French version is hosted on our youtube channel!

    - Futhermore, "PumpKingFR" another fan of our work, made a guide in French of Across The Time. It is the most complete to date, however it is only available in French.
    Even after 6 years, the map continues to be played. It is more than unexpected that our work will still attract so many people around the world.

    You can consult it HERE!

    Lately, our biggest news: the release of the sequel to Across The Time! You can download and play it now!

    Do not hesitate to take a look also on our Website and to discuss with the community of the two maps also on our Discord.

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    Hey, we made two more hotfixes with some balancing, bug fixing as well as the addition in the download of the "Lite" version of our resource pack. So here we are with version 1.0.4 of Across The Time 2.

    Feel free to also share them on our Discord and also discuss with the community: https://discord.gg/UuQ8Z25sPJ

    RELEASE V1.0.4

    Additions and Improvements:
    - The compressed file now also contains a "Lite" version of the resource pack to allow players to change it if Minecraft crashes.

    - The number of particles in the "Vonaheim" dungeon from the puzzle of the wind throwing the player into the void no longer correlates with the number of connected players.
    - The speed of levitation in space has been increased a bit.
    - The number of Exploit points required to obtain "Ultima" has been reduced to 4500.

    Bug fix:
    - It is no longer possible to kill boss "Umbra'Tyanth" before it has completed its first phase.

    - Some dialogs have been corrected.
    - Game credits have been updated.

    RELEASE V1.0.3

    Additions and Improvements:
    - Reward chests have been added to the end of the "Myrath", "Käron", "Golem", "Miehanov", "Naër", "Aozathreyon" bosses.
    - Ender chests have been added to some boss reward rooms.

    - The "Doom" boss is a little less resistant and if the player forgets to pick up the "Medallion", he has a chance to drop it again provided he has completed the "Jzargo" quest.
    - The cooldown of the spells "Spectral Axe" and "Spectral Bow" has been slightly increased and it is now impossible to accumulate weapons in the inventory when the spell is at level 6.

    Bug fix:
    - It is no longer possible to get absorbed more quest items than necessary when several players are positioned on the gold pressure plate.
    - When several players push the Slime block at the same time in a Billgart riddle, it no longer disappears.
    - Battle sound no longer plays after killing a boss.
    - King "Adrian" no longer offers his side quest again once validated.
    - "Jorïn" bought from the merchant and found in chests can stack now.

    - Some dialogs have been corrected.
    - Game credits have been updated.
    - Blocks have been added in some places to prevent the player from getting stuck.
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    The new year 2021 has just started, and we've decided to make a minor update of Across The Time 2 to fix some issues, as well as small improvements.

    The new version 1.0.2 is available for download on our site: https://adventquest.com/map-download

    Changelog :

    RELEASE V1.0.2

    Additions and Improvements:
    - New players can now join a game already started by other players on the server (Maximum 5 players).
    - A security system is now enable if any new player connects to the server when the game has already been started.
    - Some secret chests have been added.
    - During the introduction, the first combat cinematic has been shortened and it is possible to skip the first dialogue between "S" and the player.

    - Boss "Doom" is less aggressive but his resistance is slightly increased, and when the player falls from the arena he no longer dies every time.
    - Boss "Ted" is faster and Skrappy's progenies is more powerful.
    - Boss "Blobby" does less damage.
    - Some chests have been modified to contain more items, especially those hidden by crumbly blocks or solid ice.
    - "Stray" entities now have a little less resistance and movement speed.
    - "Vindicator" entities now have a higher movement speed.

    Bug fix:
    - The main NPCs during certain cutscenes in Angband appear normally.
    - Player invicibility security during intro no longer remains enabled when the player has started the game and another player logs in.
    - The achievements "Lost Island", "Salmon tasty" and "Dahäl Master" can now be unlocked.

    - Some dialogs have been corrected.
    - Blocks have been added in some places to prevent the player from getting stuck.

    We have also received some complaints about the resource pack being able to crash the game when loading, which is why we have tried to make a Lite version of the resource pack, available here: https://adventquest.com/across-the-time-2/resource-pack

    We remind you that Across The Time 2 is a huge adventure map with a lot of gameplay as it rarely exists on Minecraft vanilla and therefore it's always advisable to provide enough RAM to your game and server. All the recommendations are noted here: https://adventquest.com/across-the.../guide/rules-settings

    We hope you have well celebrated this new year and we wish you all good health and happy new year 2021!
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    I'm sorry, but uh, the resourcepack is extremely broken, every time i try to activate it (ingame and in the main menu of MC) it instantly crashes my game.

    How much RAM do you have to allocate for your game? It's not a broken resource pack, it's just heavy enough to load the music.
    In short, it is recommended to 4GB of Ram as well as to wait 30 seconds for the resource pack to be loaded.

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    Hi, it's been a week since the "Across The Time 2 - Time For Regrets" map was released. We have received quite a bit of feedback regarding bugs and balancing issues.
    So we have decided to make an update available.

    This version 1.0.1 improves the font rendering, balances Dahäl spells and fixes some bugs (you will find details here :

    RELEASE V1.0.1

    Additions and Improvements:
    - Some alteration spells now produce permanent particles on the player for the time the spell is applied depending on their level.
    - The font of the resource pack has been improved.

    - The number of skill points needed to increase Dahäl's regain has been increased a bit.
    - The number of skill points needed to increase movement speed has been reduced a bit.
    - "Soquai" torrent slimes no longer appear before starting the "Budding Archaeologist" side quest.
    - The power of the spells "Explosive trap", "Power ray" and "Swarm arrows" has been increased in the last levels, but their number of use to evolve as well as the consumption in Dahäl has been increased.
    - The power of "Wolf" and "Golem" spells has been increased overall, but their number of uses to evolve as well as the consumption of Dahäl has been increased.
    - The number of uses to evolve as well as the consumption in Dahäl of the spell "Earthquake", "Thunder", "Absorption" and "Bait" has been increased in the last levels.
    - The number of uses to evolve the spell "Tiid Klu Ui" and "Healing" has been increased in the last levels.
    - The movement speed bonus of the spell "Elusive" has been increased.
    - The power of the spell "Inferno" has been increased in the last levels.
    - The consumption in Dahäl of the spell "Berserk" as well as its penalty of regeneration of life has been increased.
    - The price of the "Healing", "Golem" and "Absorb" spells has been increased a bit.

    Bug fix:
    - Some entities that were active in permanently charged regions now disappear entirely and are no longer charged unnecessarily.
    - After completing the quest for "Aldelrion", "Rodmat" boss spawns without dying automatically when the player goes into the arena to kill him again.
    - The message "not enough Chronotons" no longer appears after validating the transaction with an innkeeper and the NPC "Negan Greyson".
    - The display of the percentage of total completion of the map in the "Consciousness" book is displayed correctly when several players are connected.
    - If the player does not want to help the NPC "Chiara", now she is definitely fleeing her house.
    - Numerous fixes have been made to Dahäl spells.
    - The NPC "Garry Traskel" no longer returns his quest by talking to him again.

    - Some dialogs have been corrected.
    - Game credits have been updated.

    Players who have already started the game can update their map without losing their progress by copying/pasting the "datapack" folder as well as the "resource pack".

    You can download this new version through this link.

    We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year's Eve.
    See you in 2021 for more content!

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    posted a message on [Epic RPG Adventure MAP] - {Across The Time II - Time for Regrets}
    The big day has come!

    It is with great joy that we announce today the official release of Across The Time 2 - Time For regrets.
    This time, enough chit-chat, the map (available in English and French) can now be downloaded and played for free by everyone through this

    {Minecraft Vanilla 1.13.2}​

    We remind you however that there are certain conditions to play Across The Time 2: you must have the Java version of Minecraft in 1.13.2 and follow certain instructions indicated in this link so that your gaming experience is the most pleasant possible.

    Regarding streaming or video retransmission, everyone is of course allowed to do so. However, it is recommended that you do not appropriate our work because of the rights of the project.

    Try to talk about it and share it as much as possible around you in order to help us gain visibility, and if you want to support our work, you can do so by going to this address:

    If you would like to join our community and discuss Adventquest projects together, you are invited and welcome to our Discord!

    We would like to thank all the people who participated and supported this great project from the start (the credits have been updated).

    In short, this year will not have been easy, so we hope that this little "Christmas present comes early" will brighten up these last 2 weeks 2020 and give hope for the following year because do not forget: this is just the beginning!
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    posted a message on [Epic RPG Adventure MAP] - {Across The Time II - Time for Regrets}

    Hill Valley
    Torrent de Soquaï
    Vallée d'Eol
    Ile d'Asunark

    Donjon Vonaheim
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    posted a message on [Epic RPG Adventure MAP] - {Across The Time II - Time for Regrets}

    Minecraft’s RPG Adventure Map even wider than the previous one.
    Presented and created by Team Adventquest.
    Based on an original idea of Thunderstruck and Piccomaster.

    Project’s beginning : 22 Avril 2015
    Release date planned : December 16, 2020

    {Minecraft Vanilla 1.17}​

    We remind you however that there are certain conditions to play Across The Time 2: you must have the Java version of Minecraft in 1.13.2 and follow certain instructions indicated in this link so that your gaming experience is the most pleasant possible.

    Regarding streaming or video retransmission, everyone is of course allowed to do so. However, it is recommended that you do not appropriate our work because of the rights of the project.

    If you would like to join our community and discuss Adventquest projects together, you are invited and welcome to our Discord!

    - A large RPG Map/PVE, semi-open Solo or Multi (max 5 players).
    - Over 30 hours of game time for the main storyline.
    - A long main quest with an original story.
    - Many cutscenes throughout the adventure.
    - A wide world with varied biomes and unusual realm in diverse dimensions.
    - Magic spell consuming Dahäl can scale on10 levels, each based on your improvement and your frequency of using them.
    - Many secondary quests to complete, and an elaborate quest tracking system.
    - GPS system pointing the player in the right direction of the chosen quest goal.
    - Cities and villages spread across the worlds and inhabited by many NPCs with whom you will have to interact with.
    - A Role Play always more entertaining thanks to a reputation system according to the responses and actions provided during your adventure.
    - Hundreds of achievements to complete, and panoramas to discover for the intrepid travelers.
    - Many items (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical) to collect.
    - A resource pack adapted to the gameplay, with customized items (keys, artifacts, books), new types of weapons (Maces, Knives) and new sounds.
    - The original musics composed entirely for the game.
    - 3 Level difficulties (Apprentice, Veteran, Master) with a balanced death penalty system.
    - Evolution of the player by level "Rising " by gaining experience (Hearts, Dahäl, Skills).
    - Skills to unlock (Strength, Resistance, Haste etc...).
    - Evolutionary and scalable system of the enemies depending on the level of player.
    - Many battles against thousands of Monsters, Elites and Boss.
    - Riddles, puzzles and jumping test and event will spice your quest up.
    - A checkpoint system if you die and Waypoint to travel more easily.
    - Thousands of chests, boxes and secrets to discover.
    - A highly developed economy with its own currency « Chronotons » and a secondary one, very rare :« Ecaille Souveraine du Chaos ».
    - Many shops (Food, Weapons, Armors, Potions...).
    - Weapons or armor recycling easily convertible in Chronotons.
    - A bank to deposit your Chronotons.
    - An anti-cheat system to drastically reduce the player’ cheat cravings and to ensure the good functioning of the systems and adventure map during this long journey.

    Across The Time 2 data, it's about :
    + 12.000.000 (total area of the map, all dimensions),

    + 55,000 Words of dialogue
    + 20,000 Functions
    + 5,000 Mobspawner
    + 3,500 Chests
    + 700 Exploits
    + 450 Scoreboards
    + 400 Unique items
    + 350 Checkpoints
    + 350 Customized Sounds
    + 300 Quest Objectives
    + 150 NPCs
    + 50 Normal Levels
    + 50 Master Levels
    + 50 Side Quests
    + 30 Bosses
    + 25 Spells
    + 20 Original Music

    - The map is compatible only with version 1.13.2 of Minecraft.
    - Install and activate the resource pack "Across The Time II - Resource Pack 1.13.zip" before starting to play.
    - Stay in Adventure gamemode.
    - Render Distance (Chunk vision) Minimum : 12
    - The "OptiFine" mod is recommended for playing "Across The Time 2":
    1. Download (in 1.13.2): https://optifine.net/downloads
    2. Go to your download folder and open the downloaded file.
    3. Click on "Install".
    - Solo playable but possibility of cooperative play: 1 to 3 players advised, Maximum 5 players.

    MULTI :
    - You have to install a server. To do this, many tutorials are available on the internet like this: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Setting_up_a_server
    - You must assign yourself the administration of the server by writing this command in the server terminal: /op [​playername]
    - Do not use plugins with "Spigot", "Bukkit" etc...
    - Enable the command block.

    It is a consistent map in systems and content, then it is advisable to activate the resource-pack before entering the game. It may take 30 to 60 seconds for the resource-pack to load.
    If there is a problem when launching the map or the resource-pack, you have to allocate enough RAM to Minecraft.
    - Recommanded required (1 player): 4Go.
    - Recommanded required (3 players): 5Go.
    - Recommanded required (5 players): 6Go.

    Since the events of Across The Time, you have managed to return to your era and a few years have passed. The hero you embodied has resumed to his old habits in the city where he lives: Hill Valley. This town, following the disruptions of the magical source, was able to partly transform it and so, use it as an energy source.
But in this new peaceful life, evil resurfaced. It eats you away since you drank the source of corruption in the Kingdom of Angband in the old days.

    This all besides the fact that your heroic acts are completely forgotten in the modern time in which you live, and your new daily habits are driving you completely embittered. You gradually start losing the control of your mind; nothing seems to have control over this mystical power of the ancient source of corruption.
The person who was the hero of the 7 Worlds seems to have faded and sank into a hellish vortex. You start killing innocents…

    This is when a mysterious being appears; the only name that he will give to you is a letter… « S ». A new reason to fight will arise from the threat of this evil energy. 
 »S » will entrust you with a task, a mission in which you will have to wipe out the heroic life you have spent in Ëarndhel and question the people who helped you in the past.
But this new quest might give you the opportunity of making a name in a new world of the past of Tellurön.

    You will have to travel the land of Silberländ in order to get rid of the evil in your mind.
This mission, far less heroic from the one you had to save the 7 worlds can seem much less epic as well. This task won’t be easy and many things will be revealed about you.
You will travel from one region to another, from towns to villages and also through new dimensions. You will not only learn more about yourself but also about the history of the seven kingdoms. Many more surprises to come…

    The hero that you were must avoid chaos and oblivion; you were not the chosen one from the 7 World for no reason after all …
Control the magic of the old days « Dahäl » by learning more spells; master the numerous weapons and armors; help the people of Silberländ; collect you own fortune with the local currency « Chronoton » and climb the levels to become even more powerful.
A new epic adventure awaits you in « Across The Time II – Time for Regrets ».

    Across The Time 2 is just like the previous one : a RPG Adventure style map PVE with a multiplayer mode: from 1 to 5 players.
    You will need to complete a very long journey through a main quest, across a huge semi-open world.

    Many quests and challenges await you on the road as well as a lot of battles against monsters.
    As in any other RPG you will be allowed to choose your skill and select your answers on some dialogue. In order to improve your abilities and evolve, you will have an evolution system based on your level and a highly developed economy to help you progress.

    Also hundreds of items (partly customized by texture pack) are included in the map. They can be available in shops or to collect in the monsters’ loots you kill.
    A magic system of leveling and power was created for the map, and many things, which will be introduced later on.

    Your path will be full of pitfalls and the monsters you meet will always be more powerful than the previous. Normal Mobs like the elites will have a level system according to the player’s power. Like that, improvement and progression will sound even more attractive.

    Many customized bosses will stand in your way. You will have to fight using all your strength … but also cunning, to beat them.
    In open areas, monsters will reappear to enable the players to farm and increase their power.
    To fight these dark forces, you can use multiple fighting styles: Distance (Arc), CAC (Sword, Axe, Mace…) and Magic (out of attack or assistance).
    The power of monsters relative to the player's level will be indicated by a symbol above the monster's head.

    The player will have the ability to increase the power thanks to the experience, chests or quest rewards.
    A leveling system appears in Across the Time 2 called "Rising". It will allow to define the power of the player compared to the monsters.

    Each of these levels you'll win:
    - Additional Hearts,
    - Dahäl max,
    - Skill points.

    Sharing of Heart and Dahäl will be done automatically but Skill Points may be spent in different categories at the Weapon Master.

    The maximum level that can be reached by the player is set to "50".
    But we have not neglected the end-game because after this maximum level, additional ranks called "MASTER" can still be won.
    So the player can continue to evolve and increase in power even after completing the main quest.

    During your adventure, you must travel through a very large area, and you will also meet many NPCs.
    Besides your long main quest you will have access to additional content to improve your experience. Through side quests you can discover plenty of other areas and awards.
    Nevertheless, you can rest assured: monitoring book quests will help you to exactly where you need to go to your main quest and so know where you are in the other side missions, all in a single click.
    You will need just to press an icon and each of the quests will be specified in a list in the chat. Then, you will be able to know what the hero must done, what he has completed and what he must be found by clicking on the name of the quest.
    Screenshot below to illustrate this system.

    Curiosity will be rewarded, don’t be afraid to adventure… many surprises await you!

    The GPS work on the principle of triangulations coordinates. Here we serve only a plan in 2 Dimensions (X, Z), it's all that matters because if the player is lost will know the azimut and find the goal he seeks. The height will no longer be a problem after.

    The choice of the objective (primary or secondary) will therefore be possible thanks to the help book quests. It will be enough so that the lost player activates the system by a simple click in this help book quest he will then choose in the chat. An arrow will appear directly above his head indicating the precise direction view of the goal. In order to evaluate the distance between the player and the objective, the arrows will have 8 different colors. The red will mean that the player is still far from the goal, then when he comes near it will turn to orange, then yellow to finish by shades of green.

    In order to increase your will of traveling to faraway places, the Exploits system resurfaced.
    On top of side quests, you will have challenges to achieve along the adventure; you will earn XP and money as you complete them.

    During your adventure in Across The Time 2 you will be accompanied by more than secondary objectives whose display is directly linked to the game in the menu.
    This will allow you not only to have extra rewards but also to be able to follow your progress of the story very easily, and for those who aim to complete everything and unlock secrets they will have the availability to complete many groups of advancements (adventure, travel , history, fights, etc...).

    In addition a new system of Exploit was realized: the Panorama. You can be an explorer and discover all the places and beautiful views of the area.

    Through the side quests you will talk to people, conversations during which you will have several choices to make.
    Those choices will have an influence on the reactions and the awards you can get. A reputation’s counter will constantly calculate: if you do good you will be rewarded in a very distinctive way than is you do absolute evil around you.

    The gameplay will be greatly diversified according the choices that the player will make in his evolution.
    As in any RPG, the player will evolve by cap of level, and in Across The Time 2 the player will gain points of skills that can be spent in several attributs as you can see in the following picture :

    « STR » Physical strength and the damage he will do with the hand weapons and arcs.
    « RES » The resistance to the physical damage of enemies.
    « HAS » The strike rate of CaC weapons and not ranged weapons.
    « SPD » The movement speed.
    « HER » Health generation.
    « DAR » The rate of Dahäl regeneration points.
    « LUC » The ability to find rarer magic items.
    « HUN » The saturation of the player’s hunger bar.

    Obviously this won’t be free, in order to unlock abilities you will hate to spend your experience points.

    The player can choose different difficulties: "Apprentice", "Veteran", "Master".

    In order to stop the player from foolishly running into traps or in a room full of monsters, it will always be sanctioned by a death penalty. But although this penalty is adjustable according to the difficulty, a checkpoint system will always save the last position.

    The price of death will be calculated by a percentage of Chronotons according to the chosen difficulty. If you play in a great difficulty you may lose experience.

    If you die, your body will reappear on the last checkpoint you checked. You must not forget to validate them since most of them won’t be automatic.
    Although horses will be available, Waypoints will be very useful to get from one point to another in an instant.
    They will be available in each strategic region of the map. In order to use them you will have to find them first and unlock their ability to teleport.

    In the kingdom of Sylberländ you will find multitude of items of all kinds and especially some to kit you out to fight evil :
    Weapons (bow, sword, dagger, mace, axe) Armor (leather, gold, iron, diamonds) and shield.
    Different classes of items will also be available: some in abundance and some other on very rare occasions.

    Common (Items with malus)
    Quests (Items for quests)
    Uncommon (Items with bonus)
    Rare (Items with enchant and bonus)
    Epic (Items Powerful items)
    Legendary (Items very powerful)
    Mythical (Customize items with unique effects)

    Some items will be customized thanks to the textures pack, for example the Epic currency « Ecaille Souveraine du Chaos ».

    In addition to the enderchest, we created a system of portable-chest like bags that you can summon whenever you like (for example in a dungeon) thanks to the Dahäl.

    Magic spell is based on the incantations with books which is practical thanks to the Dahäl incantation’s tool.
    This new item makes it easier to cast the spell, as you can see on the video.

    Each spell will be available in Magic Book and may improve according to how many times you used them.
    At the beginning the spells that were not used yet will not have much impact, but gradually as the player uses a magic spell, its power will increase. Moreover some spells will see their visual effect change as they evolve.
    When a spell passes a level you will need to check it at the Master of Dahäl’s place.
    There are 10 levels by spell book, and there will be more than 25 spells in Across The Time 2.

    Always important in an RPG-like game is the economy and in particular the currency, here still called « Chronoton » as in Across The Time first named.
    It will be used mainly to buy many items in stores that will serve you in your adventure.
    Monsters will drop some coins whose number will vary according to their difficulty, and you will have to complete missions or sell the loot from a specialist dealer to gain Chronotons.
    But although Chronotons will be useful, it will not neglect another currency that reappeared in Across The Time 2 « Ecailles Souveraines du Chaos » (or in english « Scale the Sovereign Chaos »). This currency is a very rare and legendary item, you can purchase powerful epic items in a store planned for this purpose.

    During your journey you will find several towns populated by NPCs including traders who are willing to do business with you.
    Each of the towns or villages will have all kinds of shops who you can buy various items with your Chronotons :
    – Blacksmith (weapons and armor)
    – Grocery (various Food)
    – Alchemist (Potion)
    – Enchantress (Clothes of Dahäl)
    – Woodcutter (coal)
    – Stable (Horses)
    – Clandestine Market (Sovereign Object)
    – Master of Dahäl (Books of Spells)

    You can also spend some Chronotons to the hostel from the main town to rest and recover quickly all your life.

    A bank will be set up in several cities in order to protect your money in case of death. Indeed when you die you lose a percentage of Chronotons you have on you.
    Deposit your money in the bank and during your adventure you will protect your gains.

    A very satisfying way to immerse yourself in Minecraft adventure is the resource pack, because it allows you to have available to numerous customization.

    Especially, add the customized items such as new weapons (knives, masses, legendary weapons), various objects specially modify for this adventure (Sovereign Scale Chaos keys, quest Object). They will, moreover, designed in 3D as you can see in the images below.


    Also, the resource-pack allows another presentation of the inventory, including many customs sounds.
    Of course not to mention a soundtrack with new original music composed for the map entirely.
    The resource pack will now directly integrated into the map.

    Here 2 pieces of the original soundtrack already composed for the map (click to listen) :

    Finally, as you understand, Across The Time is not a simple map Minecraft. It's a Universe, a Story in its own right! Thundesrtruck who created and writes the story continues to flesh it out day by day. In the map you will find many texts, but many are very long and will be for some diffused on our Internet site.
    Other stories of Thundesrtruck are in development and will surely be novels to be unveiled apart from the game in books.
    We have already shared a new Lore on our Adventquest site in English:
    - The Hunter Of Worlds
    The construction of this huge map requires much time, resources and technique to build, terraform, or create commands blocks systems and now in functions.
    That’s why we use a few plugins and software to help us in this difficult task.
    To develop and encode in Minecraft functions we use VisualStudio.

    We have a private server in Minecraft 1.13.2 to work together on the map and using Spigot we guarantee the support of all our favorite plugins such as World Edit and VoxelSniper.
    We also use MCedit and NBTedit to help us change some technical and internal aspects of the map.
    For rendering pictures, we use primarily the shaders Sildurs Vibrant directly into play and we will also use the software Chunky to make larger photos of the map.
    Trailers videos are created with iMovie and the music is composed with Logic Pro X on Mac.
    Regarding the resource pack we use the paint.NET software for 2D textures and BDcraftCubik Pro or BlockBench for 3D.

    We do not hide behind the ambition that is this project, especially when it is a totally free work for people.
    Indeed we do everything, even without benefit of sale, this is why we are obviously open to any financial support by donation you can do to the team (link at the top of the post), we'll be you extremely grateful.

    Minecraft is our passion and we hope to share our love of video games, map-making and music to people, but sharing even if it must exist, it must not only be in one direction.
    Thank you for your patience and your support.

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    posted a message on 1.12 to 1.13 Command Converter (Up to 1000 Commands at Once!)


    It is a very good idea to have created this software.
    However as soon as I drop the .txt file with the commands 1.12, when I press on "Enter" the software closes directly. Whether it is the Lite version or not.

    I use the latest version 1.3.4 so I do not understand, I use windows 10.
    I tried 1.2.7 but this was the output file that the software did not find.

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    posted a message on 1.12 - Custom Advancements (AKA Achievements)

    Oh ok, thank you, I did not understand the paragraph and think we had to tinker like that ^^. Yes I would like to know if there is an easier way to totally remove these advancements too.

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    posted a message on 1.12 - Custom Advancements (AKA Achievements)

    Hi, this is a very good tutorial that I use since the 1.12 is released.

    I enjoy creating any kind of advancement for my map, but I have a little problem with the Advancements of the original minecraft.

    Actually, I have for example create a brand new advancement group, one of which is to find a diamond. Except that when I find a diamond I have two advancements that unlock, that of the Minecraft vanilla and mine I created.

    My map is a big adventure (Across The Time 2) totally different of the functioning of minecraft vanilla
    So I'd like to know how it is possible to remove the 5 groups advancements of Minecraft vanilla ("adventure", "end", "husbandry", "end", "nether") on my map to have totally blank groups, and creating all news advancements without having the same overlapping?

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    posted a message on Adding an enchant and attribute modifier tag to an item

    We are in 1.9.4 now and this bug is still not fixed...

    Edit : Ok it's fixed, but the enchantment is calculated on the damage base of the weapon and not on the amount of the damage attribut modifier.

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