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    posted a message on Travelling Merchants (rare)
    This idea would add a more of an atmosphere to the game. Support
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    posted a message on Command Block Love Mode
    I know you can apply particles onto players, but I don't know if you can do it to entities. Probably not.
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    I have the worst luck with this kind of stuff, I can never get anything good out of fishing :P
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    posted a message on Infiltration - A PVE Puzzle Map! (WIP)
    The first major part of the building is finished!
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    posted a message on Infiltration - A PVE Puzzle Map! (WIP)
    Quote from ApolloDragons»
    looks cool

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    posted a message on Infiltration - A PVE Puzzle Map! (WIP)
    You are an agent of the Minecraftian Army, and you have been ordered to infiltrate the Militia. This mission is the most dangerous mission you have ever been on, and the risks are high. You have to beat the hundreds of soldiers and security guards that block your way in the biggest military base in the Militia.
    What it will have:

    • A TON of PVE

    • Redstone alternatives

    • Action around every corner

    • A unique storyline
    This is my very first map I am making so I hope you enjoy it when it comes out.
    Screenshots Below
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    posted a message on We Need Builders and staff!!
    How old are you?: I am 13 years old.
    Do you have experience being staff member on a server?: I have been an admin on 2 servers and have had experienced with working with newer players.
    Do you have Skype? (If so, please provide Skype name): My skype is pitotheguy
    Why should I make you a part of our team?: There are many reasons why you should make me a part of the staff team in Galaxy Network. MY overall character is a perfect fit for a staffing position. For one, I am a very hard working individual. I don't stop doing something I love doing until it is fully completed. That is a very good virtue to have when you are a staff member. To add to that, I am also motivated and driven to staffing. I never stop doing something I love, and staffing is no exception. Being motivated is a great trait for being a staff member. Finally, I am very caring and nice to people. I respect everyone I meet, because I don't know who they are and I like to be optimistic. I hope you can see why I would be a great fit to be a staff member for this server.
    Why do you want to become apart of our team?: I want to became a staff member on galaxy network for a few reasons. First, I got a very good first impression when I saw the original post. It was well organized and it showed a lot about the content that will be on the server. Furthermore, I think this server will go a long way and I want to be a part of that journey. This server is one in which I want to help and make it become the best it can be.
    Can you help build?: Yes, I believe I am a pretty good builder and I will always be able to help out.
    Plugins your used: Some plugins I have used are towny, mcmmo, jobs, chestshop, residence, and some other small plugins.

    Do you mind being in a team?: I do not mind at all.
    If someone you dislike is in the Staff group or higher, will you complain?: I will not.
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    posted a message on Small whitelisted survival server.
    Age: 13
    What do you like building/doing in Minecraft? I have an interest in medieval houses, as well as modern architect as well.
    Which of these tool(s) are in Minecraft? Mace, Rubber sword and Wooden hoe: Hmmmmmmmmm, this is a toughie. Just kidding, wooden hoe.
    Your IGN: ThePiGuy225
    How long have you been playing Minecraft? Since May 2012 , or a little over 2 years.
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    posted a message on Thermindorn [1.7.5] [PVP] [FACTIONS] [MCMMO]

    Welcome to Thermidorn!

    We are a small minecraft faction server with much to enjoy. Not only does our server have much to offer, but Thermidorn has 120 slots with 24/7 hosting and minimal lag! Our server offers:

    - A PVP arena
    - Factions
    - MCMMO
    - Auctions
    - Amazing Staff
    - Raiding
    - And much more!

    So what are you waiting for? Come to our server!

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    posted a message on "Realistic" 3D Zombie Pigman Approach ... what would you do?
    As they run the fastest of any legged non-player mob, you don't want to make him too muscular .
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w11b Ready for Testing
    While it is disappointing that the minecart physics were broken in a way, it is a pretty good snapshot to say the least. Some people don't appreciate the snapshots because it doesn't come with huge features. There have been so many bugs fixed in the 1.8 snapshots it's not even funny. Appreciate the snapshots. They might change bad things later.
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    posted a message on Automated Wither Skelly Farms
    Going back to the original question, making an automatic wither skeleton farm would be the same as making a zombie pigman farm. You can't get wither skeleton spawners legitimately, so you would have to make a farm design similar of that to a pigman farm.
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    posted a message on Name Changing at Last BUT...
    First, a full minecraft account is 27 dollars, so even f it was 15 dollars to change your username, it would still be a better deal.

    I personally do not think that they would charge for changing your minecraft username, but I think they would make you wait a long period of time to change your name again (every 6-12 months).
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    posted a message on New Server Looking for Admins/ Builders
    In game name: ThePiGuy225

    Age: 13

    Skype username: pitotheguy

    Admin Experience: I have been an admin for about a month on Halocraft, a small faction server. I was recently promoted to head admin a few days ago for my superior performance on the server. I believe I had a lot of experience on that server an that would help me helping your server.

    Plugin Experience: I am familiar with many plugins, but a little rusty on implementing them. I hope this will not affect the application much as I am being pretty honest here.

    Tell us about yourself (At least 4 sentences please). I am ThePiGuy225, also known as Pi. I really enjoy Minecraft and other video games, but I do very well in other education stuff, so I am not an idiot who doesn't know how to be an admin. My family and peers are often noticing that I am a caring and respectful person. I try my hardest not to be anyone's enemy unless it is completely necessary. This will help me create acquaintances and even friendships on the server. Furthermore, I am funny, but focused. I have a great sense of humor, but when it comes to cracking down on bad players, I get motivated. Finally, I am a good builder as well. As it isn't my strongest point on this application, I am still a pretty good builder in my eyes. I hope that you will consider me as an admin on you lovely server.
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    posted a message on Do you think peaceful is cheating?
    I usually play on Normal or Hard, with the occasional peaceful slipping in.

    Never played Hardcore though.
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