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    posted a message on Suing a Minecraft server
    So, from the title of this thread, you wish to sue a Minecraft Server because some admins said for you to change your skin or you'll be banned? This is seriously one of the all time lows of this forum.

    On topic and helpful time, no, there is no blanket rule that all admins must follow to stop this. It's their server, and they could ban you permanently just because they felt like it. Find a better server, make your own, or change your skin.

    Edit: Now that I see what is on the back of your skin, personally, I'd make you change it too.
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    posted a message on Good job, Xbox One!
    Quote from 4luckykid45
    You can finally switch between playing a game and lIve TV.
    Quote from Frog81
    Wow! on like half of our games we can have 1080p!
    These are next generation technologies that cost billions of dollars in development with the brightest minds of the world, delivered right to you in a overpriced and underwhelming box. You can't just get these features in a sub $500 PC right? Right?
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    posted a message on Help me make a server
    Quote from Gaming_addict

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone could make a server for me and let me be owner but I will let u be co owner and if that wont work could u help me make one to help me leave ur Skype and ur age if u want to help

    There's this glorious thing out there that you may have heard of that contains thousands upon thousands of video and written instructions on how to set up a Minecraft server and is entirely free to access, share, and create on.

    It's called the Internet.

    But seriously, you're too lazy to either look up how to host a server or pay a provider to do such for you, and you're hoping strangers will put their own time and effort into creating a maintaining a server for someone they've never met before. It takes a grand total of about 30 minutes to do the research on how to make a server.
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    posted a message on System 32
    Quote from barrygateaux

    and in other news - never pour boiling water into your computer, even if someone tells you to....

    I did this and my FPS increased by at least 3%.

    Anyways, thanks for you incredibly random and totally unnecessary PSA about the dangers of computer misuse at the instructions of total strangers, and general idiocy. Maybe you can make a list of obvious things not to do, like pouring melted cheese into your eyes or something along those lines, so the public can be aware of such dangers.
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    posted a message on Closed
    The server is no longer accepting applications.
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    posted a message on Thoughts on SteamOS
    Quote from xSatuim

    Already a topic: http://www.minecraft...991268-steamos/
    There is another one is general gaming two, However our topic here is better, cuz we smart.

    Thoughs: Probably just a skinned Ubuntu. However it's cool for Valve to try and make use of the Linux platform

    Feel like an idiot for not searching first, I'm going to go sit in the corner and think about what I've done.
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    posted a message on How do you guys know how to rate a piece of hardware vs. another.
    By becoming a ignorant fan boy/girl for one product, criticizing anyone who doesn't use it, and refusing to accept a product is better than theirs, even when it's blatantly obvious.

    Or just comparing specs and benchmarks like other people said, that works too...
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    posted a message on Should I Get this PC
    Avoid both of those like the plague. There are some of the worst pre-builts I've ever seen. I strongly recommend you give us a budget, location, and time-frame so we could help you build your own, which will be immensely better than either of those.
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    posted a message on What Is One Thing That Will Probably Make Minecraft Worse?
    • Multiplayer would be a monthly subscription, including a micro-transaction "pay-to-win" system
    • Updates would be $20.00, including bug fix updates
    • Forced DRM (Which might not be a horrible idea to combat pirating if Mojang ever decides if they want to do anything about it)
    • No privately hosted servers. You can only buy servers from EA for $50.00 a month in any of their 2 designated locations: Antarctica and Cape Town.
    • Skins and texture packs must be approved and added by EA, and cost $10.00 each. Mods would be removed entirely.
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    posted a message on Save MineCraft Classic!
    Just let it lie down and die already. Minecraft Classic is so far behind where Minecraft is, it's not even worth keeping it going. The amount of new blocks and mechanics, and the addition of creative has pretty much sealed its fate.
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