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    In-game name: Phonics74
    Age: 17
    What got you interested in the server: Thread sent to me by a friend and have been looking for a good vanilla server to play on for awhile. From the other applications, this server looks like it has a great player base.
    Questions or comments about server: Will there be a limit on how far you can go away from spawn? Not asking so I walk 20k blocks away, just curious. Also, how many players is the server going to hold? From this thread, there seems to be a lot of accepted applications.
    Solo/Group: Group
    PvP/Non-PvP: Don't have a preference; most likely non-PvP
    Leader/Follower: Leader
    Giving/Receiving: Giving if I have excess

    About me: Enjoy playing games and looking to study Computer Science soon. Looking forward to playing on this server with people and things.
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    - Why are you interested in Snailblazer: Interested in getting back into Minecraft after the 1.8 update launched, and I'm in need of a good server to play on
    - What is your IGN: Phonics74
    - What is your age: 17
    - Which timezone are you in: Central Time Zone (UTC-06:00)
    - How do you describe yourself as a minecraft player: I enjoy exploring for a great place to build and set up whatever comes to mind. Also like helping others work on big projects.
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    Quote from TreeDB

    There appears to be a few spacing issues, try this file and see if it works:

    Thanks for the help, it works now.
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    I'm trying to get Permissions Ex working properly on my server, but no matter how I edit it, the permissions of users aren't changed by the config file. Here is the link to the current Permissions file with the commands I'd like to be active for the different groups.
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    posted a message on ★Infinite SMP★-Community Based- -McProHosting- -Vanilla- -Whitelisted- -New Map- -Teamspeak-
    IGN: Phonics74
    Age: 16
    Why are you interested in Infinite SMP?: I've been looking for a small server with an intelligent player base that I could spend time on and know its not going to be destroyed or reset when I'm not on. The server's map being recently reset allows me to help build the structure of the server and not have everything built from when I join.
    What past servers have you played on?: I've co-owned one and played on a few others a long time ago.
    Have you ever been banned?: (Be honest, we can easily check): Yes, but it was mainly on servers with admins that abused their position
    What do you plan to accomplish while on Infinite SMP?: I hope to help build some useful farms and inventions, like an iron farm or a endermen XP farm, for other people to use, as well as create builds of my own. Had an idea to build a desert town with my friend who is also applying.
    Skype: Don't have it, but I will try to use Teamspeak
    How Much will you Play?: At least a few hours when I have nothing pressing I have to do
    Do you have Teamspeak 3?: Yes
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    posted a message on {14w11b} Exalted SMP [100% Vanilla] (Active Players Needed)(New World)
    The server will be updated to the newest snapshot once it is released, which is most likely coming out this/next Thursday.
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    Exalted Survival Multiplayer:

    What is Exalted SMP:
    Exalted SMP is a small, active community that is looking for 10 or so players to join a newly started, fully vanilla Minecraft world. We're looking for, as said before, about 10 or so active, mature people to join and help build our community. The server is recently restarted (for an exact date, March 23rd, 2014) and part of the spawn is loaded in 1.7.5, but the rest of the ungenerated chunks are the 1.8 snapshot terrain. We ask that you not go too far away from spawn to cause the server unnecessary lag.

    Server Information:
    Server Host: MCProHost
    Server Host Location: Washington D.C, United States
    Server RAM: 1.5 Gb

    Server Owner: Isaiah117 (Steam: TheHungarianHurricane)
    Server Co-Owner: Phonics74 (Steam: PhonicsMonkey74)

    Server Rules:
    1. No raiding, looting, random PvP, or otherwise maliciousness
    2. No cheating, hacking, or gaining an unfair advantage over others
    3. No spamming, advertising, or other annoyances
    4. Swearing is allowed, but do not abuse it
    5. Don't walk an absurd distance from spawn
    Server Application:
    Age (16+):
    How Often Will You Play:
    What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do In Minecraft:
    Would You Like To Help With Community Projects:
    Why Do You Want To Join Our Server:
    Additional Information or Pictures:

    I will message you the IP if you are accepted. Please do not share the IP with other people to avoid spam joining from unwhitelisted people. If you want a friend to join, have them apply here.

    Thank you for applying to our server, and we hope to see you online soon.
    -Phonics & Isaiah
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    posted a message on What is your Most Hated Video Game Enemy?
    Anyone you see at all in Day Z. You have a 75% chance of them shooting you on sight, or a 25% of being robbed and shot later.

    Also, the Kerbal Space Program "Kraken", that one has taken many of my rockets to the void.
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    posted a message on (1.7.4) Whitelisted Mindcrack-Inspired 100% Vanilla 24/7 [New World]

    Our server is a 100%, griefing-free server that was inspired by the Mindcrack survival server. We recently restarted the world and are staying within a 2,000x2,000 block area so once we update the server to 1.8, the new features will be close-by. Along with restarting the world, we are searching for a small (15-20) amount of mature, community-oriented players to join us on this server. If you are accepted to join us, the owner (TheHungarianHurricane) will message you the IP. We ask you not to share the IP publicly, as to limit anyone spamming the server.

    Server Information:
    Server Host: Fragnet.net
    Server Location: Chicago, IL
    Server RAM: 1.5Gb

    World Start: January 24th
    Owner's Minecraft Forum: TheHungarianHurricane

    Image of the spawn area

    Server Rules:
    1. No griefing, raiding, random PvP, or other malicious acts
    2. No hacking, cheating, or gaining a unfair advantage over other players
    3. No spamming, advertising, or other forms of annoyances
    4. Respect all other players
    5. Stay within the 2,000x2,000 block radius until the server is updated to 1.8
    • IGN:
    • Country/Timezone:
    • Age (+16):
    • How much time will you spend on the server:
    • What kind of player are you:
    • Will you help building community projects (Such as the spawn area):
    • Why would you like to join the server:
    • Additional information about you:
    *The more descriptive you are, the better your chances are for being accepted*

    Note: I do not own the server, I am running the topic for him. He will be the one sending you the IP if you are accepted. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact him at his Minecraft Forum profile, located here.
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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla Whitelisted Server 16+(Technical Players) 24/7
    On a scale of 1-10 for ranking this server topic, I'd give it a serious hernia.
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    posted a message on .: VanillaVerse :. - Whitelisted Survival Minecraft [ 16+ ] MAP RESET! Apply Now!
    VanillaVerse Application

    IGN: Phonics74
    Age: 16
    Country: United States of America
    How active will you be?: I will try to play daily if I can, but at the worst, I will be on weekly if I have a lot of work to do
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since Beta 1.4, co-owned a server for awhile, but grew tired of having to manage and take care of it and it's members.
    Reason for joining: I've been looking for a professionally done vanilla server with mature, active people on it and have so far only come across your server that meets these criteria. I don't like plugins because I feel they change the game too drastically and sadly, there aren't many people left that feel this way. But, after finding your server, I feel like I could have a place to play the way the game was meant to be played with intelligent and respectful people as well.
    I felt like I can contribute a lot to the server if I am accepted and I look forward to playing on the server actively.
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    It depends what you're using the card for. If you're only doing 1080p or lower, single screen set-up (like what is currently listed in your build), a GTX 770 or a R9 280x would be much more suited to your needs instead of buying a top end card just because you have money to burn.

    And as previous users have stated, do you really need to upgrade the GPU? I understand if you want to play newer games on max settings, then a upgrade would be nice, but if you're just upgrading to upgrade, you might want to wait for the Nvidia 8xx series releasing soon or just saving your money in general.
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    Quote from 4luckykid45
    You can finally switch between playing a game and lIve TV.
    Quote from Frog81
    Wow! on like half of our games we can have 1080p!
    These are next generation technologies that cost billions of dollars in development with the brightest minds of the world, delivered right to you in a overpriced and underwhelming box. You can't just get these features in a sub $500 PC right? Right?
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    For help that will be of more use than what I can advise, try asking the Server Administration section where they specialize in these issues.

    But, when my server becomes laggy like that, it is typically because the RAM usage is dangerously close or over how much RAM is dedicated to the server. Try checking how much of the server's RAM is in use, and post on that Server Admin section to get better support.
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    posted a message on whats a good and cheap laptop to play MC on
    You should try posting this question to the Hardware Discussion section of the forum where there are very smart people that can help you with these types of questions.
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