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    Hey server admins, you probably remember me from McMyAdmin, the original Minecraft web admin panel.

    AMP is its successor, it shares the things that made MCMA2 great including its ease of use and installation, and brings that same principle to multiple different applications and lets you manage them all from one browser tab. Like MCMA2 it runs on both Windows and Linux, shipping with native binaries for both.

    Existing McMyAdmin 2 licence holders can use AMP to manage Minecraft servers with their existing key!

    On Linux the installation is managed via your distributions package manager, so you can if you want add the repo yourself and simply do apt install ampinstmgr. Or if you want the full setup experience, simply run the following on any deb/rpm based distro. sudo su -c "bash <(wget -qO- getamp.sh)" (Yes, you can run that line verbatim!)

    On Windows there's a simple MSI based installer that is similarly easy to follow. See below the fold for screenshots.

    AMPs main attractions

    • Easy to install and update. No databases to set up, no complex dependencies, the setup script can do everything itself. This is the only panel that actually ships with a proper DEB/RPM repository. For supported cloud providers you don't even need to set it up yourself!
    • Discoverability - The search box is your one stop shop to quickly find settings, instances, documentation, or anything else you need. No randomly searching around and guessing!
    • Secure by default - The setup script can automatically set up HTTPS for you via LetsEncrypt - no knowledge of webservers or certificates required! Automatic lockout for excessive login attempts, no dynamic server-side scripting means a limited attack footprint. Optional Docker support means you can run your instances inside containers to further isolate them from everything else on your system.
    • Great supports dozens of Applications. Not just Minecraft, you can manage your CSGO, Rust, FiveM and dozens of other server types from the same panel. See the full list here.
    • Light on resources, consuming typically just 20MB RAM and too little CPU time to reliably measure.
    • Cross-platform - Got some servers on Windows and some on Linux? You can still manage them all from the same interface.
    • Detailed permissions management - Create users that can perform one set of actions on one server, and a different set on another. Control which exact settings they can change or which exact features they're allowed to use. Either on a per-role or per-user basis.
    • Infinitely extendable - AMP has a sophisticated plugin system and API to let you either add new functionality, modify existing systems, change its appearance, or control them from external applications. AMP uses its own API for its own interface so everything is 100% accessible. Even its built in features such as the backups and file manager are actually plugins!
    • Well documented - The AMP wiki includes information on setting up AMP, how to add your existing game server(s), and diagnosing any issues. There's also an active community with around 3000 users on Discord alone!
    • Mobile friendly - Manage your servers on the go!
    • Affordable - Cheaper than McMyAdmin was, and way more instances with reasonably priced options for bulk usage for larger game server networks.
    • Well supported - Hop onto Discord with CubeCoders staff available during working hours, or use the support board, or the Github issue tracker to request changes and features.
    • Detailed release notes - AMP is updated regularly, and each update comes with comprehensive release notes detailing all the changes made. No "Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes" - see the a recent set of release notes as an example.

    On to the screenshots! (Click to Embiggen)

    Ready to install it?
    Just head to https://cubecoders.com/AMPInstall and pick your platform and follow the instructions! Or see the script above if you're on Linux.

    Why use it over some of the other options

    • Runs on both Windows and Linux, unlike Pterodactyl which is Linux Only. So you can't use a single system to manage games that don't have Linux versions of the server. Docker is also optional on Linux rather than mandatory if you want to avoid the overhead and inconveniences of containers.
    • Doesn't require you to set up other prerequisites such as databases yourself, unlike any other panel that require multiple pages of installation instructions sometimes.
    • It isn't just Minecraft like Multicraft is - while Multicraft can be kind of coaxed into running other games it's not really built for it. AMPs plugin system lets it handle anything you please.
    • The scheduler lets you respond to in-game events, such as one player killing another or getting an achievement - which Pterodactyl can't do.
    • AMP is developed full-time by a company based in the UK in an actual office building. It's not a hobby project, not something a bunch of people put together in their spare time. As such it has way better support, and has more responsive development and frequent updates.
    • Its the only panel with a proper plugin system to let you extend/modify its functionality in a sane way. While you can take the source of Ptero for example and keep modifying it to do what you like, keeping those changes in sync with the main branch is time consuming and can result in you left behind (especially regarding any security updates) - AMP plugins don't necessarily need changes when AMP itself is updated, which results in less work.
    • Sleep Mode! Unique to AMP and McMyAdmin, this lets you wind down inactive servers to save resources and only bring them online when they're in use - but AMP/MCMA can emulate a subset of the Minecraft protocol to let it appear online in server lists, and fires the server up when someone opens their server list - so it's ready by the time they're ready to connect.
    • Fast as hell. AMPs frontend is a single-page application that communicates to the backend via an API, no page loads or delays to switch between different sections of the panel. Uses websockets to give you a live stream of the console rather than polling (when available). No other panel is designed this way.
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