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    posted a message on [1.5.2][Forge] Tale of Kingship *Beta* Version 0.4 Reficule Update
    I made a quick YT tutorial video for how to install Tale of Kingship don't know if its going to help any one or not but here's is a link so if any one have any problems you can watch this quick video (2:38 min)

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    posted a message on Minecraft Rap Parody - "Diamonds on My Feet" parody of Mac Miller's Nikes on My Feet
    Just to inform you the video link don't work and I suggest you go to the video and press share and copy the link from there. It will be lot shorter and we will be able to see the video on the MC forum without needing to go to YouTube :)
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    posted a message on Survival island [Surv] [Adv] (2000+ Download)
    Yea i edite this Survival Island and changed it to be more of an adventure map to :)
    if any are making a let's play of this map pm about it and i will put it on this padge :D

    2000+ donwlodes keep it up! ^_^

    Videos (will put all vids here)

    Video by KindaJosh

    you were on a plan, but somthing whent wronge so you had to jump and landed on this Island (The neather portal is a rescu team that are coming to save you and bringing you home)

    So hi if you guys want somthing more on the map just post on the forum :)

    Heres a Download links:
    V 1.3 http://www.mediafire...ah6usnd62fatkno
    V 1.4 http://www.mediafire...iu22kwetobco33t
    V 1.5 http://www.mediafire...dhnmn4mxk4h4nx1
    (1.4 and 1.5 is more adventure like it has a goal :)

    Pictures: (I used Summer field Texture pack): http://www.minecraft...age__hl__summer

    Challenges (please post challenges you have done :3)
    0. Have fun ^_^
    1. Build a 2 floored house.
    2. Find the starter kit.
    2. Find the sappling.
    4. Find a fire sword.
    5. Find a Cake in a cheast underground.
    6. Find the hidden seeds.
    7. Find atleast 5 diamonds.
    8. Find the secret bunker/mine...
    9. Find The sand (underground)
    10. Play with a friend (Optional)
    11. Make a Youtube seri... (optinal) (if you do pm me about it and i will put it here ^_^ )
    12. Make a Wooden house.
    13. Survive the first night without any house or bunker.
    14. Try to make a "Air house"
    15. Make 5 Trees with or without bonemeal.
    16. Find the boat.
    17. survive the boat...
    18. repair the neather portal in the mob spawner room
    19. Get home(neather)
    20. Find secret diamond room in the Neather(home)

    Don't use mods or cheats and play on easy or higher ;)

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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Minegicka - REWRITING

    Well here is the video. The reason it is 20 min is cus YT is using ages to trim the video it will be 11.3 min when that's done.

    I hope you like it ^_^
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    posted a message on [1.5][SSP+SMP - FORGE] MiningPlus [Ores&Armor&Tools&Food][v2.1]
    i think i will do a moid review of this mod i will record it tomorrow and render it to wensday :)
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    posted a message on Will Record Your Maps And Mods For Youtube
    Hi my names phoneinxight also called the demonic pineapple and if you want i will do your maps and mods if you dont have any vids of it or need more :smile.gif: And i will pm you when its done :smile.gif:

    Heres btw a link to my YouTube if you wana look at it :wink.gif:

    Info about myself: I like turtles and pineapples and i like doing comentery for youtube i usely fo 5 vids a week, but latly it has been like 3 or more, but i try to do 5 a week :smile.gif: Also i am a part of a youtube groupe named SneakyBasket

    I hope you will send a link on this padge with your mod or map so i can play them and make videos about them :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Sneaky Basket wants YOU!
    *In-game Name: phoenixnight
    Name (real life name): its a strange name if its inportent i can tell on skype
    * Age (minimum 15): 15
    * Gender: male
    * Country: Norway GMT+1
    * How active can you be? (in general): wery i uplode 5 vids a week
    * Tell us a bit about yourself i am generly nice, calm and somthins i like to joke around but i can be serious
    Video editing software: Camatasia studio 7 and sony vegas pro 11 (i only use camatasia for the sound thing on sony vegas)
    Average Fps when filming: 10-30
    Have you done any special effects: in the out and intro like a blur
    Do you have a general interest in music: i like must music
    * Link to a video you have made (It must have your voice in it to apply as a valid video. Put #SneakyBasket in the video description to let us know it is your video)
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    posted a message on Dual Commentaries
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    posted a message on Need players for a youtube series
    Darkness Team Application:
    Age: 14 soon 15
    Skype: phoenixnight1
    Loyal?: yes
    Are you a good fighter?: yes
    Are You Dark Eough?:mabe
    What do you wish to be(job)?: fighting and mine for beder wepons and maybe be a genaral if many people join :smile.gif:
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