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    I'm assuming priest villagers didn't have their rotten flesh trade then, did they?

    Sorry I revived this from the grave :]

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    IGN: PhoenixGaruda and DarkEradicator[/p] Name: Garuda[/p] Age: 14[/p] Location: Canada, eh?[/p] Reason for Applying: I've watched Xisumavoid's run on Hermitcraft G4, and I would love to try it myself.[/p] No youtube (as of now)[/p] Skype: phoenix.garuda[/p] Favorite Block: Block of Redstone or Slime Block; both of them changed redstone as we know in survival in 1.5 and 1.8 respectively. (otherwise I'd say Command Block as a fan of SethBling)[/p]
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    1.) How old are you? -14

    2.) How long have you played Minecraft for? -1 year as of now

    3.) Do you have a skype? (Field not required)

    4.) Why do you wish to play on this server? -I saw Xisumavoid (youtuber) play it, and it seems like a ton of fun.

    5.) What can you contribute to the server and the community? -I love to make tons of builds with funky redstone contraptions hidden inside.

    6.) Do you agree to the rules? -Yes

    7.) What is your In game Name (IGN) -PhoenixGaruda or TrueGaruda

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