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    IGN: PhoenixFlyer2

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Have You Read the Rules: Yes

    Have You Read the Lore: Yes

    Have You Played Any Fallout Games: Yes, I have played Fallout: New Vegas and some of Fallout 3.

    Country or Timezone: United States of America, Pacific Standard Time

    Why Do You Want to Play on this Server: I want to play on this server because I am very much into Fallout and want to be part of the Enclave or The New California Republic(NCR). Also to give this server another good review and another good player.


    Name: Joshua Harlem

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Character Attributes and Background: Joshua is a handsome brown haired man. Before the war he worked as a Crimson Caravan trader. He wore a brown suit with a red tie every day when he went to work. Then the war came. Many factions were formed at this time. He joined the side of the Enclave and reigned with them. He always wore brown Enclave power armor. He was not so skilled with a gun but skilled with his mind and speech. That is why the Enclave wanted him. But one day the Enclave threw him out because they thought he was sneaking out their supplies to other factions. Joshua was being framed by someone else. He is now a wastelander trying to find the answer to who did him wrong. He still wears his armor but it is very damaged. He carries a he carries his dad's .357 Magnum named "Nancy" named after his mother. His father told him that this revolver will help you in your time in this life. Josua also has a companion named Rex he is a pre-war German Shepard. His favorite food is Bramin Meat. He is very out going with people. He wears his lucky hiking boots he has had since he was five.


    S: 5
    P: 6
    E: 5
    C: 10
    I: 8
    A: 3
    L: 3

    Traits: Skillfully Minded and Quick to disolve escalating situations.

    RP Example: The city is Novac a little quite town in Nevada. A man dressed in damaged power armor walks into the city. All the people gathered to see who he was. A man came to himand said, "Stop who are you?".
    "My name is Josua Harlem", he said. "Well hello there, my name is Boone", Boone said. Joshua staired at Boone for some time and asked "Have you been to New York City?". "No I haven't", said Boone. "Ok, I come from there, a man framed me and got me kicked out from my job", said Josua. "I'm sorry to hear that well you are welcome to stay here if you like", said Boone. "I would but I have no money to pay for a room and there are men after me. They will be here within a few hours", said Joshua. "Well we will take on them boys. I have fought Ceaser's Legion I can fight a few men", said Boone. A few hours later men begab to come over the horizon. The people of Novac ready to take on these men. Many hours of fighting had gone by and blood was shed.The city of Novac was no match the the few men. Joshua ran away into a house hoping the men wouldn't find him.The door to the house opened with creek. Joshua was hiding in the bedroom. "Have you found the boy yet", said someone on the radio of one of the men. "No but, we are near him we can feel it", said one of the men radioing back. They got closer to where Joshua was and they tried to open the door. They smashed it open to find Joshua standing there with his gun held straight at them. "I will shoot", said Joshua. But one of the men jumped and grabbed Joshua and stuck a syringe into him Joshua knoucked out instantly. The last few words he heard before he went down were "We found him, reporting back to Enclave rallypoint bravo".
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