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    I'm Really sorry that i have not responded yet. or have done any skins in a while...REALLY sorry....I'm alone doing all these skins, and no one (but 3 people) want to help me.....I really want you all get those skins, and FAST. everything is going wrong here, school is coming very soon....and the hot day turned out to be a failure. and i have messed up MANY times on pretty much EVERYTHING.... you all are upset, i get it. this is going really wrong...now i don't know what to do.

    All of you are angry at me now when i wanted everyone to be happy...and Young is not here to help. i don't know if i should hire people (but no one wants to), handle all this hate (i cant :( ), try to make plans (which will take forever), or quit this altogether. I need help really bad, and no one is here to help. PM me on what you guys think i should do. Untill i decide, and you guys tell me what to do.......all future requests are ON HOLD.

    I don't know what i want more. D: :steve_tearful:
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    Quote from Wulfyk

    I think really good feature would be adding layers. that way base skin could be easily customize with various clothes. And i really would want to see gradient option like on nova skin...

    as i said in my other comment, layers would make it 3D, like having a shirt over the skin. i wish that was true..unless you mean its all flat and a layer is flattened on another skin?
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    Quote from honghac04

    How do i make it show the skin in 3d on my server, like its shows on planet minecraft? Please Thank you.

    I don't think you can, i try to download the skin, thinking it's 3D, and those spots show.... but all "air" colored textures look black in-game. so i think it will not work correctly, only used for thumbnails.....

    and btw everyone, figured out my problem, have to bring ALL exe's and zips and that stuff into a FOLDER. so i'm all fine..

    but still, i think its only for thumbnails, unless jeb changes the skins so that it's 3D in-game too...
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    posted a message on Creeper Apocalypse?
    I'm surprised, I am the WORST at dealing with creepers (Not the worst, but i'm really bad with creepers), and i usally NEVER find diamonds. but in anyway, i answered honestly, and somehow i got......31 days 0_0
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    posted a message on Hit Splat Damage Indicators v3.3.2 RPG UI and Damage Amount Mod
    I did all the downloading correct, using Magic Launcher, put in Forge (MANY jars of forge, all different), Then this mod, logged in....And it does not show i have forge, therefor i can not use this wonderful mod. Please help!

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    posted a message on MCSkin 3D
    I have an error, it will not load, and i really want to check it out. here is the report (i dont know how to Extract, so plz tell me how if i have to.)


    osversion: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
    is64bit: true
    frameworkversion: 2.0.50727.5472

    video|AdapterCompatibility: Intel Corporation
    video|AdapterDACType: Internal
    video|AdapterRAM: 2210398208
    video|Availability: 3
    video|Caption: Intel® HD Graphics
    video|ConfigManagerErrorCode: 0
    video|ConfigManagerUserConfig: False
    video|CreationClassName: Win32_VideoController
    video|CurrentBitsPerPixel: 32
    video|CurrentHorizontalResolution: 1024
    video|CurrentNumberOfColors: 4294967296
    video|CurrentNumberOfColumns: 0
    video|CurrentNumberOfRows: 0
    video|CurrentRefreshRate: 60
    video|CurrentScanMode: 4
    video|CurrentVerticalResolution: 768
    video|Description: Intel® HD Graphics
    video|DeviceID: VideoController1
    video|DitherType: 0
    video|DriverDate: 20120926000000.000000-000
    video|InfFilename: oem38.inf
    video|InfSection: iSNBD0
    video|InstalledDisplayDrivers: igdumd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igdumd32,igd10umd32,igd10umd32
    video|MaxRefreshRate: 75
    video|MinRefreshRate: 59
    video|Monochrome: False
    video|Name: Intel® HD Graphics
    video|PNPDeviceID: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0102&SUBSYS_04ED1028&REV_09\3&11583659&0&10
    video|Status: OK
    video|SystemCreationClassName: Win32_ComputerSystem
    video|VideoArchitecture: 5
    video|VideoMemoryType: 2
    video|VideoModeDescription: 1024 x 768 x 4294967296 colors
    video|VideoProcessor: Intel® HD Graphics Family
    memory|Caption: Physical Memory Array
    memory|CreationClassName: Win32_PhysicalMemoryArray
    memory|Description: Physical Memory Array
    memory|Location: 3
    memory|MaxCapacity: 8388608
    memory|MemoryDevices: 2
    memory|MemoryErrorCorrection: 3
    memory|Name: Physical Memory Array
    memory|Tag: Physical Memory Array 0
    memory|Use: 3
    processor|AddressWidth: 64
    processor|Architecture: 9
    processor|Availability: 3
    processor|Caption: Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
    processor|CpuStatus: 1
    processor|CreationClassName: Win32_Processor
    processor|CurrentClockSpeed: 1581
    processor|CurrentVoltage: 0
    processor|DataWidth: 64
    processor|Description: Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
    processor|DeviceID: CPU0
    processor|ExtClock: 100
    processor|Family: 206
    processor|L2CacheSize: 512
    processor|L3CacheSize: 3072
    processor|L3CacheSpeed: 0
    processor|Level: 6
    processor|LoadPercentage: 5
    processor|Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
    processor|MaxClockSpeed: 3100
    processor|Name: Intel® Core™ i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz
    processor|NumberOfCores: 2
    processor|NumberOfLogicalProcessors: 4
    processor|PowerManagementSupported: False
    processor|ProcessorId: BFEBFBFF000206A7
    processor|ProcessorType: 3
    processor|Revision: 10759
    processor|Role: CPU
    processor|SocketDesignation: CPU 1
    processor|Status: OK
    processor|StatusInfo: 3
    processor|SystemCreationClassName: Win32_ComputerSystem
    processor|UpgradeMethod: 1

    Failed to initialize program during "Initializing base forms..."
    No Stack Trace Available
    Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\Kids\Desktop\Brushes'.
    System.Windows.Forms.Control :: System.Object MarshaledInvoke(System.Windows.Forms.Control, System.Delegate, System.Object[], Boolean)
    System.Windows.Forms.Control :: System.Object Invoke(System.Delegate, System.Object[])
    System.Windows.Forms.Control :: System.Object Invoke(System.Delegate)
    MCSkin3D.Forms.Splash :: Void PerformLoading()

    EDIT:posting this on PMC too, as the warning said.
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    posted a message on I'll Make You A Skin For Free!
    Guys, soo srry it was busy, i was away, and i had no time to tell u guys. im back, with now a previewer. now i understand u guys are getting mad, but no worrys. if it gets too much to handle, i will begin hireing. anyone who wants to help, just msg me (AKA PM me) and i may consider. now, to the requests (and drama or whateva its called)
    Quote from IamTreKz

    could you make me a skin that no one else has, have a youtube channel with 30k subs, will mention you, and willing to pay $$$. need this head/hands http://www.mediafire...ibkzxftahnt4kpand maybe just change the clothes? i would like it high quality and as detailed as possible! thanks:) get back to me

    1:i cant read meadia fire packs, srry.

    2:i could try if i can SEE it.
    Quote from TrolImort

    Hey ! I'm lookin for a male troll skin for minecraft,here are some pictures for assistance.

    I wish it was like this photo :

    If anyone could do this i would be so grateful, i have yet to seen a skin of the best race in WoW.

    ill try to. but im EXTREMELY BUSY, so i may not do it for Month or so :( i also asked on future requests to be held, but ignored.
    Quote from Maracriox

    Should I repost my request?

    1 last time should probably do it 0_0
    Quote from AeroDragoon

    You don't know how right you are.
    You sir, deserve a cookie =]

    Congrads, u get to meet a made outta :Diamond: :Notch: !! XD
    Quote from EnderSquid

    I would like a skin That has a Teenage boy with a sparkling blue trident/staff in his hand with a blue checord jacket

    MCEnderSquid, that my YouTube account! =/

    i can try the staff, other then that its probably no problem. but there IS a problem:I AM EXTREMELY BUSY. so plz be patent.
    Quote from I_like_MagiKarps

    Can i have a skin of her PLZ

    Thanks :DORE:

    if its for the MLP mod, plz go to the thread. for an player skin? let je kinow, and ill think about it 0_0only doing 2 more posts, the rest are later.
    Quote from Blimpsmagee

    No It Isnt. Young And Pheonix Just have alot of skins to do and they are busy.

    agreed. and idk if young is ever coming back. never heard from him since a week ago.
    Quote from TheSkiPzZ

    Hey, could you please make me a skin of Mavis Vermilion?
    She is Mavis Vermilion! c:

    this 1 will be FUN :D
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    posted a message on I'll Make You A Skin For Free!
    Quote from giantmart

    hey just in case you did not see the request:
    could i have a rogue-ish skin with a gast as a head

    email: [email protected]

    thx for reposting!
    Quote from Adtheren

    Without the hoodie please :)

    kk :)
    Quote from jayjay9000

    can you make it for me Phoenix1Falcon2MC3? (i just copied and pasted, im lazy)

    hmmm.......That is really hard, but if a friend needs a skin, u give them a skin :)
    Quote from JoiStache

    How are those skins coming along?

    alot harder then u think.
    Quote from Insomnyac

    Hey, if you've got the time, I have a very specific skin in mind.

    The moncole and watch are optional, but I would like the moustache not present in the skin.

    I would also like the fedora repainted BLACK.
    I would appriciate VERY much the hair shaded and presented properly. Can't tell you how many skins i've made with bad hair. xD



    EDIT: ALSO: No mouth, please. Just leave the mouth out. :P

    i can only shade skin hair that is brown or up in light. but i can do it. but, whats a moncole?
    Quote from devastor147

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. I posted a request on Page 19, and I thought you might not have seen it. Here's an updated version.

    I'd like to have a skin that looks like this (pic is down there): A sentinel-type golem with the head changed to look like an eyeball. (The eyeball can be described as made of metal, with blue power veins running through it, which rocks on a sort of bowl which holds it up in mid-air. A simplified way of understanding what I mean is looking at EVE from WALL-E.)

    It needs to look like it's old, but has power running through its body in faint blue lines. Cracks and bits of moss too. Imagine it being able to stand in one spot for a very long time, but also able to have the speed and power to apprehend any lawbreaker. Imagine it as an old, ancient technology, which has been lost for years, and moss and cracks run across its body.

    Thank you very much!


    :) thx for the clearing, hard, but im on it.
    Quote from Joshhie_Kidd

    G'day there.
    I am looking for someone to make me the best Yuri Hyuga skin
    Think you can do it? :D
    Couple O' pictures there :)



    kk :) on it
    Quote from Joshhie_Kidd

    G'day there.
    I am looking for someone to make me the best Yuri Hyuga skin
    Think you can do it? :D
    Couple O' pictures there :)



    not the BEST skin maker u know. but i can see if its the best for u.
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    posted a message on I'll Make You A Skin For Free!
    Quote from ReptileHL

    MY SKINNNNNNNNNNNNN...i only need the black snake skin, i downloaded a squid skn and used on a creeper model ;)so yeah! thanks alot!

    yw :)
    Quote from devastor147

    My post must have been lost in the enormous masses of posts after it.

    Quote from devastor147

    Accidental post D:

    Quote from LordKontaes

    Undead knight/Lich King

    Medievil Armor looking
    Evil looking

    any combination of them
    no cape look on back

    head looks to be in a helmet
    armor looks like a plate armor

    Let me know if you can help :)

    Quote from Cisrox4

    Oh yeah for the cloud mario thing : my email is [email protected]
    Or just email me on the forums.

    on ythe forums, yes
    Quote from HarbingerKnight

    Hello, It would be awesome if you could make a mob hunter skin. I won't be able to provide a picture because I haven't been able to find a skin like the one I want yet. I was thinking a skin with just a whole bunch of dead mob heads on it. So maybe like a enderman's face sprawled out of the side of the head and maybe like herobrine's face on the chest and then maybe a wolf's skin on the legs etc. So basically just a whole bunch of dead mobs sprawled across the skin. [email protected] is my email for when you are done or if you need more details. Thank you in advance! Oh and I really don't care who makes it.

    ill try
    Quote from ParagonKnightx21

    Well one skin down! 20 more to go! lol, keep it up Phoenix! :)

    wish me luck :P
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    posted a message on I'll Make You A Skin For Free!
    Quote from iNcratte

    I want to make skin look like thist: http://i.imgur.com/2XEPz.jpg
    And one look like this: http://i592.photobuc...y/BrushTool.png
    e-mail: [email protected]
    If give me on PM i will be happy

    :) :) :) look below:

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    posted a message on I'll Make You A Skin For Free!
    Quote from xXNevickXx

    Hey can you make me a red and blue skin, you can make him whatever you want but the color needs to be blue and the second choice is yours. so you can paint the second choice of color and the skin

    Can you do it

    yues i can

    Quote from PlusleMinun64

    Sorry to rush will my skin be done soon? I Was the one who requested servbot and pokemon trainer from Heart gold/Soul silver

    at this rate, awhile.

    guys, doing first skin now.,
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    posted a message on I'll Make You A Skin For Free!
    making first skin in a little bit. all right:the requests...
    Quote from iNcratte

    On e-mail or on PM send first skin?And what is name on e-mail topic or you send on PM?

    i put skin on here using imgur.
    Quote from JH_SARG

    Can you do this for me? :) http://i797.photobuc..._by_semokan.jpg
    forest greenish trousers and green shoes since you can't see the bottom half:)

    Impressed you guys can keep on top of all these skin requests as well! Good job;p We all appreciate your work :3

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    posted a message on I'll Make You A Skin For Free!
    Quote from lDael

    take your time =)
    we all appreciat the work you guys are doing

    Quote from PositiveFive

    I would like a skin that has the head of a squid and the body of a pigman.(not zombie pigman) Please and thank you.

    kk, young will do it if he ever comes back (he didnt reply to me when i said u back!! in PM.)
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    posted a message on I'll Make You A Skin For Free!
    Quote from TiffanyAmber

    Have you finished my skin yet?

    top of this post :(
    Quote from kinzale


    Quote from icrazy117

    Can you add a nice detailed black suit/tuxedo on this guy?

    Thank you

    ill try. not good with fancy looks.
    Quote from Bluerooster100

    Hello, Can you HDify this skin and give it elf ears?

    Thank you.

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