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    Out of curiosity... why is it that the player's body can utilize any skin downloaded off the internet, but the zombie bodies can't just use the texture from my resource pack?

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    I'd give anything just to have an up-to-date mod that allows me to ignore Mojang's horrible anvil and everything catastrophically wrong with it.

    None of the old mods changing repair, anvils, or anything are up-to-date. I've been scouring the net for a week desperately, to no avail.

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    posted a message on [SURV] Forever alone - By Alterego101
    Quote from Tobymon3393

    Look, I'm not an asshole.

    Here you go, calling us all DICKS, when we have a point. I understand what you're saying, it isn't an EXACT copy. But the boring principle is still the same. This guy put absolutely NO hard work into this, and Survival island maps are not "Tried and true", they're overused. I have played MANY, MANY survival island maps, most of them which the owners say they are "unique" or "amazing". All of them turn out to be boring, unplayable, too easy, and overused.

    If you would like to make a GOOD map, try anything BUT a survival island map. Nuff' said.

    Congratulations. You have an opinion.

    Your opinion does not make you an expert. Your opinion does not qualify as verifiable fact. There are a large number of Survival Island players out there, like myself and my friends, who take a great deal of joy in playing through the experiences which these mapmakers craft. Your opinion of them as being boring and un-playable are not representative of the community as a whole, and presenting them as such is in rather poor taste.

    Now, I hate to go around pointing out assholes, but let me go ahead and show you what an 'asshole' looks like.

    Quote from Tobymon3393

    Are you a retard?
    First of all, you cannot copyright virtual blocks in an already copyrighted game.
    Second, you cannot take legal action against a forum member.
    Also, this map and the boat thing has been overused many times.

    That, right there, is what an asshole looks like.

    It's a person who cannot have a conversation without being condescending and vulgar. I could go ahead and quote everything else said in this thread, but the fact of the matter is that it's all pretty much in the same vein. 'I don't like this, so it's crap, and nobody else will like it either. You're stupid for thinking you can do anything original. Your "unique" idea is garbage that's been done before.'

    Not only is this wrong. Not only is this mentality that everything which copies a theme is unoriginal, such as a minecraft map set around an island with typical rules and survival objectives, blatantly incorrect... but it's actually completely backwards. Innovation and invention are fine and good, but not everything needs to reinvent the wheel.

    Sometimes all a person wants to make their take on the wheel. Some people just want to make a good, reliable tire. That's not bad. That's not unoriginal. That's not overdone, or unplayable, or justification for making assumptions without having ever tried the product.

    That's just plain old fashioned human ingenuity. Everyone has tastes, and someone has to cater to them.

    So you don't like Survival Island maps. Good for you.

    I happen to greatly enjoy them. I like having goals to complete, and secrets to find, and I like the sense of isolation and restriction which limit what it is I can do. To me, that's great fun. And even MORE fun is seeing all the different designs and ideas which go into each individual map maker's design.

    If I said I thought all the 'race' and 'parkour' type maps were terrible, and went around posting such on threads of map makers who designed them, believe me- I would sincerely HOPE somebody would point out what an asshole I was being. Because there's no cause for it. If you don't like it, then just move along and let the people who do come around and enjoy it in peace.

    There's no need for the insults and the condescending and the intentional incitement of offense from the map's author.

    If you've got a problem with the design, let someone know. If you take issue with the map type, don't use it. If you want to offer constructive criticism on how to make the author's work better... by all means... play the map, point out the weak spots, and offer up suggestions for how to make the concept work better.

    But if you're just going to come in here, call the author a retard, claim that Survival Island maps are unplayable, boring, worthless, and suggest he make GOOD maps instead...

    ... then I'm going to have to play forum cop and start issuing reports.

    Because that's REALLY not the kind of community an excellent, creative, brilliantly accessible game like this deserves.
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    posted a message on [SURV] Forever alone - By Alterego101

    What a bunch of assholes. Tell you what, Alterego101! I'm a sucker for a survival island. I like these sorts of things. I'll give your map a try, and come back and give you my official verdict sometime soonish.

    Seriously, this community makes me sad sometimes.

    It's folks like the ones here what drive off all the new blood before they get a chance to really develop their talents. This is a perfectly reasonable-looking map with perfectly reasonable challenges.

    It isn't crap. It isn't a 'copy'. It's a tried-and-true style of map which has been done time and time again by folks who certainly didn't have to deal with the likes of you all and your pre-conceived opinions.

    People inciting an angry reaction, and then acting like YOU'RE the immature one for getting insulted and offended? Now -that-'s a knock-off if ever I've seen one. How many times before has it been done? Millions? Billions?

    Try a new sctick, and come on back with something unique. Or better yet. Save yourself the stress, STFU, and find somebody else to harass before I report the whole lot of you.

    You make everyone here in the Minecraft map and modding community look bad. And on behalf of those of us who AREN'T complete dicks, I'd like to apologize.
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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Ironville Challenge
    Mayor's Log:

    -Day Unknown


    I traveled to Sheepingville on what I believe is my fifth or sixth day, killed a couple of farmers, and turned their home into my new shop. It'll serve as a good place to settle in when night falls while I'm out here on the frontier collecting wood. I found a few interesting ruins which I checked out, and came away with a nice bit of gold. My pick-axe is getting a bit weathered, so maybe I'll make myself another now that I've got the gold for a replacement. Otherwise, the rest of it is headed back home to Iron City.

    Once I get back with all this wood and scrap metal (stone), I'm going to start in on building a proper Highrise. Those poor sods living in that tiny little shack are constantly getting harassed by the local mutants and raiders (zombies and skeletons).

    Of course, if I can get them to procreate a bit, get a little fresh blood into town, it might make things easier. Perhaps I'll bring one of the lovely young ladies from Sheepingville back with me and see if I can't get started on a bit of procreating, myself.

    The days are all running together now. Perhaps I should devise some system for keeping track of them, later. But no matter. There's work to be done now, and I'd best get back to it.
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    Latest Update:

    I had a save file corruption undo all my hard work, so I've begun creating backup saves just in case. Since I'm not playing on hardcore this time around, I don't have to feel bad about that sort of thing. It's a shame, though. I had seven villagers and four buildings when my computer crashed abruptly.

    This time around, I've decided to build myself a much LARGER house. Why? Because I'm not in 'Ironville' anymore. This time around, I'm the new Mayor of "Iron City, New Kamden".

    That's right! I'm not just going to make this village FLOURISH... but when I'm done with it, it's going to be a damn CITY! I've already got a site in mind for my first skyscraper apartment complex. But that's much further down the road. I don't even have my main farm set up yet.

    It's been rough, these last few hours, because I've had a lot of my work undone by the creepers. They're much harder to detect using the Last Days soundpack. Footsteps don't register the same way, so they keep getting behind me without my realizing. Fortunately I still haven't died yet, so repairs were quick and my villagers are safe.

    My first order of business is to complete construction of the 'Mayoral Estate' (AKA 'My Home'), so that I can get all this excess crap out of my inventory. After that, I think I might go scout for another nearby village and raid it of it's citizens and materials. We'll see how that goes, and work from there.

    It's a process.
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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Ironville Challenge
    I think that constructing walls should not only be okay, but actually become a PART of the requirements of establishing Ironville as a town! Walls are what any rational civilization use to keep out the bad guys... be they monsters or just plain old bandits. That being said, I've not got a wall.

    Just haven't had the time. But I -did- bring one of the town guards from "Sheepton" over to Ironville in order to help keep the place safe.

    Now I just have to go get myself a few cats from in the Jungle, to keep the creepers at bay.

    Latest Update:

    Ironville now has two houses: The one I share with my wife, Jennifer, and the original house in which the butcher and his lady friend are residing. Jennifer is a town guard I recruited from over in Sheepton, and does a pretty good job of keeping the monsters at bay. Thanks to the dungeon I stumbled across, I spawned us a couple of iron golems. It actually spawned THREE, but I killed one of them because it felt too cheap otherwise.

    Besides, he dropped some iron, which I used to make a new Iron Sword. My old one can get recycled for repairs now.

    I've been hard at work preparing a third house, one which will hopefully belong to the next adult resident to be born in Ironville. Depending on how much time it takes me to make cake, it'll either be our (Jennifer and I) or Mr. Butcherman and his wife's kid. Two families isn't much to populate a town with, though. I may need to go hunting further out in the wastelands to find some more villagers willing to come back with me.

    There's bound to be other towns nearby besides the ones listed as a part of the challenge.
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    Okay, that's it. After nine failures in a row, I've decided that my best bet is to try this in just plain Hard-Difficulty survival.

    Maybe once I've completed the whole thing like that, I'll be ready to try it again on Hardcore. As it stands, I've died seven times and had the villagers wiped out by an ogre twice. The third villager-death was actually inflicted by a random bolt of lightning during a thunderstorm.

    The house burned down around them.

    Nothing you can do about -that- kind of thing, though.
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    posted a message on Adlfy, not a whiny rant
    Quote from God Of APB

    While getting viruses if a huge concern for anyone, there are many ways to prevent malicious things from getting into your computer. Heck, just today for the first time ever, Norton stopped an attempted attack on my computer through an adf.ly link.

    So here's a list I've compiled of things you could do to prevent attacks from these links (in no particular order):

    1. Use an AdBlocker. I'm sure there are a few out there, but what seems to be the most popular is AdBlock Plus, which has extensions for both Chrome and Firefox. I'll admit, this might not help so much against malicious content, but should make adf.ly less annoying
    2. Use NoScript to stop untrusted sources from running malicious scripts. I'm currently on a computer without this, so I don't remember if adf.ly's counter still counts down if you block scripts.
    3. Block malicious sites using your hosts file. This file (located in different places depending on your OS) can be used to block anything from being loaded through the Internet. Thus, using this, you could potentially block any domain/subdomain where malicious content comes from. There are many places that distribute hosts files that already have many advertisement/malicious domains blocked, but I personally prefer Dan Pollock's.

    I can help you out with this a bit, mate.

    1. AdBlock Plus does keep the ads from showing up! It's quite nice! I've never once had to see an ad on AdFly while AdBlock Plus was active.

    2. NoScript is fine and good... except that you can't tell it to allow AdFly without it allowing every bit of malicious code on the version of the page you're on at the moment through as well. And unless you do that, the counter... yeah... it doesn't work.

    3. Sure, that could work... if one feels like dealing with out-of-date lists, the constantly changing sites which slip through, and the fact that they can put up a thousand new domains automatically in the time it takes you to actually change this setting... therefore providing only a very limited sense of security. Sure.

    Point is... there is no such thing as a flawless anti-virus. There is no such thing as internet security. The only way a person can be safe, is to NOT go to places they don't trust.

    If that's a problem... so be it. The truth is, it -is- the modder's choice.

    But if the modder leaves me with no choice but to put myself at risk, or not use their mod... I really have no problem with not using it.

    I play with mods, and support modders, and offer helpful criticism and suggestions because I -like- modders. I do it for their sake. If I can't enjoy their mod, if I can't safely download and test it out... then that's just one less person they have supporting them.

    It's no hair off my back, or the backs of anyone who feels the same way.

    This isn't an attack on modders.

    This is a Call to Reason. You give me the option, and I'll work with you to help you out. I know a lot of folks feel the same way.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Snarf Mod [V1]
    I love how folks love to be jackasses... it really makes me look better when I come in and say something positive.

    For instance, interesting idea... creating a new meat and creature to drop it!

    Now, it has been mentioned before, although not quite so politely and informatively, but pictures would definitely help to shut up the massive volume of stupid 'no pics!?!?!?!RAWR' posts that you're going to get, probably for the first two pages or so of your thread, here, unless you never upload any.

    Secondly, it's good to see you made this modloader compatible... although I haven't tested it myself to make sure. So many modders seem hell-bent on not using modloader, and for the vast majority of folks, that spells out 'don't download and play with my mod'.

    It's a good start, to be sure. Compatibility is the number one reason a mod gets dropped off my play-list.

    Now, keep working on it!

    Once you iron out all the kinks, and get some pictures up, folks will be far more inclined to check out what it is you're offering.
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