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    posted a message on [1.4_01] Moss Stone Spreading
    Let me be the first (or second, or third, depending on how quickly I type this) to say AWESOME!

    I'll definitely give this a try!

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    posted a message on [REQ][IDEA] Dwarvencraft! Because wood is for sissies.
    I just stumbled across this recently, and really... really loved the idea.

    I'm something of a subterranean sort, myself, so I can quite relate to why this would be desirable. However, there were a few mentioned kinks in regards to how various things would work. For instance, I saw someone mention trees... from the ceiling... and very nearly laughed.

    No offense meant, of course... it's just that I couldn't really picture it without it seeming ridiculous.

    And then, I got to thinking about it:

    Why not tree-sized mushrooms? Take a cue from fantasy (since the name, Dwarvencraft, already implies it) and go with giant, fibrous mushrooms! It wouldn't be -so- hard to do... would it? I've seen folks make new trees... all this would be is a wood-like trunk with a mushroom-textured block cap.

    It would solve the need for wood... and being a mushroom, dark wet places would be it's ideal habitat.

    But anyhow, other than the wood thing... I've really liked everyone else's suggestions about this so far. I like the idea of stone and metal tools, with stone rods replacing traditionally wooden handles... but I do also think that there is -some- use for having a subterranean wood source. Especially if the 'wood' from those mushrooms could be substituted in almost all areas where wood traditionally would be applied.

    I'd also love to see stone chests... stone workbenches... iron workbenches, even? Things where traditional wood (even mushroom-wood would be scarce, I'm sure, if the suggestion were to be taken) gets used could be eschewed in favor of some very seriously stylish and, hopefully, -better- stone and metal gear.

    Keep at it! I'm sure I'm not the only one watching this topic in anticipation.

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    posted a message on [V1.6] Xie's Farming Mod v1.4
    Hey Xie!

    Have you seen the thread for Minecraft Extended yet? As the creator of two of my must-have mods... I don't know how I managed to not mention it before... but Minecraft Extended not only makes it so that you can have virtually limitless block id's... but it also includes a workaround for the sprite limit as well.

    The idea, of course, being to bring about an end to mod incompatibility once and for all.

    Here, let me shoot you a link real quick: viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=193022

    You mentioned the 'Death Knell' of errors... so I figured you either haven't seen this, or aren't currently using it with your work. Either way, it couldn't hurt to send you off in this direction.

    With that out of a the way, though, I'd like to point out just how FREAKIN' much I love this mod!

    If I could get this, IndustrialCraft, and your cooking mod to all work together... oh dear sweet lord...

    ... I wonder if Alblaka would be willing to make a toaster...
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] DJoslin's Creations: [9 of 14 updated]
    If I had money to donate, mate... you're one of the modders I would happily donate to first!

    That being said, I'm a bit sad to hear that modding has actually begun to cost you money... although the fact that it is due to your popularity, rather than to your obscurity, should hopefully prove to be inspirational!

    I'm a particularly big fan of your rope mod... but the cannon powder and turret are also pretty high up there on my favorites list.

    Since I haven't really just popped in before to tell you how great your work is... allow me to bestow upon you my most prized possession:

    This steel fire-striker was given to me by my good friend Anticleres. He found it while clearing a spider nest just outside the city limits. It's previous owner was... no longer in need of it, and it has since served me well. Sadly, Anticleres has since perished... a gravel from the ceiling during a routine cave exploration opened up our passage to a magma lake. He dove straight into the magma, sealed the holes, and managed to stop the flow using a bucket of water before finally falling to his death down a pitch-black chasm.

    I haven't been able to bring myself to use it again, since.

    Besides, when he respawned, he gave me a new one with full uses...

    ... so yeah, may it serve you well!

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    posted a message on [1.1.0][SMP] Dawn of the Modern World (thethirdmike's Mods)
    You, Sir and/or Madame are my new hero.

    And by hero, I mean Lord and Savior. And by Lord and Savior... I mean Bologna Sandwich.

    Mmm... sandwich...

    Right, then... moving along.

    First things first, I'd like to say congratulations and welcome to the Minecraft Modding Community!Well... the Mod-Maker side of it, as opposed to the end user side.

    Here you will find literally DOZENS of other talentless slobs and vulgar douchebags, all waiting in the wings to ridicule your work as being the next worst thing since Keyboard Cat!

    Don't worry, though... as this is just our newest External Threat Eradication System... and while we are working on fine-tuning some of the kinks out of the system, it has been proven to work quite effectively on weeding out the spam bots, riff-raff, and faint-of-heart.

    So long as you aren't any of these things... you'll find that the HUNDREDS of other reasonable, pleasant people such as yourself are all here waiting for you to create the newest, greatest, most awesome thing since that one guy who made the exploding cow gun.

    Failing that... at least you'll probably get a few downloads... make something fun... and feel as if you've contributed to the glory of our Mine-Craftian Overlord!


    ... roads? Runways? Garages?

    Have you ever considered founding a cult? I would be more than happy to screen potential acolytes and human sacrifices for you!

    Here, let this be your first offering!

    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: :Furnace:

    I'm not sure where that furnace came from... but it's probably a lot colder there, now.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Battle Towers - Chicken Gliding - KODAICHI classics
    I just had the funniest damn thing happen to me...

    I generated a new world, as I often do, to test out a few of my new mods. Then, the moment I spawn, I realize something is very... very not right.

    I look around... but instead of the beach or desert I usually expect... all I can see are clouds.

    Then I look down, and I'm standing on Moss Stone.

    Pure... moss stone. In fact... everything is moss stone.

    Then I look up, right into the glowing eye of a very, very angry golem.

    Thankfully, my quick reflexes told me to open the treasure chest... from which I grabbed the two iron swords inside and used them to slay the beast. Then I took the rest (two full sets) of iron tools -out- of the chest, took the chest itself, and fought my way DOWN the tower.

    Which I now live in...

    The tower was right on the beach.

    I think that I was SUPPOSED to have spawned on the sand... but then the game generated a tower RIGHT beneath me.
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] Thabigbomb's Bedrock Mods (Now Craftable!)
    Ah! Yes... of course... how could I forget to mention that?!

    Bedrock needs to spawn at a slightly higher level. Right now, the only real way to get it... is to dig through the bottom of the map. Which exposes you to The Void (or the sky, to be really specific).

    I would suggest looking into how to make Bedrock spawn more frequently as the world generates... maybe in thin-ish bands (not solid bands, of course, as that would be horrible!) at various levels throughout the world?
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] Ruins (v6 Beta)

    People aren't only making 'ruins' with this, either! It's possible to make generated monuments... to generate cities... to make landscapes which bewilder the senses. The possibilities are truly only limited to the imaginations of those who take up the challenge of building their own template.

    I've really enjoyed what the community has produced thus far... and I'm really excited to see what they come up with next!
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    posted a message on [1.4_01] Ruins (v6 Beta)
    I'm quite pleasantly surprised... not only with some of the amazing ruins which folks have supplied to make this mod even better... but also with the -quality- of said ruins, overall.

    I have -yet- to see anything which left me feeling particularly disappointed.

    The only disappointing thing about this mod so far, is that there aren't -more- ruin templates being provided... but I've got faith that this might change over time!
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    posted a message on [1.5_01] Thabigbomb's Bedrock Mods (Now Craftable!)
    I like the idea of needing an iron pick axe, for sure!

    I also like the idea of making it more along the lines of redstone in terms of hardness. Obsidian is really way, -way- too long. I mean, I get it... but still... that would just be cruel. It's bad enough that, in order to get Obsidian, we pretty much need to spend DAYS digging at our obsidian-ified magma pools.

    Why add salt to the wound by making yet ANOTHER rock so obnoxious, eh?

    Best to keep it somewhere at Redstone.

    So yeah, once you get that all sorted... you can -definitely- count me in amongst the downloads.


    Oh yes... I almost forgot!

    Take this! It's dangerous to go alone!

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    posted a message on [1.4_01]Fred Block/box V.2[ModLoader]
    You know... I get why people wouldn't really see the use for this. To be honest, it really only serves the purpose of adding inanimate 'people' to a game which is obviously lacking in anything other than largely-hostile interaction. But who really cares about people, right?

    I mean, look at the number of people who felt only the need to deride a new modder's work, just because it isn't up to their "enlightened" standards... or because "they don't get it".

    Not to mention people sitting around demanding "Maor Skreenshots" and waving around their "Troll?!" signs.

    What a load of douchebaggery if ever I have seen it. I'm glad to see, though, that there are those who have come forth and offered support. I'm glad to see that there are some who have stepped in, seen your work, and encouraged you to continue working.

    The internet is full of assholes and know-it-alls... and everybody is a critic. Sadly, the best use for most critics is to lampoon them as the opinionated, self-righteous bastards they are... and then utterly disregard them. For the rest, whom offer insightful commentary and constructive criticism... critic would be an assault upon their honor.

    Here's my two cents. Keep at it.

    Personally, I've got enough human folks around in my game to keep me company. Some are even 'tamed'... and follow me around, helping out with the occasional zombie assault.

    That being said... it's an honest, well-meaning first step... on what I hope will prove to be a long and enjoyable journey here with the Minecraft Modding Community. For your efforts, I bestow upon you my most prized possession:


    This stick, once wielded by my great-great grandfather during the "War of Attrition For the Last Soft Shell Taco", successfully fended off my bloodthirsty aunts, uncles, and cousins for more than fifty minutes... leaving upon their spry young frames welts of unimaginable purple and blue hues. It has served me well at the dinner table to date... but I feel that the torch must be passed.

    Coincidentally, it also could be used to MAKE A torch... and has, on more than one occasion, caught fire whilst roasting hot dogs.

    Use it in good health, and enjoy!

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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Minecraft watermark remover v1.10
    Despite claims to the contrary...

    ... I'm fairly certain that this mod has the ability to create world peace, cure cancer, create a double rainbow, -and- feed the starving children around the world. It has also eliminated poverty in a number of third-world nations, and I even witnessed it as it volunteered it's time teaching young dyslexic children how to read and write.

    Modesty is but another of this mod's greatest attributes... and there is simply no measurement for how much better the world looks now that, once more, this mod exists.

    :RFlower: :YFlower: :RedShroom: :Portabella:

    Fresh from my garden, enjoy!

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    posted a message on [1.4_01] Ruins (v6 Beta)
    Hey curio! I solved the issue with the Ruined Pillars you created...

    Turns out, I'm an idiot! Big surprise there, eh? :tongue.gif:

    Anyhow, while copy/pasting from the forum here to Notepad++... I somehow managed to get all those extra spaces folks were mentioning before by using the 'select all' button. Not that big a deal, really, since I went back in and fixed it manually... but I don't really even know why I pressed the button in the first place!

    I did all the rest manually, and BEFORE hand.

    I must've gotten tired and lazy.

    Meh... either way, love the pillars! :happy.gif:

    Oh, and your ruined chapels inspired me. I really dug the idea of fending off zombies and skeletons while hiding out on consecrated ground.

    So when daylight came again, I decided to spruce the place up a bit... you know... give it a makeover.

    Here's some of my work, so far.

    Construction is on-going.

    I literally built this OUT of a ruined chapel! It started off just as you intended... but I felt a bit cramped inside the thing, you know? So I had to expand it out a bit.

    I would have had the Bell Tower and the massive Steeple completed by now... but alas... I got distracted by constructing the under-croft, so I could have a place to sleep.

    Just thought you might enjoy seeing what your own work has brought to life!

    Here's a :Diamond: or :Diamond: :Diamond: for being my muse!
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    posted a message on Want a few singleplayer commands.
    Well, hopefully this topic is no longer needed, then?

    Not that I don't empathize with a new face not knowing which forum this belongs in... we were all new once. As for the question, I think it has been reasonably answered... no?

    For future reference... why don't we tell LimaOscarLima where these kinds of questions belong?

    You know... politely... so that he learns and stuff!

    Learning is good! Like cake! Only learning goes to your brain, while cake goes to your ass and thighs!

    Mmm... Learning Cake...
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    posted a message on [1.2.4][Mar 25]Des' Mods - 1.2.4 Compatibility!
    Quote from dasdestroyer »

    Apparently it's 256, and Notch uses about 90, so that's 160 left for mods.

    The sprite limit is much, much higher if you look into Minecraft Extended. With 1024 new block id's and a means for getting around the sprite limit with a little extra work... hehe... there really are very few limitations left to the skillful modder.

    Here's a nice link for you to enjoy!


    I'm just doing my duty and spreading the word... because after all... the more folks who begin to code their mods to go beyond the sprite limit... the fewer times I have to reinstall minecraft in order to play with some mod or another I really, really want.


    (Oh, by the way, I totally love the iron rod weapons and tools! I would be using them already if I hadn't hit my sprite limit. Haha! So I have an ulterior motive!)
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