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    Quote from aussie_modder


    thanks for your support i'm taking some screenies now

    Hey, just watched your video... and I gotta say... they look pretty good, overall.

    Only suggestion I might make is perhaps keeping their faces, but redesigning their clothes to be individual... so that one can easily tell what tribe they're dealing with from afar, without seeing their faces. Perhaps have the tree-worshipers wear brown and tan linens... and the sun-worshipers wear ornate golden finery... or some such thing.

    Anyways, looks really cool. Definitely worth investing some time into.
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    Quote from Tever

    How is elitist to expect a service provider to do the best they can and release a finished, working product? You're right; there were no details. If there had been, and he was upfront about the lack of AI, I wouldn't have said anything. It wasn't until I saw him and someone else jump on a previous poster for complaining that I thought about chiming in. Maybe he doesn't owe us anything, but we have certain expectations, and if he's going to misrepresent his work, he loses the right to complain when we point that out. A simple disclaimer is all I'm asking, and that he accepts criticism of his work with a little more grace.

    Service provider? You're not paying for a service here, someone is handing you something for FREE, that they worked on, in the hopes that you might enjoy what it is they are creating. If you do enjoy it, then they come away with nothing more than the satisfaction of a job well-done.

    The moment you came in here and said a modder was 'obligated' to do -anything- for you... you already lost this argument. This mod is CLEARLY identified as being version [0.1]... it's details are slim... and there haven't even been any pictures uploaded yet.

    What were you expecting, exactly? Because right now it loads up... the mobs are there... they spawn... and it doesn't crash the game. That's all that's really -REQUIRED- of this mod in order for it to 'accurately represent itself'. You can throw around all the fancy words you like, the fact of the matter is when you throw your lot in with the people who are harassing and belittling modders... the only thing you're doing is disgracing the modding community, and weakening it as a whole.

    But by all means. Carry on. Those of us who believe in positively reinforcing modders will stick around long after the likes of you and your kind wander off to find some other poor ******* to run out. And even if the mod ultimately goes nowhere, we'll be the ones who help the modders themselves grow.

    It sure as hell won't be you and your asinine comments.

    Hey, Aussie! Glad to see you're awake and back at work.

    First things first, you should get a couple screen-caps of your tribals in the game... so folks can see them. If you're using shoddy textures, you might even get lucky and attract the attention of someone who can help you out!

    Otherwise, just keep at it!

    I'll check in periodically, to see how things are coming along!
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    I love how folks love to be jackasses... it really makes me look better when I come in and say something positive.

    For instance, interesting idea... creating a new meat and creature to drop it!

    Now, it has been mentioned before, although not quite so politely and informatively, but pictures would definitely help to shut up the massive volume of stupid 'no pics!?!?!?!RAWR' posts that you're going to get, probably for the first two pages or so of your thread, here, unless you never upload any.

    Secondly, it's good to see you made this modloader compatible... although I haven't tested it myself to make sure. So many modders seem hell-bent on not using modloader, and for the vast majority of folks, that spells out 'don't download and play with my mod'.

    It's a good start, to be sure. Compatibility is the number one reason a mod gets dropped off my play-list.

    Now, keep working on it!

    Once you iron out all the kinks, and get some pictures up, folks will be far more inclined to check out what it is you're offering.
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    Quote from Tever

    1. It's an interesting idea, and I'd love to download it when it's complete.

    2. Not everyone can be good at, or even interested in, the creation process. Trying to imply that someone needs to a better modder than you before they can comment on your mod (at least, with anything other than glowing praise) is faulty logic.

    3. This mod is incomplete. You released it with no AI. That is your fault and no one else's. By releasing a mod, you make an unspoken commitment to players that your mod will work. When you promptly break that commitment the second anyone downloads it, we have a right to call you out on it.

    I hate to break it to you, but nowhere in this mod's release did it say that he had added AI to the creatures yet, or in fact that they were at -all- functional, other than that they existed, and spawned. All the OP states is that this mod creates a handful of tribes, which spawn in the world, and then went on to describe them.

    No promises. No details. No obligations.

    For that matter, A modder has exactly ZERO obligation to any stuck-up, pretentious jerk-off who walks in here and starts complaining. None whatsoever. There have been plenty more modders than this who came in and released something that was obviously not entirely functional. Many times to great celebration and enthusiasm.

    This mod doesn't break the game, and it actually -does- cause the mobs to spawn... so by all rights, that qualifies as a -release-. So if you're not interested in seeing the progress at this stage, that's your problem. Not the modders. And the modder sure as hell doesn't OWE you anything.

    I, for one, am very interested! I look forward to seeing how this progresses... and the video as well! Hopefully, once you get a little further along, the asshole commentary will die out a bit. You've got a good idea here, and a solid start. Keep at it!
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    posted a message on Halo: Minecraft Evolved Skins |Shop Closed, Update Coming|
    Since I've given so many suggestions which I think other folks would enjoy... I thought perhaps I would finally get around to asking for something for myself.

    This... is Medical Sergeant Michael Dregger... my personal avatar.


    Since it's from Reach... I suppose it might be a bit more difficult... and since I'm at the end of the list, I'm more than happy to wait. That being said, he's basically just a white and red ODST with slightly different pauldrons... so I don't think it'd be that hard.

    Anyhow, excellent work on the marine and the sergeant! I've tried 'em out in game, and they're amazing!

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    Got a couple more, I don't quite know how I forgot these:

    First off, the folks from ODST:

    Gunnery Sergeant Edward "Eddie" Buck: C'mon! It's Nathan Fillion! If you don't like Nathan Fillion, you don't deserve to call yourself a human being! Okay, maybe that's a bit too much Firefly Fanboyism... but seriously. He's funny! He's charismatic! He's been playing Halo longer than almost anyone, and launched his own campaign to advertise the game! Make him helmetless, so folks can see his Fillion-ness, and give him something to help him stand out in the crowd. Other than that, you could use your 'basic' ODST template.

    Captain Veronica Dare: She's ONI, she's bitchy, and she's got Recon... what more do you need? Make a helmetless version of her, and she'll definitely stand out from the boys. It's just a shame nobody has made a Halo Weapons and Armor mod.

    Those Other Three Guys: Mickey and the other one. Dutch! Dutch! Yeah. Those guys. They've got some unique characteristics. I wouldn't group them together, normally, but let's face it... I probably should have just suggested "The Squad" from ODST and left it at that! You could have figured it out all on your own, anyways. But these guys deserve some love, too.

    Oh yeah... the Rookie. He's a bit generic. I don't know what you could really do for him, save maybe making his armor blacker, giving him a blacker visor, and making the 'racing stripe' a darker shade of silver-gray.

    Now, moving away from ODST, here are some other notable characters:

    Admiral Preston Cole: How the hell did I forget -this- guy? Sure, he's retired... sure... he ran off with the Insurrectionists to be with his woman. But by god, this man is the REASON humanity survived against the covenant! He's a hero! He's been pronounced dead TWICE... and he's still live and kicking. This man is the most dangerous Senior Citizen alive... and one of the greatest tactical minds humanity has ever engendered. It almost seems a shame to suggest someone less-than-worthy of his glory should be allowed to wear his face. And yet, without him... I do not think a set of skins for Halo could ever be complete.

    Lieutenant Commander Miranda Keyes (Halsey): She's the daughter of one of the UNSC's finest officers, and the most brilliant woman alive. She embodies the best qualities of both her parents... possessing wisdom and valor and a sense of duty which rivals that of her father. Some say she's crazy. Others think she's just trying to live up to the legacy of her parents. But either way, she gave her life to ensure that humanity could put an end to the war with the Covenant once and for all... and if that doesn't warrant her nomination, here, I don't know what does.

    Sergeant John Forge (Halo Wars): He's a marine... but he's not a faceless, nameless grunt. He's a tough-talking, hard-walking, insubordinate sonovabitch who knows how to get the job done. His superiors hate him, his men love him, and the women do a little of both. He has a family back home that he doesn't much like to think about, and a future which is going nowhere fast. Prison time has ensured that he'll never make officer... but it doesn't stop him from being damn good at his job. Easily distinguished by the Ace-of-Spades in his shoulder pad and the nine 'etchings' on his chestplate.

    Serina (Smart AI of the Spirit of Fire, Halo Wars): Sarcastic, calculating, and often cold... she's a frigid military exterior wrapped around a warm feminine center. There aren't a great many "Smart" AI's around, but this one is certainly memorable enough to mention.

    Captain James Gregory Cutter (Halo Wars): Captain of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Cutter is one of several impressive military leaders displayed throughout the Halo Universe. He is distinct enough from other officers that one could tell him apart from the typical officer. Whether it be his black uniform and cap, the grayed beard, or the fact that the man never smiles... the man stands out in a crowd.

    Dr. Ellen Anders (Halo Wars): A former student of Dr. Halsey, she was abducted by agents of the UNSC and shown the devastation caused by the Covenant back in the very beginning. Although she and Halsey were apparently not on "speaking terms", Halsey personally recommended her for assignment to the Spirit of Fire. She's smart, civilian, and a little less prone to kidnapping children off distant colonial worlds and turning them into super soldiers than her instructor... which gives her a thumbs up in my book.


    ... I've run out, again...

    Might this be all?!

    ... doubtful.
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    posted a message on iPixeli's Gender Mod
    I don't see why there's any need at all for the player to be distinguished by gender, other than their character... but I'm all for having the male/female setting being a menu option, for sure. There's a few mods out there which add menus, too, if you want something to work off of. Clintonx (I may have misspelled your name, I totally apologize) has a very nicely mad ModOptions mod released. I don't know if it would be easier to work off of that, or not... but it's just a thought.

    Anyways, I don't really get what the big deal is with some people. Unless -you- are the perv, hitting on some pixelated square-girl... there really isn't any difference, other than to the player themselves, between a female or male minecrafter.

    Personally, as an author and when-the-mood-strikes roleplayer, I tend to play male and female characters quite interchangeably. I don't get all this concern over people knowing who is "actually" male and who is "actually" female. Obviously, if you don't know, you don't belong making inappropriate gestures towards them anyways.

    And if it's a matter of roleplaying, then I find that obscuring the PLAYER's entity entirely is usually the best course of action anyways.

    So there's my two cents on the matter.

    Anyways, glad to hear you're making some progress on the GUI! (See Also: Attempting, with or without luck) Keep at it! If Notch still doesn't think female characters can be made well in Minecraft after this... well... at least you know your mod will always be popular, eh?


    Oh, and have some of these: [>>-i>] [>>-i>] [>>-i>] [>>-i>] [>>-i>] [>>-i>] [>>-i>] [>>-i>] [>>-i>] [>>-i>] [>>-i>]

    They're quite useful for keeping the zombies away! Unless you miss. Don't miss!
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    posted a message on Halo: Minecraft Evolved Skins |Shop Closed, Update Coming|
    Here's a list of some skin ideas which I came up with last night, after taking a while to think. I figure since they're coming from me, then you'll know that they're obviously just things to think about, rather than actual requests.

    So, here's what I've got:

    Oni Spec-Ops: These guys would most likely be in gray/black SPI or EVA armor... dark visors in either blue or gold... and low-profile gear. The ONI logo somewhere on the armor would be what distinguishes it from any of your others so far.

    Fleet Admiral, Lord Terrance Hood: Who wouldn't want to be a grisled old British nobleman, and the High Commander of all UNSC Naval Operations? Beyond the medals which decorate his chest, the fact that he's voiced by Ron Perlman, and his gloriously bald head... what more reason need there be to make him?

    Captain Jacob Keyes: Yeah... so he's a big bloated sac of flood goo by the end of the first game in the series... but in his prime, he was one hell of an officer. People compared this man to the legendary Cole. In a time when the UNSC needed heroes, it put its faith in Keyes to deliver them from the certain doom that the Covenant represented. That gray-white uniform... that distinctive hair... the badge-thing which marks him as the Captain of the Pillar of Autumn. Distinguished is an understatement, here.

    Captain Carol "Foe Hammer" Rawley: She's a pilot. She's a soldier. She's a total badass. Don't ask me how you would distinguish her from other pilots, aside from perhaps basing her on her physical description (and maybe having some reference to E419 on her, somewhere) from the books/wikia entry... but hey! She's awesome enough to warrant suggesting.

    Dr. Catherine Halsey: If Cortana were a flesh and blood woman, this would be she. All of the attitude, none of the glowy particle effects... Dr. Halsey is two parts mad scientist, one part genius, and five parts "Most attractive nerd in the universe".

    Kojo "Romeo" Agu: He's a sniper. He's a jackass. He's an ODST. What sets this unholy trinity apart from the pack is the rather unwieldy looking goggles-system thing on his helmet. It's assumed that it is somehow related to his being a sniper... and therefore some kind of vision-enhancing device... but really? Folks will just want to play as him because he's a jerk. And he doesn't die at the end of the game.

    UNSC Admiral: A nice, generic-looking Admiral... someone without a name or a face... plenty of room for the player to work up a back-story. Give him (or -her-?) some medals... maybe a fancy hat with the UNSC insignia... and call it a day.

    UNSC Officer: Same as above... only lower in rank. Not everyone can be HIGHCOM... so better to have lower-ranking officer options, no?

    2401 Penitent Tangent: Because really, -everyone- knows about that obnoxious blue floating orb, Guilty Spark, already. He's old news. He's boring. He's nuts! 2401 Penitent Tangent is red! He's likely rampant! He's been captured by the flood! Granted, none of those things are particularly appealing besides the RED deal... but hey... sometimes you just want to be a monitor, without being the one that everyone loves to hate!

    Thel 'Vadam (aka "The Arbiter"): Silver/grey/black armor? Check. Mark of shame? Check. Pure, 100% Sangheili badassery? You betcha. The Arbiter is one of those characters... one of those distinctive characters... whom either one loves, or hates. He's proud. He's honorable. He's smart enough to realize that he's being manipulated... and dismayed enough by betrayal that he actively joins humanity in their fight against the Covenant. If there is one character who 'humanizes' the Elites... it's the Arbiter.

    I can't actually think of any more right now... but if I do... I'll just tack 'em onto this list.

    Anyways, keep up the excellent work!

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    posted a message on iPixeli's Gender Mod
    Not blocky enough?

    How much blockier do you want it to be, exactly? Look at that girl... she's got no shape BUT block! If someone called her a brick house, it would because she's literally the SHAPE of a BRICK! If someone said she was a Super-Freak, it would be because her DNA is a Quad-Helix Cubic Matrix! If you had a square hole... you could use her for a damn PEG!

    Yeesh... it's like if you took a perfect geometric square and said: "Hey, you're not blocky enough! I know, let's make you a CUBE!"


    ... *pant, heave*

    ... okay... I'm better now...
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    posted a message on [32x][1.3] ~Assassini-Costruttori~ (Discontinued)
    This... makes me very, very sad.

    Why? Because now... I'll never have time to find a life, marry a nice girl, and raise a gaggle of sprouts before I die.

    How could I, between the urge to build an Assassin's Creed world, work on my Steampunk world, and fighting monsters in my High-Fantasy world?

    So much epic... so little lifespan.

    If only I had been given another thousand years!

    All I need now is a Fallout-themed texture-pack... and I might never leave my room again.

    Here... take these, you terrible terrible monster: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on [REQ]Anime mech
    Hey, now... give it some time...

    ... there's lots of folks here with requests, and all... and sometimes the very talented lads and lasses who make these requests happen get bogged down. It doesn't mean that nobody wants to help you out... it just means that they either haven't gotten time to take your request on, don't feel themselves capable of handling it satisfactorily, or maybe they haven't seen it yet!

    In the meanwhile, I'll pop in here and give your post a nice bump... hopefully keeping it visible to the folks who patrol these forums for requests to undertake!

    In the meanwhile... I'll go bake us some cake. Here, guard these :....: until I can scrape up a nice plot of farmland.
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    posted a message on [Forge] TrainCraft (formerly Trains and Zeppelin mod)
    Two words...

    ... FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!

    Holy hell... now this, -this- is cool! I mean, really? Why has it taken THIS long to get something like this? Homan...

    ... I'm going to test the -hell- outta this mod.

    And for your efforts? :Coal:

    Your steam train has rendered this chalky black substance useless to me, now.
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    posted a message on [WIP]SolidCraft
    I think it's all art...

    ... and I think only pompous, pretentious bastards go around with their heads so far up their asses that they think they have a right to dictate what -is- and -is not- good. I mean, c'mon... someone smeared **** across a canvas and convinced the world that it was self expression.

    Sure, it's art... but good art? "Good" is a subjective term... an opinion... and your opinion (and that of anyone, really) doesn't mean jack ****. You're entitled to it. You can live by it. But in the end, it's just as arbitrary and meaningless as mine, his, hers, or any other poor schmuck on the face of the planet.

    Real artists? Real artists are people who MAKE things. Who DO things. Anything, really.

    And anything made, is worth respecting, unless the person who makes it fails to respect it him/herself. Perhaps these 'people' you mention don't mind you speaking for them... but I most certainly do. Especially when our opinions are so radically different from one another.

    So, to you Mr. Author-man...

    ... here's my critique.

    I like it's (<---- See this? It's has an apostrophe. It should ALWAYS have an apostrophe as far as I'm concerned. I feel the same way about grammar as I do about art... it's subjective... and so long as it gets your meaning across, the mechanics themselves are meaningless.) simplicity. There's plenty of simplicity texture-packs out there... and people have downloaded enough of them to speak all for themselves on how they feel about them.

    Yours is a valid entry into the foray, and of adequate quality by all my standards. I see no errors, nor any broken textures... and so it is my own humble opinion that this is quality work.

    It's not excessive. It doesn't make the game into Borderlands or Zelda. It does exactly what it says it does, and it does it without breaking anything.

    By those standards... standards of quality, and not personal preference, I say that this texture pack is -good-.

    Congratulations on your first texture pack!

    Here's something for your efforts: :|: :Coal:

    Using these two items... you may craft yourself the means to illuminate the horizon.

    Use them wisely!

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    posted a message on iPixeli's Gender Mod
    Hey, hey... now there's a pretty awesome idea!

    Personally, I'll be glad to see the day when this gets made in such a way that a player can actually -choose- the gender of their character, and have it actually affect the body mesh and voice. There's a lot of room in minecraft for character customization... and this just goes to show that it can be pushed even further still.

    I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this... watch how things progress.

    In the meanwhile, keep up the excellent work! It's very cool to see what people are making of minecraft, every day!
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    posted a message on Halo: Minecraft Evolved Skins |Shop Closed, Update Coming|
    I know you're getting swamped with requests and all... so I'm not really expecting to see it done any time soon (especially for such a small tweak)... but I was curious if you might satisfy a request for me.

    I dig your CE marine... I really, really do. But the one thing I loved about them the most... the thing I wished they would have carried over through the -rest- of the series... was that awesome little green HUD eye-piece. I'm not sure how much work it would be to make a version which included it...

    ... but if you did...

    ... you'd totally be my Halo Hero.

    I'd also like to comment on how awesome your ODST turned out. I'm currently playing Reach decked out in my ODST permutation... and I have to say... there's just something about that armor that -exudes- badassery.

    Anyhow... if my request wasn't particularly worthy of your efforts... maybe you'd be willing to make the Marine Sergeants? You know... the guys in the caps, rather than the helmet. I don't remember the white guy's name... but hell... I don't think I'd be the only person who would dig playing as him or Sergeant Johnson.

    So yeah. Great, great work.

    It's probably the highest quality I've seen on Halo skins yet... and I've been watching this forum for a while!


    (Oh yeah... here's some :||||: :||||: :||||: :||||: :||||: for all your work. It may not look like much... but with that ghillie suit soldier you made, it's excellent cover for your next sniping mission!)
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