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    posted a message on [1.6.X/1.5.2/Others]Pam's Mods - Feb 9th (I'm Back!)
    So I've been toying around with the ID's... but I can't seem to narrow down the cause of the trees dropping rocks on my head when I break the leaves holding unripened fruit. It seems to be the only thing of questionable function, though, honestly... so if that's the worst I get, I'll be happy. I'm going to keep at it... and hopefully, if it's not supposed to happen, I'll manage to fix it.

    Maybe. Eventually. I hope.
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    posted a message on [1.6.X/1.5.2/Others]Pam's Mods - Feb 9th (I'm Back!)
    Heh... so I figured out the 'knocking fruit off the tree causes it to reappear because it's not ripe thing' just from reading, but might you have and idea why, when I break the block the fruit is attached to, it drops stone? Is that intentional... or did I just do something screwy when I was trying to fix block id's and the like?

    Cause it's quite amusing to have a pear tree dropping rocks on my head... but I'm worried maybe I broke something...
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] WASTELAND MOD! FINALLY UPDATED, AGAIN!
    Just wanted to leave my two cents worth, here...

    First off, I've been playing with the Wasteland mod with the Last Days texture pack since the days of yore, right up until Wasteland became too out-of-date to be passable. The fact that it's back, now, has me too excited for words. However, since I have this overabundance of words here, I figure I'd best just put that excitement aside for a moment and speak:

    This mod is great. It really is. It's perfect for my hadcore challenges, whereby I force myself to endure a life of survival in a harsh barren world alone, me against the mutants and robots and raiders. Just the mere fact that I've managed to survive three real-life days, now... even delving deep into an abandoned mineshaft (and coming away with melon seeds!) without getting myself killed... it's something to be proud of. This mod makes living feel like a real achievement.

    That being said, I too have a few hopes for the future. Deserts and Oases are hopefully incoming soon... which will mean at the very least I can finally get myself some glass. I hope that it will be possible, with the resources found throughout the world, to eventually restore it somewhat to it's former glory. Even if I have to fill the damn lakes up with water myself... (which I've actually done, now... it's excellent for fishing)

    Sand will mean actually being able to manufacture TNT... Glass... Bottles for making potions... these things are currently impossible without it. If it means making a Desert Wasteland biome, complete with pools of surface lava and hellish Death Cacti... so be it... but it's really quite important to have.

    As for villages... well... I think villages are still important, and ought to spawn, because they also provide the player with some small bit of civilization. For a SSP guy like me, the ability to find a village and defend it from the hostility of the wastes is a big allure of the mod. I build my cities and villages for the NPCs... not myself... so it just feels wrong when the buildings are all empty and unused. Besides, barter and trade is a big part of the post-apocalyptic vibe, and to be lacking entirely sort've makes the whole thing feel dead and lifeless. Even if I survive... so what? There's nothing to do beyond setting myself up in a ruined tower, building a farm, and waiting to see what kills me first: A creeper or old age.

    Villages (and by extension the capability of 'bringing the world back from the brink) provide an objective to surviving, other than simply for survival's sake. Because it's one thing to be alive... it's another thing entirely to have a reason to live.

    To balance things out, why not have them spawn with no water and crops? They already spawn rarely enough that in many games on non-Wasteland worlds, I can't even find one... so putting them in exactly the same dire straits as I am would make the occasional stumbling across one much more meaningful on account of the possibility of trade and shelter amongst fellow survivors... rather than because 'Oh hey, sapling'.

    As stated a few posts above, too, additional ruin types... small destroyed towns, cities... perhaps some with spawners in addition to chests, so as to reward players for the 'challenge' of scavenging in dangerous areas would certainly be a fine addition. Something to enhance the challenge of it all... something to make wandering through ruins a bit more intimidating and a little less like one-item grocery shopping.

    All-in-all, though? The mod has made my week.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to scavenging this tower for books. If I can find just one chicken... I'm going to write myself a Wasteland Survival Guide.
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    posted a message on The Vault RP - A Serious Fallout Themed Server
    Quote from irishkingkilla

    Cyber Bullying can be bad

    Yes, yes it can... especially when we invest time and emotion into things like this. It causes us to slightly lower the guard of our anonymous forum identities and in-game names, and creates a weakness wherein we begin to identify with the values of the community to which we belong. When those values are warped and turned against us, it's very easy to be overwhelmed by the unexpected emotional response to seemingly harmless things.

    I do agree, though, that the best course of action is to simply remind oneself that this is a new day. We are all here to have fun and enjoy an excellent game.

    Being new to this group, I for one am getting quite excited about getting started. It seems promising.
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    posted a message on The Vault RP - A Serious Fallout Themed Server
    Quote from mrpapodopolus

    Im going to have to agree with you on how poorly RP servers are sometimes ran. Instead of just making fallout in minecraft, I'm trying to blend the 2 together, so you still get the minecraft feel, Ex: PVPing, Building, Collecting resources, but with a fallout setting. Other than that, Welcome aboard!

    And that, right there, is what makes this the best setup I've seen for a Fallout-based RP to date. And there've been a lot. Minecraft. Forums. Nothing quite seems to do the games' universe justice. But this looks good. This looks damn good. Let me know if you need a hand with anything.

    I've been playing the old games since they were the new games, and the new games since they were turning 'No Mutants Allowed' into a bitter pit of festering fanboy rage. I'm the best of both worlds, baby!

    Also, I work for slightly cheaper than the other guys. By about thirty cents. Just sayin'.
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    posted a message on The Vault RP - A Serious Fallout Themed Server
    Y'know... I almost wasn't gonna sign up, because I usually hate the way RP servers run... but after a bit closer reading of the rules and such here, I actually think this has a fairly decent chance of being fun. So I'll go ahead and apply, and we'll see what happens.

    OOC -

    IGN: Philosophiac
    Age: 24
    Did you read ALL the rules?: Yes, yes I did. And unlike most RP servers which set up ridiculous rules attempting to force RP into unnatural directions, these seem smart enough to keep things from becoming complete chaos while allowing the free reign required to play a believable character. Which is the only reason I'm applying.


    Name: Joseph Caine
    Karma: 'Wasteland A**h*le'
    Age: 28

    RP example:

    "Well, well, well... if it ain't our old buddy Joe. You bin gone a long, long time now. What makes y'think you kin just waltz back in here after the stunt you pulled?"

    Joseph Caine adjusts his hat and scowls. "Shut the hell up and get outta' my way. Where's Julia?"

    Clancy Jones' eyes shift back towards the far wall. "She's... not here, Joe. I wasn't kiddin'. You've bin gone almost ten years. Julia ain't a little girl anymore. She's all grown up. Got her own place, her own gun... yer little sis is a damn scary woman. Must run in the family."

    Joseph Caine's gaze narrows a bit, though he eases up after a minute. "Damn... I shoulda known. Does she know about me? Does she know what I've been doing all this time?"

    Clancy Jones shakes his head and grunts. "N-no... nothin' more than what anyone else knows. You disappeared without a trace, 'cept the money you kept sending home. Julia... she's always asked 'bout that. Tracked you down a coupla' times... but... never got close enough to see."

    Joseph Caine shakes his head and sighs, turning his back on the man. "The night you murdered our folks... the last time I set foot in this shithole of a town... I told you to keep Julia safe, or I'd kill you for what you'd done. Seems like you held up your end of the bargain. So here's mine. I'm going to tell you everything. That trail of bodies I've been leaving behind me? It's a warning. The blood on my hands... the misery I cause... I'm gonna wear it like a veil. Nobody will come near me... and I'll kill anyone dumb enough to try."

    Clancy Jones just shook his head in confusion. "I've never understood it, Joe... you were a nice kid. When did you become a monster like me? Honestly, what's your end-game here huh? What are you gonna do once everyone is afraid of you?"

    Joseph Caine never even flinched as he drew his gun and fired a round directly into Clancy's forehead. As the man slumped over dead, he moved forward and plucked the pack of cigarettes from the man's pocket and popped one into his mouth.

    "See, Clancy... the world's a miserable, violent place. It's full of monsters like us. You made me what I am today, Clancy, and I can't ever change that. I've got too much hate in me for that to happen. So I'm going to do the only thing that keeps me sane. I'm going to take my hate, and I'm going to use it to build something truly magnificent. A place where monsters like us keep folks like Julia safe... or get put down like the rabid dogs they are. You did a good job of that. I appreciate it."

    Joseph Caine leans down, pries the lighter from Clancy's still-warm fingers, and flicks it open. A flame erupts, and the cigarette is lit.

    "But I've heard all about your dirty little dealings. Fingers in everybody's pie. My new world ain't got no room for rats like you, Clancy... so you got to go. You said it yourself: The world got a whole lot smaller when the bombs fell. I'm just plucking out the weeds in our little Garden of Eden."

    Joseph Caine departs, but not before flicking the ashes from his cigarette into a pile of rags dropped on the way in. Within moments the gasoline-soaked rags ignite... and the small bar catches fire. Of course, by then, Joseph Caine is just another faceless body in the crowd and completely ignored.

    "This place hasn't changed a bit. Nothin' ever changes... unless you force it."

    Character biography:

    "When I was a boy... my folks were gunned down by a drunken mercenary named Clancy Jones. It's not a real name of course, but the ******* never was loose with information. He was a dirty scoundrel down on his luck, and my folks owed some debts. He was just supposed to rough 'em up a bit. What was left of 'em was hardly recognizable. If I hadn't've seen the whole thing, I'd probably just be some miserable orphan somewhere... crying into my beer about the **** lot I've been given in life. My sister, for whatever reason I can't fathom, has no memory of their death. It's like she blacked the whole thing out. Lucky her, I guess."

    "As for me, well, there just wasn't no going back to that kid I used to be. From that moment on, something woke up in me. At first I thought it was just anger... the need for revenge... but it got worse. I'd just seen my parents get their heads bashed in with a club, and the next day I beat some lousy mugger within an inch of his life just for lookin' at me. It got worse, from there. I couldn't resist the urges to fight... the aggression the welled up every time I remembered the things I'd seen. I broke noses, and ribs... shattered a man's entire arm... and taken my fair share of injuries too. Eventually I hit some poor jackass too hard, and he never got up again. I could've tried to hide what I'd done... but I realized I didn't give a damn. So I just walked away cool as could be and made it my business to hunt down the man who'd killed my folks and done this to me. I thought maybe killing him too would make me feel better."

    "When I got home, though, Julia was scared and alone... and I realized I'd been out all night searching. I'd left her there to fend for herself... me... her only family. By that point, I had a name... Clancy Jones... a half-assed mercenary and a notorious drunk. So I waited for him to get plastered, and I took my old man's Butterfly-Knife, and I waited for him to stumble home in a stupor. And instead of killing him, I gave him an ultimatum. I jabbed that knife into his chest so hard his lung popped and told him he had two options... assume control of the family estate as our 'caretaker' and look after my sister while I tracked down his employer... or die there on the floor, drowned in his own blood."

    "Then I left town and never looked back. I can't look back. There's nothing there for me. The only thing I can do is make sure that this world doesn't eat my sister alive and spit her out as just another bleached corpse in the desert. To do that, I'll make a name for myself. I'll become the man no sane man ever wants to meet as his enemy. I'll become a goddamn phantom, the kind of story they tell to scare little children into listening to their mothers."

    "And when that happens, I'll gather up all the people I care about... all the people I've come to care about over these years... and I'll make sure that this world doesn't chew them up and spit them out like it did me. They'll live in blissful ignorance to the pain I've suffered. To the feeling of being overwhelmed with rage. To the remorse at having to take a life. I will carry that burden for them. It's the only thing I can think to do, at this point."

    :Diamond: <--- Anyhow, Cheers! Have one of these for being the only RP server to tackle Fallout that I don't think looks too crap to even want to apply!
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    posted a message on LAST DAYS-[A LOT+ downloads!] [Merry H.I.V.E.-fest!]
    Just a thought on the matter on Thaumcraft textures. Since it's all about magic instead of technology, why not do the texturing and that lot based around TECHNOLOGY that -SEEMS- like magic. Nanotech. Quantum Technology. Holographics. Bio-genetics. Bleeding edge stuff that's so far advanced that it's hard to wrap one's head around.

    Anyhow, just wanted to note that I've had a similar error on the Customizer site as to what was described above, but a quick re-download of the pack sorted it all out for me nice 'n easy.

    Keep up the awesome work, guys 'n gals! Cheers!
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    posted a message on **|LAST DAYS Official Server|**
    I do hope you guys will be up and around again soon... it's a shame that my favorite texture pack doesn't have an 'official' server to play on. Maybe some folks with more money than me will come around, love it, and donate some cash to get a designated server hosted. Still, it's awesome, and I'm definitely looking forward to it coming back!
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    posted a message on LAST DAYS-[A LOT+ downloads!] [Merry H.I.V.E.-fest!]
    First off, just wanted to pop back in again and 'officially' suggest that the icon for the book with quill and whatever the 'published/finished' book is called be changed to something more along the lines of a data-pad of some sort rather than an actual book... at least in the version available here... because it doesn't really make much sense that the bookshelves are computer servers, yet they're made with mutant-cow leather-bound books.

    Just something to enhance the immersion value is all. Also, I know the server IP just changed... but I didn't catch who I was supposed to get ahold of to get the new IP and all that jazz. So I hope it's not a problem if I ask while I'm here. You guys have a thread in the actual 'servers' section of the site? Might help boost interest if you made one... assuming you didn't.

    Anyways, love the work you've done. Love the server. You're a cool bunch of righteous dudes, and I'm looking forward to exploring more of the Minecraft Wasteland.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] EvilMinecraft v0.666 - Bugfix released!
    Just wanted to chime in with my support for this, because DAYUM... it's fun.

    It's lots of fun. It's insanely, ridiculously, jumping-out-of-my-seat-in-terror-every-time-I-hear-a-hiss-behind-me fun. And it's still EARLY in development. I can only see this mod getting better and better still.
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    posted a message on AleXndrTheGr8st's Mods (SimpleCore API, SimpleOres, Fusion, Netherrocks)
    I'm glad I finally managed to find this again, because quite frankly... I can't get enough tools.


    I love more stuff. More things to build, more things to mine, more things to use to impale my enemies upon a large iron spike as an example of what happens to those who cross my path...

    But mostly, because bashing in a zombie's face with a Mythril shovel just seems like it ought to win some kind of survivalist award or something.

    And Forge's Ore Dictionary support? Even better news still.

    Can't hardly wait.
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's Lets Play Minecraft v1.2.5 - Season 4
    Eh. Correction to my previous post.

    It turns out that when I remove Doggy Talents entirely, the weirdness of starting with the wrong items goes away. And I'm fairly comfortable in believing that this issue exists because of some change to block ids. After all, there's got to be some coding somewhere that's telling the game to spawn you with two items already in your inventory every time.

    My guess is that somehow, my game didn't get the message that the DT items have had their ID's altered.

    Oh well. It's not a big deal anyways. Maybe I'll reinstall it, and just start the game with an awesome IC2 wrench and an Apatite gem. If nothing else, it could help me get my Thermonuclear Wheat Farm and Discount Electronics Store off the ground a bit faster.
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's Lets Play Minecraft v1.2.5 - Season 4
    So, I've got a curious little situation here.

    It seems that, for whatever reason, I'm starting the game with a wrench and one of those plant-growth crystals... instead of what I can only assume is supposed to be the Doggy Talents items. I had to resort to using the config files DW provided just to get all the mods to work together... and they do!

    So I'm rather happy about that! I love IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft and RedPower gives me awesome volcanoes if nothing else.

    But this weird little glitch is making my head spin. I even went so far as to take Doggy Talents out of my mods list.

    I still start with the wrench and gem-thing. @[email protected]

    What do you suppose could be causing this?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]

    So now all I have to do is find the unloaded chunk in which my ship, carrying my compass and clock, all my spare equipment, and enough cobblestone to build a medium-sized NPC village randomly happened to stop!

    Excellent! This has all the makings of the same terrible adventure which got me into this mess in the first place!

    On the other hand, I still maintain that I absolutely love this mod. After all, no other mod lets you go chasing after runaway airships! Hehe!

    Now if only there were some kind of locator device...
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    It's been a long while since I posted in here, but I find that I have a fairly legitimate question.

    Basically, I was flying along minding my own business... when suddenly this massive mountain appeared in my way. I was rather interested in the idea of mining said mountain, so I hopped off of my fully-loaded cargo ship and went down to have a looksee. The only problem was, I accidentally parked my ship a square away from the mountainside, and fell down into a hole.

    The second problem is that my ship wasn't entirely stopped after all, and kept on flying away without me.

    Now, I'm not certain, but I was wondering what exactly HAPPENS to runaway ships. Is there any use in my going out to hunt for it? Is all my hard-earned loot forever lost? Can nothing be saved?

    All these questions have arisen, and more.

    Worse still, I fell off the damn ship I went out in to look for the FIRST one, and now it's gone off into the world alone as well, and I've seen no sign of the thing since.
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