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    posted a message on No one wants
    Agree with the OP. That thread is around 96+ pages I believe. It causes the uninteresting bits to be artificially at the top of the forum.
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    posted a message on A reason to explore
    Minecraft isn't about gathering loot.
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    posted a message on Regarding the Waterford Incident.
    I also thought at first glance this was spam.

    Are we authorized to see a picture of the buildings in the background of file 20110427210617.png ?
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    posted a message on Looking to understand station selectors
    It helps me to break down a circuit into its logical parts and then use paper and pencil to draw a logic diagram/truth table.

    Think about it like if a certain set of switches is set a certain way what does the output effect do. Think of latches like switches when trying to get the logic of it down.

    Sorry if that's too captain obvious, but that's what I do.
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    posted a message on Players that refuse to use mods, and default difficulty
    Quote from waitv8 »

    -Minecraft was easy before beds and such were implemented
    -Why do people play without mods?

    There never was anything hard about minecraft. Just levels of convenience. The "hard" part is planning and building something that challenges you. Making due with what you have available. I think instant gratification (invedit) ruins this game, or at least, the spirit of it.
    Vanilla is good. The quirks that it holds are a challenge sometimes.

    The only mods I ever used was that better light thing and briefly the minimap (although it wasn't very useful).
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    posted a message on Cactus farms?
    Try searching or look on youtube for some tutorials.

    I don't know what traditional style is but here is a a decent example
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    posted a message on Updates: Expanding without Overpowering?
    I tend to agree. (edit.. agree with the OP.) Even though a first night in the game will never be the same again, I kind of wish new players to feel it the same. It was fun and exciting.

    After a certain point in my world it did become less survival and more thrive (to use paulsoarsjr's idea). I don't think beds or charcoal change that in an established world.

    Quote from User »
    I agree. Beds need a underpowering. More resources (iron?) and harder to get.
    :GoldBar: :Diamond: :GoldBar: to you sir.

    Beds should be made out of ghast skin.
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    posted a message on Ambis/Black Tower from LoZ:OoA
    Quote from Exelixis »
    okay, it's from a handheld game. last hint i'll give.

    Not much of a hint, but it looks really nice!
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    posted a message on Intel vs AMD - Hosting Question
    Quote from gameaddictwn »
    Personally I would recommend AMD. They specialize in games While intel focuses more on Raw processing

    So..did you just make that up?
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    posted a message on Castle problems
    I think it looks better in the second picture anyways. I had some problems like that with my castle. Planning is the way to get it how you want. Castles don't have to be symmetrical.
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    posted a message on So what else should feathers do?
    Combine feathers with sticks to make wings like Daedalus made for Icarus.
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    posted a message on Why does nobody like Cobblestone?
    I think it looks fine in the default texture. It tiles in a pleasing way. Most texture packs completely fail at the cobblestone block though. Diagonal tiling lines in most of them. Since it's such a used block it needs to be right,or at the very least, something that doesn't make you want to put your eyes out.

    Eld's Artpack has a really nice cobblestone. The individual stones in the block are slightly brick shaped and when the block is on a corner the stones match up on all sides.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Structure Planner application
    This program is great! I have a suggestion to make building layer by layer much easier. Is it possible to see the layer below grayed out? For example, say you are working on Layer 2 and you see grayed out translucent blocks from layer 1 to build upon.

    Right now you have to count squares to line up blocks on different layers. Maybe adding a grid numbering A,B,C... and 1,2,3... on the axes would be great too.

    Anyways, very cool application.
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