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    posted a message on World War Three {GUNS} {SCALE EARTH}
    Minecraft Username: AdrenalineON

    Age: 19

    Country (In game please!): Israel

    Postion: Financial adviser

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft?: beta.

    Have You Ever Been Banned?: No.

    If So, Why?: -

    Can You Follow The Rules?: Yes.

    Why Do You Want To Join? (One Paragraph AT LEAST): I want to ensure the existence of the Jewish homeland and bring prosperity to my allies.

    How Do You Think You Can Contribute To The Community: It would be my bound duty to be america's greatest ally and satellite for the middle-east in a bastion of civilization against our barbaric neighbors.

    Can You Use SpoutCraft?: Yes.
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    posted a message on [256x,64x][1.4.6] G's Smooth Modern HD .discontinued.
    It's fantastic!
    However why does it flash this green block when destroying blocks

    Edit: it's better now I changed it to my liking :laugh.gif:

    Edit 2: i changed the texture picture and now it won't work, can you help me?
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    posted a message on ★24/7★Serenity MineCraft!★1.6.6!★PlanetMinecraft #1 Rated!★
    In game name: AdrenalineON
    How old are you? 17
    How long have you played minecraft?: Longer than a year
    Do you accept the rules?: Yep
    Tell us a little about yourself: I'm from Australia and minecraft is one of my fav games atm
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive): AdrenalineON
    Where are you from?: Australia
    Your age?: 17
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below? yep
    Did you vote for us? yea
    Extra notes?:
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