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    posted a message on Testing for a player not holding an item in hand

    Okay, so im trying to make a command block system that will remove a blindness effect if a player is holding a torch. I have it so when I am holing a torch it will get rid of the effect, but I do not know how to make it where if I'm not holding the torch then it will give a blindness effect. Thanks for the help.

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    posted a message on New Vanilla Realm (Community based)

    ", sans-serif">IGN: PheElement

    ", sans-serif">Discord: PheElement#5668

    I'm fairly active, but I can't say I will be on everyday.

    Im a decent builder and know a bit of red stone.(can help with any command issues)

    16 years old I'm nice and love small community servers.

    Thanks for inviting new players

    -PheElement (Joseph)

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    posted a message on Need friends to play with!

    Add me so we can play together!

    Code: sw-5520-9044-0053 Joey

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    posted a message on Looking to Recruit New Players for Realm - Active & Mature Players - Detailed Application Required

    IGN: PheElement, I only changed my name once (Do not plan to change it again any time soon)

    Nickname: Phe/Joey

    Age:15 (almost 16)

    Timezone: Central Time

    Estimated time Frame: I am in school at the moment, so probably Friday Saturday and Sunday I will be on the most.

    I want to join this realm because I love small community servers, I used to play on a server for about 4 years, and then it was shut down. I was devastated, but then i discovered that people were doing applications for realms, and I loooovvvveeee to play on vanilla.

    I am a pretty good builder if I set myself to it and I am not a "noob" as when or if I am invited I will probably be decked out in 2 days, but I like to help people. I like redstone and building creations that involve redstone, other than that I am a pretty cool person

    Sometimes, I may be annoying but, just tell me to shut up :P ( I wont be offended).

    And lastly,

    Thank you for giving people the opportunity to apply and be invited to your realm!

    -Joseph (PheElement)

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    Joey P.


    15 almost 16


    played since alpha would say about a 7 on 1-10



    Why do you think you are worthy of joining the Realm?:

    First off, thanks for allowing outsiders to apply. Anyways, hello I'm Joey (Joseph) And I believe that I could be a good asset to the realms building/redstone squad. I love small community servers and worlds and its just a good way to enjoy a great game. I love to build and are pretty good if I say so my self. I am a relatively active person, so i will be on almost everyday unless I tell ahead of time. Really hoping to join the realm. Once again, Thanks :D

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    posted a message on Hard mode PURE Survival. Free sharing realm.

    Would love to join, recently got back into minecraft!!

    im pretty good at building and redstone btw

    IGN: PheElement

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    posted a message on Looking for players to join my new realm!

    Hey My username is PheElement, I play Minecraft almost everyday for about maybe 2 hours (Subject to change cause school). I want to join because ive been looking for new places to play and I really love the game. I have played minecraft for about 5 years and still love it. Thanks, hope to play with you!

    And I am 15

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    posted a message on New minecraft vanilla realm!

    I have never banned from a server (Gladly) and I don't like griefing at all


    Looking to play with some people and have fun :D

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    posted a message on Strange thing found in Minecraft 1.9 snapshot

    I just killed the enderdragon and stumbled upon this

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    posted a message on Whats a good Graphics card for using Shaders

    Hi im looking for a Graphics card that can run shaders like seus 10.0 l at pretty good fps

    i have a Dell inspiron 560 with 4 GB of RAM ,Pentium(R) dual-core procceser (3.20 GHz)

    And it is 64 bit
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