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    We've all heard the complaints, veteran PvPers stick to their 1.7.10, claim 1.9 sucks due to introduction of attackSpeed, yada yada yada. This debate is practically a dead horse, but I'll put a summary of this in a spoiler box for those that's unaware of the controversial combat change since 1.9.

    When Mojang announced 1.9 was going to be all about combat changes, this got Veteran PvPers excited, because combat hasn't been a big concern for Mojang until now. However when the 1st snapshot was released, it was quickly received with backlash, how Mojang is changing combat too much, they can't apply their skills in the new combat system. The old combat system was a simple "click to deal damage." This allows competitive players to practice "jitter-clicking" or clicking their mouse excessively to attack as frequently as possible. However the new combat system introduced an attribute called attack speed, which added a form of cooldown to swords and tools. After you swing with your weapon of choice, you now have to wait for your weapon to raise all the way up for it to deal full damage once more. Attack while the weapon isn't raised all the way, it doesn't deal as much damage. This change was a turn-off for PvPers because they couldn't apply their "jitter-click" skills into the new system. It's against everything they've built their skill on.

    The negative reception was so overwhelming, not only did they receive death threats, but also eventually made a snapshot to somewhat cater to the "jitter-clickers" by allowing weapons & tools to deal 25% of their damage minimum if their weapon wasn't raised at all. What's worse is unfortunately Mojang is stemming further and further away from favoring PvP players. It evidently isn't their only player base, but they were just as dedicated as any avid builders or plugin developers.

    Anyway onto the title of the thread: Bring back old combat mechanics. Despite the fact I like the new combat mechanics, I'm not implying to revert it, but rather keep it as the vanilla combat. if anything I actually like the new combat mechanic, especially how the attackSpeed can be modified to somewhat replicate old combat. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to satisfy veteran PvPers as well as other that are strongly acquainted to the old combat. Consequently this made old PvP-heavy servers hold onto 1.8 or 1.7 even to this day. If a public server wants to thrive and expand their possibilities with plugins, but this would come at the cost of losing such a huge portion of their player-base. They have to either stick to 1.8/1.7 and rely on dated plugins, or update at the risk of losing basically the entire server. It's a lose-lose scenario for these servers owners, and said owners knows this well.

    Instead of trying to change or revert combat mechanics again, why not do the following:

    Add more attributes for coders to use for their servers.

    Such a simple idea! I'm aware it could be painstaking to do, cuz it might require the devs to dissect their engines, but I think this would pay off so much. They can especially add the following attributes:

    • Range - How far or short the players can attack with this item. Correct me if I'm wrong, but 1.8 decreased the range of items for attacking, so this could bring even 1.7 players.
      • Value can be negative to attack and affect entities behind the player instead of the front.
    • AttackSpeed - How long it takes for the item to raise back up after attacking an entity. Can be set to 0 to disable AttackSpeed.
    • MinAttack - How much damage the item deals if it isn't raised. Damage will still scale based on the attack recharge.
    • CanBlock - A boolean value that determines whether an item can block or not. What's an old 1.7/1.8 combat without blocking? Sure we have shields, but they obstruct a large portion of our vision without resource packs. This is especially jarring for those that just doesn't bother for resource packs for gosh-knows-why.
    • BlockValue- How much damage blocking reduces with this item by a static number. Makes sense when the item also has CanBlock. This not only can be applied to tools & swords, but shields as well.
      • Value can be negative to make players take more damage blocking with this weapon.
    • BlockPercent - Identical to BlockValue, but uses percentage instead of a static number. Makes sense when the item also has CanBlock.
      • Value can be negative to make players take more damage blocking with this weapon.
    • AttackRate - Not to be confused with AttackSpeed, determines how many times a single entity can take damage from this item per second. Example: AttackRate of 0.5 means a single entity can take a hit from this item every two seconds, while an item with an AttackRate of 609 means they're getting destroyed by a machine gun.
      • Persists while item is not equipped.
      • Minimum value is 0 - Items with a value of 0 can only harm a single entity once.
    • HoldToAuto - A boolean value that determines if an item can attack entities while holding down Attack command. For the very few that likes the convenience of alpha combat.
    • Knockback - How far an entity is pushed if they're attacked by this item. Surprised this is only an enchantment.
      • Value can be negative and knock affected entities towards the user instead of away.
    • BowChargeRate - How many seconds it takes for this item to fully charge.
      • Minimum value of 0 instantly shoots.
    • BowPunch - How far an entity is pushed if they're attacked by the projectile summoned by this item. Surprised this is only an enchantment.
      • Value can be negative and knock affected entities towards the user instead of away.
    • Throwable - A boolean value that determines if an item can be thrown (much like snowballs.) Items with this value on will behave identical to snowballs when thrown.
    • ThrowCharge - How many seconds it takes for this item to fully charge.
      • Minimum value of 0 instantly throws this item.

    Community Suggestions:

    Quote from IGN_1839321»

    Definitely a good idea, but would recommend making it a gamerule rather than mandatory. I think a good name would be combatVersion. If combatVersion = [version], reverts combat system to that of (version). Would make shields glitchy though. I still support bringing back old combat, but new combat has its advantages (i.e. counters KillAura).

    I know that's a lot, but the major ones are Range, CanBlock (and BlockValue&Percent,) Attack Rate, HoldToAuto, and BowChargeRate. Everything else I didn't list may be somewhat redundant, primarily due to the fact plugins can already toy with these values, but it doesn't hurt to have options.

    With these values, plugin developers can really attempt to re-introduce old combat mechanics and apply blocking to swords. If they're feeling REALLY nostalgic, make a PvP minigame replicating Alpha PvP mixed with some potions or shields. Wanna get crazy with PvP minigames? Make one where everyone has a 20-block reach sword that attacks ridiculously fast, or bows with aggravatingly long charge times. Want to directly compete the different combat mechanics via a KitPvP, and include kits representing different combat systems? Why not! The possibilities are endless!

    The only downside to this is this CANNOT favor those that dislikes both the new combat system as well as multiplayer. It may even require Mojang to once again dissect their engine to implement these attributes (then again 1.13 is revamping the Minecraft engine.)

    For those that supports this idea, you can upvote it --> Here <--

    So what do you guys think? Do you think introduction of these attributes could re-introduce old combat to Minecraft without reverting the current combat system we have, and bring the best of both worlds?

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    posted a message on Is Hardcore mode too easy?

    I'm not trying to advertise, but there is a kernel of truth explained in this video: Hardcore mode is actually just Hard mode but with permadeath, and nothing else extra to challenge the player. The game also induces the illusion of a harder gamemode, by only allowing you one life, but once you get past the idea of how you may die or how you manage, it's almost like playing any other difficulty. Even if you did die, the cause of death would be rare and silly mistakes as, as well as unexpected occasions. Once you have a running base, it's almost back to old school Minecraft. Should you require something, or taken heavy damage, you always retreat to your base as a safe haven.

    The speaker in the video proposes taking away the bed, because it's used to sleep away the night. Before beds were added, there were videos on how to survive your 1st night almost everywhere. But now they've become nonexistent. The speaker also believes taking away the player's ability to set up a base of operations wouldn't necessarily help. Instead make the system more cumbersome (not in a bad way.) Listed instances are faster breaking armor, even more degeneration of hunger, or reduced spawn rate of ores.

    I'd like to add my two cents on this matter. So Persona 5 was released about a month ago, and had a "Merciless" difficulty. It did the same thing as their "hard" difficulty, but not only did it reduce money and exp income, but also increased critical and technical multiplier damage for BOTH the enemy, AND the player. Technical damage is basically critical damage, but happens only if the player or enemy attacks with the appropriate damage type WHILE said target is inflicted with the correct status effect. This advantage (and disadvantage) rewarded players for playing smart and efficiently by synergizing status effects with appropriate damage types. This made the difficulty a breeze if the player played the right cards, without the cost of being forgiving to the player.

    This is a very neat difficulty mechanic and I think hardcord could use a mechanic inspired by such. I'm clearly not saying we should copy-paste the mechanic, because if I was, it wouldn't work because of the lack of different damage types in Minecraft (if there is one at all.)I was thinking of the following:

      • No beds
        • Even if there was one, it'd be either cosmetic, or function much like Minecraft Beta beds.
        • Back in Beta versions of Minecraft, sleeping while a hostile mob was nearby would allow you to sleep, but teleports the mob into your place upon waking up, and does not skip the night.
          • If said mob is a creeper, it will have a longer detonation time.

      • A faster increase in local difficulty, followed by raising the local difficulty capacity (if not making it unlimited.)
      • Stronger mob spawns (they still deal the same damage as they do on Hard. More explained in sub-list:)
        • Zombie's chance to spawn with a weapon and armor (also applicable for skeletons) now scales with local difficulty, but their chances of dropping whatever they wield is also increased slightly.
          • If a player remains within a particular area long enough, they may eventually encounter a zombie with a full diamond set armor and sword.

      • Augmented enemy AIs (of course optimized for performance,)
        • Smarter creepers which explodes if it cannot reach you, BUT they must have sight of you in order to do so. Exclusively in this case, creepers will have a longer detonation time.
        • There's a 5% chance a creeper explosion lures nearby hostile mobs. Those that are armed, armored, or boosted via status effects have a higher chance of being attracted.
        • Skeletons have more varied behavior. Some will shoot at a further distance than normal, others may come closer before shooting. At rare occasions, they may deliberately drop their bows to chase the player, acting like a faster zombie.
        • Sometimes lone zombies may retreat towards other zombies, then attack the player as a pack. This behavior is less likely to happen with armored and armed zombies.
        • All zombies, skeletons, zombie pigmen, zombie villager, wither skeletons, can now pick up whatever item on the ground.
        • Hostile mobs have a small chance of fighting each other. They will also hurt each other if one hostile mob hurts another (intentionally or accidentally.) Neutral mobs may attack each other as well, but the chances are even slimmer.

    • Spawn chance of hostile mobs is scaled by depth of the world; up to 25% more spawn chance at Y:16 and below.

    That's all the ideas I have for now. I'll add more onto this list as time flies.

    I'll also create a separate community idea section within a spoiler tag, featuring ideas and changes you guys posted here that are either most requested, or popular.

    So do you guys think Hardcore mode is really easier than the impression it gives off? What do you guys think should be added or changed to help hardcore mode more difficult (or simply better?)

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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?

    For those that hates the update rn, they should at least be thankful that Minecraft allows the user to play whatever version he or she wishes.

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    Expert - For those that says Hard is peaceful
    As much as I'm aware there's a Hardcore difficulty, it really doesn't offer anything new but permanent death (which I can understand it can be a gamechanger in ways. The new difficulty I have in mind will NOT increase the amount of damage the mobs do, unless they're buffed.
    So here's what the new difficulty does:

    • Randomly spawned mobs (except passive, boss, tamable and utility) have chance to spawn with random permanent buff. Their chances to spawn with buff also increases as you go deeper.
    • The deeper you dig, the more better armor they'll spawn; more details coming soon.

    • Creepers will explode on barricades, walls, etc. for other mobs around (if there are any.) They're also given a fairly bigger detection range. In turn hiding behind blocks, structures, or anything really will deteriorate the creeper's detection range.

    • Mobs always pick up loot; more specifically, zombies, skeletons, wither skele, you know the rest.

    • Will never try hurt one another; For example if a skeleton accidentally shoots a nearby creeper, that creeper will not pursue the skeleton; it will go for the player anyways.

    • Mob's carrying tool/weapon affects how it behaves; zombies with pickaxe will dig their way to the player, flint&steel skeletons can ignite players on fire, etc. However they don't seem to be good with it; they dig rather slow, and a mob with flint&steel has a 1 in 100 chance to ignite itself.

    • Will run away if on low health unless it somehow discovers that the player is low health as well.

    • Introduces Black Night Event (more info below)
    Black Night is a night that occurs at random once 12 in-game days have passed by, and takes place during the night. Much more likely on a new moon. What hostile mobs will do during this night is that they will gather around and attempt to kill the player in packs instead of alone. Creepers will try to explode unnoticed, skeletons and zombies will actually attempt to evade the player's attacks, and spiders will come in masses with Speed Boost 1. As the player advances, so do the mobs in Black Night; they'll wear gears, tools, and weapons with enchantments, and creepers will be progressively more stealthy, as far as even acquiring the ability to blend in with the environment around it (the creeper doesn't acquire this ability until the player brews it's first potion, and it's past 3/5 of the night.)

    Although this may not be as hard as hardcore (at least in my eyes,) this will definitely bring up some new challenges aside from "Don't die."

    Questions? Comments? Any changes that should be made?

    Scrapped Ideas:

    -Passive mobs have small chance to attack the player.
    -Creeper detonates if the player is unreachable.
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    THIS THREAD IS A STUB! Please help me improve the thread.

    NOTE: This thread was directly copied from another Forum with permission. Expect buggy appearances!

    :SSSS: =============================== :SSSS:


    :SSSS: =============================== :SSSS:


    :SSSS: =============================== :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Just to keep things original...
    I thought up a new kind of biome for Minecraft because I actually liked the older versions better. Basically the new biome has the same exact land generation as the creative, where there's a bunch of small cliffs and whatnot. Of course the surrounding grass will blend in with the old grass.

    The purpose of this idea is to keep the original feel of minecraft, since The older versions were slightly changing the feel recently.

    So what do you think of this idea?

    P.S. I don't have a name for the biome yet so if anyone thought up a name for the biome, I'll give you some credit with a rep. ;)
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    Quote from sockoa16

    There should be minecraft ps3. If you agree or disagree then post down below. First Call of Duty now Minecraft im tired of it.
    If you look through the old news board, you should see that they won't be able to release minecraft for the PS3 for some reason.

    As some of the other people said, this was suggested a lot of times, and 0_Zippy wasn't sending you spam. He was just showing you that threads like this already exists.
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    posted a message on What sort of ORE do you want to be added
    • Sseldnedium is spelled, "Endless" backwards (excluding "-duim.")
    • You can use it 600 times (300 times on swords)
    • Its slightly more common than gold
    • It's generated at Y: 40-4
    • It can only be mined with a golden pick (wait WHAT?!? A GOLDEN PICK?!?)
    • It can mine obsidian way faster than any other tools (2.64 seconds)
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    posted a message on What do YOU think Mojang should do with Minecraft?
    I think that Minecraft should go both ways. To me it felt like Minecraft was meant to be a game with endless possibilities and with some realism with it as well. I really haven't seen games with such things and it would take a lot of time to make such games. The RPG element isn't the element I really expected from Notch, since its more of a mining, building, gathering resources kind of game.

    EDIT: I almost forgot to say that since this game technically have no purpose itself, you can make one with yourself or with other people, :)

    And if this game really does go into the direction of endless possibilities, then I swear, I'm gonna make Mojang an everlasting diamond generator.

    Oh god. Looks like a lot of endermen wants my diamond generator... NONE FOR YOU, AND YOU AND ALL OF YOU.


    Dagnammit you dumb enderman. Them and their stupid teleporting ability...

    Sorry. An enderman stole my whole Diamond generator. :(
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    posted a message on A message to everyone - and to those under depression
    "Every being's life is worth more than a thousand diamond... No. One's life values so much, its something you cannot buy or sell get taken or stolen, but can be earned. Stay the way you truly believe that you should be and keep it deep so it can be remembered, forever."

    Also get on YouTube and look up Deadmau5 - Bleed, then listen.

    And profit. ;)
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