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    posted a message on [Small 1.4.5 Server] Looking for new players!
    -Minecraft username (important).Phaxdragoon
    -Why you want to join.Well this is a long story indeed i have been playing since actual vanilla on a server up until a week ago. The reason being is that the server took a sad turn for the worse and fell in on itself due to issues id rather not delve into but i rose in the ranks up to admin and it just broke my heart when it died, but i want to start fresh with a small group of people like myself.
    -Tell me whatever you want me to know about you/your minecraft experience (optional).As i said i played since vanilla i love spelunking the caverns alone and with friends, contraption building and castle towers are my specialty, i also love voice comunication makes me feel closer to my fellow players. I had been an admin and i was always fair and was loved among my other server. I would just love to start my new friendships on this server. Thanks for the time. -Phax _
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    posted a message on [Private Server] Random Time! - Recruiting.
    IGN: phaxdragoon
    Age: 16
    Mic: yes
    Ventrillo: yes
    Location: texas, United States
    Other Info: I love minecraft, I love playing it, etc. I will abide to every rule made, and I am usually super concerned about breaking the rules. The only problem you may have with me is that I ask for permission before just about everything.
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    posted a message on [ATLANTA PREMIUM 247][NEW][No Addons][High-Speed][Dedicated]
    Hey i would love to get on this server with you guys. im laid back an pretty funny OH yes i can also use vent or skype or watever lol. so please lets me join you guys.

    Many thanks Phaxdragoon. =D
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