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    PhaseBot is a bot I have been making over the past several months. He is not a mod, but a clean-room implementation of a Minecraft Client. He will run on any 1.8 server, and has many features. He can do anything a normal player can do, and at much higher speeds. He can also load scripts, written in an assembly-like language, which have access to all of the features of PhaseBot.

    To interact with PhaseBot, you simply need to PM him, or chat using a special prefix. He can pathfind using A*, move in any direction, dig blocks behind walls, and place against any block. He can run commands like a normal user, and do anything a normal user can do. Scripts are an easy way to run multiple advanced commands. Here's an example of a script:

    ; Get the block relative to the bot
    getblock @a0 @a1 @a2
    ; Say the id of the block
    say @block
    ; Get the type of the block
    gettype @block
    ; Say the type
    say @type
    ; If the type is equal to 'wool', run the next '1' line(s)
    .ifeq 1 @type wool
    say THIS IS WOOL
    ; Open a JavaScript engine and put '@type is cool!' into @eval
    js type + " is cool!"
    say @eval

    I can put this in a file called iswool.s and run it ingame by messaging my bot with the command iswool 0 -1 0. If the block beneath his feet is wool, it will chat "THIS IS WOOL". Scripts can also run limited JavaScript and Ruby, though these have not been implemented perfectly yet.

    More and more features are being added to PhaseBot everyday. You can find the source code on GitHub. If you have any feature requests, you can make an issue on the repo.

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    Have you ever wanted your own Minecraft Server Plugin, but didn't want to take the time to learn how to program? Have you ever wanted your own custom Minigame or Lobby System to stand up to the competitor servers? You've come to the right place! Here at Stream, we offer the best plugins with hands-on support, to get the exact plugin you want.

    What is Stream?

    Stream is a Plugin Making service for Minecraft Servers. If you want a plugin, we can make it!*

    Once Sponge is officially out, we will offer support for Sponge plugins.

    Who am I?

    I'm Phase! I'm a programmer that has coded for many years. I know many languages, including Java, Python, Swift, and Lua. My future goal is to get a degree in Computer Science and go on to make programs and games. But for right now, I'm focussing my time on making Minecraft Plugins for you guys!

    What do I offer?

    I offer a wide arrange of plugin choices, including Minigames, Recipes, Packets, NMS, and much more. I am completely fluent in the Bukkit API, and will be learning the Sponge API once it comes out. I also code plugins for Spigot & Glowstone, which both use the Bukkit API.

    What are you waiting for? Stop on by today! http://plugins.5th.xyz/
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